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Danny Apr 2020
Love me
Like you've never loved before
And like you'll never love again
Till I can't take it anymore cos I'm filled up
And until the only thing left in the plate set before me is more of it

Hold me
Like a mother holds her new born child
Looking into its eyes, fast forgetting the pain and whatnots she's been through
Till the delicate smell of your fragrance becomes my shield
And until my skin starts to melt into yours

Touch me
Till your prints are boldly engraved on me
Let your hands run wild and wide all through and true
Let it wander around my body,it's yours for the taken
Don't hold back, this is all I've ever wanted

Kiss me
Till the taste of your lips linger on even after you're done
Till I'm wasted and as drunk as a skunk
Or don't you know your mouth is an ocean of wine
I'll gladly swim in it until my strength is gone and I drown

Leave me
Only when I tell you to which I'm pretty sure is never
Never forget we're bound from now till forever
And even before the clock started to run its never ending race
Let it be the one thing you don't know how to do
Danny Apr 2020
I have done no wrong but I'm sorry nonetheless
We could tussle with fate but that's all we get
As much as it hurts my poor soul to do so
I must accept what ever it is I find in life's roll of presents
As we are just puppets on some strings
Thespians acting according to a script
Dancers flowing like a river to a rhythm
And a singer singing along to a riddim
Beggars can't be choosers they say
So I'll stand ashore and watch you slip away
The story has no happy ever after after all
But there's still some silver lining in the dark cloud that looms over the mountain top
Sometimes holding on is more painful than letting go
Danny Apr 2020
Someday, one day, maybe sooner, perhaps later
You'll find yourself at the mercy of the one that shows and knows not mercy
The one with a vacuum in his chest, void of a heart and a soul
You'll be charmed by his grim and be compelled to follow his lead
No questions will be asked for you'll be as gullible as a new born baby
O! how the mighty fall and crumble on sight of his flowing robe and scythe
Eyes filled with such vast darkness which tells morbid tales

I can only hope you'll be able to look back at the home you'll be leaving behind
As you take a long walk with your newly found company
And be at peace with yourself, serene with no regrets
No assigned souls left untouched and no present unwrapped
No moments you'd like to rewrite and no wrongs to make right
No unfinished business to take care of
The journey is one way and your ticket will have been bought

And it's not like you'll even have a choice or stand a chance
Cos the music will be on and he'll most certainly have his dance
As he has done before, time and time again and as he'll still do
Been doing it for long in your shadow and even mine too
Gaining mastery of every step , trying different rhythm
Either in a tux or a tee-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans
This is the most fun part of the job so it has to be perfect
The dance of death
Danny Jan 2020
More than a dark comedy it's pure tragedy
Enigma enshrouded in a mist of painful puzzle
Mural paintings now inconspicuous in the murk
Off-white faces staring into space, a thousand miles away
Rewinding to relive each moment like a tape in a cassette player
Inaudible shrieks of laughter and indistinct voices
Existent only in the crevasses of our hearts, now flooded
Silent as light a drop flows outward and down the cheek
Wrote this for a close friend.
She passed away yesterday.
Unripe yet fell from the tree.
Trees not in blossom now withered.
Elixirs don't exist now an elegy has to.
I'll just keep holding on to the memories
Danny Dec 2019
Do you think you can riddle me this riddle
Do you think you can help me cross the river and not leave me in the middle

Do you think you can stand it if I pierced your heart with a needle
Do you think you can wait till it's over and not wriggle

Do you think our night calls can be more than the usual jingle
Though It's hard for me to dive in deep but I would if you make it simple

This frown on my face is not becoming and neither is the wrinkle
But when I'm with you like an ironed shirt I lose the crinkles

Is it possible for me to get your right  dimple
I like them and I'm wishing we can mingle

How would you like to remake the ****** *******
Can you go all night or you will fall into a deep sleep like the little

I'm bad at this and I'm pretty sure it will brickle
I want a lot, I've become so selfish that I won't even let you nibble

Touch down before take off thank goodness I'm not shiftful
Hope I won't kick it the way I was born and bred, single

I'm a thirsty soul but I keep breaking my water bottle, it's so brittle
A little desperate, would drink from a brook that has shrunk into a mere trickle

It's sure that we're going to crash if we cruise in this 2007 beetle
But dropping a stone in the pond is the only way to see the ripples

We'll never know what happens in Seattle, downpour or mizzle
If we don't tempt fate, what we think will always be fickle
If you don't start here you'll never get there
Ephemeral is life
Insecure is its tenure
Like the breath of a buffalo
In wintertime, it roars and gone
Like shadow, it is gone with sunset
Like flower, it fades away
Like grass, it withers away
Life, a flash of a firefly!
Danny Nov 2019
Yesterday I mounted  the wind
Laughing hard as the breeze slapped my face
It tickled like grass under the thighs
A pleasant feeling to be afloat
Rocking with the waves

Supine in the recliner at dusk
Up in the sky on top of the world
Legs crossed, breaking nuts, bottoms up
A vigneron never labours in vain
Supped from my cup my finely brewed wine like a god

Right now I'm purring like a **** in boots
As I ride my roan horse with vigor
Filling every cranny with sunshine
Walking full of life with fire in my bones
Smoke from my mouth is evident

But there's a but,
The fault in our stars
Puddle after the rain
A thought fast moulding fear
A lot of questions clogging the mind
An impending threat

Would the sun shine all day?
Hang around at dusk
Instead of sinking in the west
Stay up through the night
And even till dawn morrows
Or will it again do what it does

Will I still be lurking on cloud nine?
Where the mood is set
And the time is right
A calm in honor of the halcyon
Where there's no need to cheese for the camera
For the smile is always straight up from the soul
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