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 Sep 2019 Electra
 Sep 2019 Electra
Age never teaches to live
but difficulties do teach
Age is just that treasure
Where living experiences are preserved
In any future difficulties
Which may be referred
 Sep 2019 Electra
 Sep 2019 Electra
Tossing and turning, I lie awake.
1 AM..... 2 AM.....
Eyes heavy yet refuse to shut
3 AM..... 4 AM.....
My mind just won't give up.
5 AM..... 6 AM.....
The light and sounds of birds start to creep in
7 AM..... 8 AM......
and it's too late.
Not long and it will be time to repeat.
struggling to sleep is the worst.
 Sep 2019 Electra
Jaslin Goh
I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love
The idea of company sounds great
Family, friends, soulmates
I love the silence
Now some chatter feels good
I’ve changed
I long for company
 Sep 2019 Electra
Let me help
 Sep 2019 Electra
You can hide what you hide,
Just don't hide away your sorrows.
You can lie what you lie about,
Just don't lie about your sadness.
You can smile your fake smile.
Just don't use it to fake for me.
You can say what you want.
Just don't say that you're ok. (liar)

I don't care if you think you're fine.
I don't care if you don't want help.
I'm gonna help you anyway.
Till you hate me and beyond.

You can try but you can't get me away
You are important. So I'll keep you alive.
I'm not sure if you'll be grateful.
But I don't really care.
I will keep on loving you, till you've had enough.

Hide what you want, you still can't hide your sorrows.
Lie how you want, you still can't lie about your sadness.
Pretend what you want, you can't pretend about your feelings
You can say what you want.
I know you aren't okay.
Let me help you.

To the boy
I met at school last year.
He hurts. I can tell.
I want to help him.
 Sep 2019 Electra
The Nine Doubts
I guess I'll go make a cup of tea
Because sometimes it feels like
You have time for all of them, but not for me
I'll be here waiting for you to see my messages.
 Sep 2019 Electra
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you

But the roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowl is empty
And my wrists are stained red
AND BEHOLD!! A thing
 Jun 2019 Electra
Timothy Clarke
She’s the daughter I never had,
All grown now, I am not her Dad.
All her childhood, I did not see
And yet, somehow, she seems like me.

She’s the daughter I never knew,
Only close to her a time or two.
Of my influence she's completely free,
And yet, somehow, she thinks like me.

But now I have a fleeting gift,
Of time with her to fill the rift.
Paths long parted finally blend,
I believe that she is now my friend.

Even if we had never met,
Her path to success has long been set.
She needs nothing that I have to give,
To live the life she is going to live.

And so, although I’ll never be a Dad,
I hope to provide what she has not had,
Shade underneath my family tree,
And a chance to know someone like me.
Of the many gifts that my new wife brings to my life, the most precious are her four daughters... Her oldest is a wonderful young woman ready to start a life of her own.
 Jun 2019 Electra
Sara Teasdale
The birds are all a-building,
They say the world’s a-flower,
And still I linger lonely
Within a barren bower.

I weave a web of fancies
Of tears and darkness spun.
How shall I sing of sunlight
Who never saw the sun?

I hear the pipes a-blowing,
But yet I may not dance,
I know that Love is passing,
I cannot catch his glance.

And if his voice should call me
And I with groping dim
Should reach his place of calling
And stretch my arms to him,

The wind would blow between my hands
For Joy that I shall miss,
The rain would fall upon my mouth
That his will never kiss.
 Jun 2019 Electra
Rachel Klein

I trust too much.
I love too little.
I don't fit in.
I shouldn't live this way.

None of that matters.
Let the pain flow.
Let it follow the blood.
The blood flows from me.

Scars mark my wrists.
Seeing them brings back memories;
Memories not of flowing blood,
But of the reasons behind it.

Lost love.
Used by many.
Scarring memories,
Now remembered by true scars.

They will never leave me
So I'll always be haunted.
Haunted until it all hurts too much
And the blood flows again.

Recurring memories
Forever haunt me.
I'd rather forget.
Wish they'd be

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