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Roc Rose Apr 2016
Money man
Stand line
Put a tight

When you're feet aches
The bills piled high

money man
You stand in line  
And you put in a tight

You drive your nice car
And you putt in a lie

Money man
You stand in line
And you put in a tight

You go back to life with you're wife
Put away that carving knife
Roc Rose Jan 2015
I lay a blanket over my head
Darkness around my bed
My soul empty
Lurking my mind
Threw space & time
Who am I
These words
That's just going to be kick down
The curb...
Sleeping in my ***** jeans
With my boney knees
Love will take turns
For a lesson to be learn
Money is unity  
But really its nothing to be greedy
One race one love one us.
Mix race maybe a new blood to bate in
Not coming home until these
Dreams (devils) get bored
But I got to say.
Too many moons but I am one man
On my way...
Roc Rose Dec 2014
We fly up in the sky
With the wind in our eyes.

When you laugh in a quiet room.
Laughing in our minds.

Our favorite season is the summer.
That's  when we get to be good lovers (others.)

— The End —