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Ella Jul 2018
I could feel it.
The pressure rising in the room
like I was back in the fire ;

heat rising above me as I lay on the ground
******* in all the clean oxygen I could find

Like I was back on the fire;
crawling across my bedroom floor trying to find a way out amongst the clouds of smoke

Like I was back in the fire;
feeling my skin boil as I tumble down the stairs looking for the front door

Like I was back in the fire

The fire

All I can feel are the flames dancing on my skin

I felt like I’m back in the fire even though I knew we made it out alive but the fire

it’s all I can feel now

I sat in that room for 3 hours

wondering if the doctors could feel the pressure like I do
My house burned down
Ella Jun 2018
fire burned in my soul
until waves of tears turned everything to ash
and the leftover smoke clogged my throat
making it impossible to ask for help
Ella Mar 2018
I've always been too emotional about everything

Too sensitive too loud to outgoing too me

I never understood ,still don't understand
how people could care so little about everything

how people were "too cool" for living
Ella Jan 2018
A blue moon shone in the sky

a bright sign you are still with us

     do miss us like we miss you?

although your body is gone

your soul still lingers

     i am so sorry

free from the pain

you watch over us from the stars

     thank you

rest now

we are going to be ok
go now, we are ok
Ella Jan 2018
Do you remember

that last night?

Before things got ****** up,

and everything was normal.

We sat in your car,

driving through the sleeping city;

unbeknownst to the future,

and how bad everything would end.

If only I had known

how little time we had.

I would have said something,

instead of sitting in silence.
sitting in silence
Ella Dec 2017
The world aches today.

My lungs feel full of water and

my stomach feels twisted into knots.

I wish we could have done more to save you from the darkness of the world.

We love you
we love you Jonghyun. we are sorry for what you were going through.
Ella Dec 2017
"Jonghyun, a star that shined brightly on stage for 10 years,
now a star of the sky".

I think the words are beautiful, but I don't think they're enough.
jonghyun, an amazing Korean singer committed suicide. we love you Jonghyun and we know you are free from everything you were going through.
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