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Anne Faye Dec 2015



to the invisible.

I search the crowd for a pair of wondering eyes

Hoping to make eye contact for a split second


I still mean

a speck of something




then I am nothing.

I can be on top of the world

But as soon as you pass without acknowledgment


is what my

emotions become




my emotions to the side

you mean nothing to me anymore

but you did mean something

we did have something
Anne Faye Nov 2015
Friday the 13th isn't a nightmare in just horror movies anymore. The real monsters and villains are living among us. They can look like "normal people" because they are "normal" people. Every day is a nightmare for so many people, and now adding this newer terrorism to the mix is making a more twisted plot. We never know when the ****** scene will come, and we never know when the resolution will be here either. All we can do is hope that there is a resolution, and not a cliff hanger.
  Nov 2015 Anne Faye
I'm fully aware
Of the sadness in your kiss,
But the softness of your lips
Makes it easy to bear.

And yes, I am conscious
That your kind hands are calloused,
But I will always hold them,
I will always be there.
  Nov 2015 Anne Faye
David James Voiles
I look you in the eyes, losing my mind...
Anne Faye Sep 2015
i found a man
i can't write of him
he has done me no wrong
i can't be sad by him
a part of me adores that
another feels equally lost
Anne Faye Sep 2015
Don't you just feel like a god?
when you walk as if she was nothing
a tad speck if love was a lie to you
you decided to use the word loosely
got to her heart from a slithering tongue
letting demons ignite  you crawled in the dark
love or lust, she feels one and you feel the other
leaving her with words of hopefulness
caring about nothing but egos
her in her contentness asleep
creeping out the door with ease
its's clear you've done this before
she cries when she wakes up and sees
the man who said he loved her
gone as if just a dream
how does he feel?
he feels like a god.
lucifer felt the same
and he was beautiful
Anne Faye Sep 2015
i will never forget the screams
that night
i will never stop playing that scene
over in my head
i will never feel as if i am quite
i will never see her graceful clumsyness
ever again
i will never stop battling in my head
putting up a fight
i will never forgive the ignorance that
stole her
i will never be able to once again be of
true blithe
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