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Nov 2017 · 419
RiBa Nov 2017
In this city of dreams
Of Bright lights and pulsating sidewalks,
Splendid wheels and shining glass,
He walks by, oblivious to it all.

His eyes lost in the ground
Ever searching......
For that crumpled bottle to fill his bag
His hungry and poor gunny bag.

His shirt, a patchwork of squalor, filth and lost dreams
Callused hands and wind swept hair
Feet bare, cracked and withered
Hollow eyes shining with ravenous hunger

No dreams for him though
Perhaps a cup of tea and a stale bun for the day.
No hopes for tomorrow
For he is Atlas, born to carry the weight of the privileged

In this city of dreams
Of love, enlightenment and empowerment.
He is,
The Voiceless
Nov 2017 · 480
RiBa Nov 2017
Was never a writer, far less a poet
Not even a fan of the written verse
Fighting my demons, my gloom
My life, a quagmire, a curse

Depression, the jealous lover
It doesnt want to let you go
Weaves its lies and stories
Toxic *****, it kills you slow

Floundering in the dark tempest
My boat about to sink
No buoy, beacon or light
A Life was at the brink

My pain put forth in confused lines
thoughts battling impending doom
Dark morbid verses,
Penned in dark claustrophobic rooms

And then discovered a haven
Of imagination, beauty and light
A place of beautiful lines and radiance
I grabbed it with all my might

I am much better today
The writing has set me free
i fly, an Icarus in the blue sky yonder
And I thank you all @ hello poetry
I had to write this. As i visit my doctor tomorrow and talk of the progress i have made in the last few months, significant part of my returning to normalcy is to you lovely poets at HP.  You share your glorious poems, stop, read my lines, sometimes good or bad, like n love them and comment. It has helped me in so many ways. Thank you, Poets!!
Nov 2017 · 276
The Wait
RiBa Nov 2017
My ceramic heart
Trembles in anticipation
For the sound of her anklets
Upon my wooden door

The scent of Jasmine
Permeates my being
And i lie drunk
In her thoughts and dreams

Her smouldering glance
An ***** for my soul
Her enigmatic smile
Radiant as moonbeams

The iridescent firefly
Does its dainty dance in this magical night
Every pore of my being is alive

And i hear a soft knock at my door!
Nov 2017 · 424
Pies & Tarts
RiBa Nov 2017
Walked passed the Patisserie today
My mind deep in thought,
Lo! They came in wafting
Clearly my nose they sought

I inhaled the sweet intoxication
Of fresh baked bread & pie
My destination was different
But my senses were on high

I stole a look at the counter,
the flaky pastry and the chocolaty eclair
A flood rose in my mouth
It was only but fair!

The delicious lemon ****
and the warm meringue pie
Desires in my heart and soul
That i just couldn't deny

So i paid my dues to the Devil
Settled for hot chocolate and sugar drizzled cinnamon roll
Destination be ******
I had just achieved my goal!
A quick stroll into a patisserie brought this out. :)
Nov 2017 · 1.0k
RiBa Nov 2017
When we were children
Of age nine or ten
In a small town far away,
Life was simple then

No mobile phones we had seen,
Internet was never there.
Summers in the river fishing,
A childhood without care

We played gilli danda in the mud
plucked mangoes by the dozen
Monsoons meant wet football
Shivered gleefully in the winter season

Little boys in half pants
And girls in pigtails
Of visits to the circus
Making paperboats and catching snails

A simple happy world,
Of cozy Sunday lunch.
A game of carrom in the eve
Or music with which we danced

Life has changed a lot
For the better, thats what people say
All i know is that,
I do miss those golden days!
Gilli danda: a little game played by children in the towns and villages of India
Nov 2017 · 1.2k
Tears of a Mother
RiBa Nov 2017
The virginal moon shines
Amidst the diaphanous clouds
Like an ageless nymph
She hides from her lover

The gentle waves ripple endlessly
A hypnotic song they sing
Myriad shadows in her *****
And the Ganga flows on her way

On his tiny boat
A little lantern burns the night
The lonely boatman
Sings in the lonely night

A song of pain and longing
Of a child pining for his lost mother
And the Gentle Ganga
She cries!
Oct 2017 · 533
An Ode to the Ganges
RiBa Oct 2017
The luminescent stars
Grace the inky firmament
Diamonds glistening in the night
And Quiet flows the River

Broad and mighty
A Boudicae, wounded in a million wars
And yet beauteous and kind
Gently flows She.

Her sacred touch rejuvenates
Graceful as Diana
She meanders amidst pain and strife
And flows ethereally

Oh Ganga, thy beauty is divine
The Baul sings
Oh Giver of life! Bless me eternally
And Silently flows She.
Ganga - indian name of the Ganges river
Baul - a wandering bard who sing in the villages of Bengal
Oct 2017 · 351
Midnight Tranquility
RiBa Oct 2017
Gently blows the wind
Like the caress of long lost love
I sigh with pleasure

The languid moon
Weaves its tapestry on the forest floor
I tread on ****** paths
In the woods unexplored

Whose woods are these? I know not
Whose sonorous voice i hear?A siren of yore.
A midnight angel is nigh
I swoon.

And so this wonderous scene
Plays on in the magical night
Surrounds me in a beatific glow
And i awake from a dream so sweet.
Inspired by the great william wordsworth
Oct 2017 · 349
The Coming of the Dawn
RiBa Oct 2017
Awake all night
Hark! The gentle silence
As calm as a placid lake on a moon lit night
My mind is at peace

As quiet dawn breaks over the eastern sky
Like the gossamer wings of the butterfly
The night slips away silently
My mind is at peace

The mellifluous strains of a distant flute
Gives way to the pink orb of the sun
And the world stirs to life
My mind is at peace
Tried to use some imagery... critiques most welcome!
Oct 2017 · 211
RiBa Oct 2017
Ears flap in the wind
Overpowering fragrance fills the car
Smelly dog of mine
My lhasa rides the ride like a ****!
RiBa Oct 2017
Sleep deludes my eyes
Brain throbs incessantly
I can hear the silence talk
Behind my ears, endlessly

A dog howls in the distance
The owl hoots its presence
A firefly glows in the corner
Living incandescence

In this strange milieu
The fork tongued one speaks
Emerging from tombs of yore
My poor soul it seeks

I tremble in nameless fear
I know what lies in store
For He is present right here
Just outside my door

The cloven hooves clang
In the stillness of the night
He can smell my fear
He can sense my plight

He shall not take my soul
Down to Hades so deep
For i wont go without a fight
Its not time yet to sleep

I am ready to face Belial
That lewd and insolent God
Those volcanic eyes and talons
Now they scare me naught.
Oct 2017 · 257
RiBa Oct 2017
Chained to Work
Released through Verse
Back from the Brink
For better or for Worse!
I find my release from the hum-drum of life.
Oct 2017 · 214
RiBa Oct 2017
Alone, in the midst of a crowd
Breathing, Flesh and blood
Yet covered with a shroud

Seeing but not feeling
Pain, yet surreal
Dead, yet not bleeding

Hope and dreams fall away
Despair eats the heart
Beyond repair

Sun will shine one day
End all the strife
Bring back the dead to Life
Oct 2017 · 199
RiBa Oct 2017

Summer wind from west
Blows on the thirsty parched land
Like hot iron to skin
This is first ever attempt at Haiku. Critiques will be most welcome
Oct 2017 · 985
Diwali for All!
RiBa Oct 2017
Diwali is here
Lights and colour everywhere
A boom and a bang
gifts and joys to share

Little girls and little boys
Dancing around with joy
Watching them from a distance
Was the little shoe shine boy

With his grubby hands and tattered wear
Black lined face and ***** hair
All he wanted was a little toy
But who would share with a poor shoe shine boy

His mother sewed clothes
Father, he had none
His house was a hovel
Clothes he had but one

His stomach growled
Hunger gnawing at the pit
looked at the rich people eating
And Shuffled his feet

The car door opened
He was called aloud
His heart froze and trembled
Wer they to shout?

They gave a 20 rupee note
smiled and said "No shoe to shine".
The lil boy stared and thought
"Is this a dream of mine?"

So with his bag, brush and ***** rag
Leapt the lil boy high in the air
His happiness knew no bounds
He had his joy to share

Ran to his home, to the little tattered hut
Forgetting about hunger and toy
He walked in a rich man
That happy little shoe shine boy!
Oct 2017 · 100
Eaten Alive
RiBa Oct 2017
Help me, Help me
I scream and i scream
Silence abounds
Is this a dream?

The night falls heavy
The fog is dense
Terror clutches the soul
It starts to slowly make sense

No one can help, no one will
Alone in this evil darkness
no footstep is heard
Where death lies still

I am slowly sinking,
My feet cant feel the land
The dark and sticky glue
It clutches at my hand

So this is how it ends
No one hears my hollow cries
The dank evil rises around me
I have sunk to my eyes

Terror in my eyes
My throat is full of sand
My lungs burn out
Eaten by Quicksand!
A nightmare i often see..
Oct 2017 · 115
The Last Fight
RiBa Oct 2017
I would end it if i could
Get rid of the pain
It is killing me inside
My life has become a bane

I am fighting the demons
They get strong by the minute
I am losing the war
I am nearing my finish

My head, it aches
Its unable to take anymore
The little boat fights the big waves
Will it reach the shore?

"Help me please" i plead & plead
Someone guide me home
I wake up in a cold sweat
Screaming all alone

I fear that this is the way it will be
A fight to save my soul
At the brink of madness
At the edge of the black hole

So pray for me
And keep me in your thoughts
Know that i did try hard
It was a battle well fought
Sep 2017 · 235
Wish I was a Poet!
RiBa Sep 2017
I wish i could write a lovely poem
Like Wordsworth or robert frost
But all i can do is think and think
And muddle up totally lost

I try to write beautiful words
Emulating rudyard kipling
But becomes hard when your rhymes dont come
And you find yourself slipping

I wish i could write a huge tome
Of strange beings and stranger lands
Alas! I am not Tolkein
And i dont have Dickens hands

So i guess it will be silly rhymes and frivolous poetry
Cause thats what comes to me
I try n try and i try so hard
A poet am not meant to be!
Sep 2017 · 173
The Song of the Road
RiBa Sep 2017
The dusk gives way to a still dark night
The heavens lit up with kaleidoscopic stars
My heart is filled with joy at the sight
And i hum the song of the road

The wanning moon dances on the shimmery lake
The lavender nectar floats in the air
The dandelions in happiness, they swoon
In joy i hum a song of the road

A song so sweet and a song so dear
A song of long ago
For it has no words, just a gentle tune
And i hum the song of the road.
Sep 2017 · 310
A Complicated Name
RiBa Sep 2017
The name is Rajarshi
A difficult one to pronounce
Try telling that to a bengali mom
Who doesnt spare an ounce

They said he is meant to be,
A wise king or a sage
sweating in a cubicle at work,
Here i am making daily wage

Kingliness went out the door.
Sage was never here
a joke my mom played on me
My eyes drop a sad tear

So pop and mom beware !
when you name your child
A fancy name in an infant
May drive the adult wild!
My pet peeve..rueing the complicated name of mine.
Sep 2017 · 396
The Song of the Vada Pao
RiBa Sep 2017
In the city of Mumbai
When you want food and now
You reach out to grab
The glorious vada pao

A round golden ball
Filled of potatoes n spice
You have one and you are reminded
Of all things good & nice

The great Equalizer
Liked by all, big or small
Have it with chutney or chili
Whether you live in a bunglow or a chawl

Dip it in sambar
or stuff it in a pao
Have it any way
You will only say "wow"

I had one today
I ate it with glee
I have realised like all mumbaikars
The vada pao is meant for me!
Vada pao is an indian snack. A round ball made of mashed potatoes coated with flour and deep fried and stuffed between a bun called Pao.. a sort of local burger. Chawl= ghetto, sambar= a lentil curry
Sep 2017 · 144
The Lament about Nothing
RiBa Sep 2017
What do i write today
My mind refuses to think
Midnight is upon me
My eyes dont catch a wink

Should i write about demons and ogres?
Or about brave knights and kings
Think o lil head of mine
Imagination - take flight with your wings

So i thought and thought
And thought for a longish time
But nothing made much sense
And it just would not rhyme

So in utter frustration
closed my eyes to sleep
I couldnt think of a single line
The poet in me ready to weep

And Then it struck me
The lines came pouring fast
So here it is what you are reading
The poem about nothing ready at last!!
Sep 2017 · 156
What is it about Death?
RiBa Sep 2017
What is it about Death
Makes a strong heart quail
What is it about Death
Takes wind out of ones sail

Is it fear of the unknown
to face judgement day
Fear to face the inevitable
The end of the way

Death brings peace, Death is calm
The end of all fears
We shall all meet Death
When the day is near

So be not afraid
We are all born to die
Just journey along life with a song
And you wont have many tears to dry.
Sep 2017 · 269
"I am Busy"
RiBa Sep 2017
"I am busy"  called out John
'As busy as i will ever be'
I cast a curious glance at him
For my cuz' was only three

I have books to paint And songs to sing
When will i get them done?
I looked at his busy self again
And realised busy was so much fun

I want to be busy too
Without any cares in the world
Paint and scoot, run and shout
With little boys and lil girls

So lil John enjoy your busy days
Enjoy it while they last
For time will slowly take its toll
And time does roll away fast!
Sep 2017 · 275
The Colossal Collison
RiBa Sep 2017
Pedalling along singing a jaunty song
I cycled along the grassy way,
The air was crisp, the sun shone fine
And all the world was merry and gay.

The flowers bloomed, the bee danced happy
The poet in me dare says
Alas, i did not notice in the distance
The black bulls steely gaze

His amorous self had been denied
The love of the village cow
He was upset and wanted to vent
At the puny cyclist now!

God does his miracles
But they were not to be
For i did not pay heed
To the Beastly bovine running behind me

The bull made its move, Its horns charging clear
I knew not what hit me,
just lightning struck in the rear

The world went dark, the stars twinkled
I started eating dirt
I swore in holy anger
The poet in me was hurt.

But what chance do you take?
What do you explain, to an irate bull?
His pious wrath now sated
He watched me with an eye so cool

Never again do i take that way,
Nor do i sing the merry song
For an angry bull is worth the pass
For he can do no wrong!
This happened to me when i was a kid :-).. penning this down after so many years bought back some memories!! :-)
Aug 2017 · 298
The Train Ride!
RiBa Aug 2017
Standing on the platform
Heading out to work
Dont i wish i was elsewhere
Giving the work a shirk

8.30 slow,
Got to catch it anyway
God forbid if i get late
What will the Boss say!

The wheels roll in
The throng packs the train
3 men to a foot
Isnt this insane?

We ride together
Strangers yet brothers all
We look out for each other
Lest one of us should fall

I reach my destination
try to catch my balance tho in vain
Yet i know i will be back in the evening
To ride my beloved train!
Aug 2017 · 159
Dear Ol' Man
RiBa Aug 2017
When i was a little boy
I wanted to be like you
There are a lot of people
But men like you are few

Many summers ago
A boy learned a lesson from his Dad
That honesty always counts
And whatever life gives,
you dont feel sad!

You are an ol' man today
Of frail health and white hair
But to me you still the Superman
A man among men. A man so rare

Your wisdom, your words
As clear and crisp as the rain
When i am drowning in darkness
Thats what keeps me sane

Love you Dear Dad
You are only One
I truly am glad to say
Am proud to be your Son!!
Aug 2017 · 133
The Passing of Time
RiBa Aug 2017
Tick, tock, tick
Life is like a wick
It burns and it burns, till its your time
One day you realise you are at the end of the line.

The days pass, the seasons change,
Summers, winters & the gloomy rains
Your sorrows, your joys and your pain
Will mean nothing, washed away with rain.

For it spares none, the great Void
The end of you, you destroyed
So it is and you shall also pass
So live today like you would live your last!
Aug 2017 · 124
The Grey Rain
RiBa Aug 2017
Its raining outside
The frogs croak
pitter patter on leaves
My heart is broke

The dark grey skies
They weep at my pain
I do not know why
She left me alone in the rain

The smell of the night bloom
Reminds me of her perfume
Her fragrance, her radiance
She left me too soon

The thunder rolls
The lightning flashed
the torrent, it pours
My world just crashed

What did i do wrong?
When did the tune go out of our song?
Was i too quick to judge her?
Was i really wrong?

Dont know why she left me
I guess it was meant to be
Will just say a silent prayer
To just keep her safe and happy!
Aug 2017 · 141
The War Within
RiBa Aug 2017
My mind is numb
refuses to think
My eyes are hollow
They refuse to blink

I am haunted
By my fears, real and imaginary
My heart beats fast
The Nightmares are scary

I cry in my sleep
I groan and i moan
My dreams look real
I dream my life is gone

I feel like a spirit
Floating in a strange world
My pain is real
Everything else is a blur

I hope i survive this
My thoughts could ****
I hope to see tomorrow
Who knows if i will.
Aug 2017 · 219
The Night Maiden
RiBa Aug 2017
The Night Maiden

Look at the vermillion sky
Marshmellowy clouds don a reddish hue
The gentle breeze blows
Telling of stories, old and new

Darkness falls,
the cicada sings
The sky is still
Who knows what the night will bring

I wait for her in the stillness of the night
I wait for her under the starlight sky
She keeps me waiting,
I do wonder why.

Then she comes,
Floating with the wind
Her glance, her touch, her smile
Reminds me of forbidden sins

I reach out to touch her
I reach out with all my might
Her laughter tinkles in the air
And then..................
She vanishes into the night.
Aug 2017 · 505
A Dying Man's Final Flight!
RiBa Aug 2017
The night sky beckons
I raise my hands to the sky
I am ready, i am ready
I am ready to fly

Fly on wings of joy
Soar on the winds of hope
Into the clear dark night
I can feel my wings grow

The winds grow strong
The sky calls
I soar over the hills and dales
Fly over rapids and falls

The wind whistles in my ear
The clouds play hide and seek
My mind knows no fear
My soul is at peace

I know i am trapped in this life
But nothing can stop my mind from flying
My soul will always remain free
Though today i am dying!
Aug 2017 · 376
Hopes and Fears!
RiBa Aug 2017
Hopes and Fears!

With memories of yesterday
And hopes of tomorrow
I live today,
With a lil joy and a lil sorrow.

All one needs is some peace
A life away from worries and care
Taking each day as it comes
Wishing for joys to share.

My fears, they come dark and strong
How do i weather the storm
Will they continue to haunt me
Will this be the new norm?

Yet the day will surely come,
the phoenix will again fly
But until that day and time
I shall wait and guard the sky!

— The End —