Aug 2017 Dami
Dimitri Ali
I see her lying there like the world doesn't exist with her broken wings,
My weakness plays on me like a child with a new drum my urge to fix things,
So I pulled her to her feet and held her close to ease the cold,
Her head buried in my shoulder, I felt ***** soul to soul.
She sits in front me tears in her eyes,
Broken wings,
She cries.
I fixed her as I always do stitching each one with string,
String straight from my heart,
From me,
My being my soul I ***** apart.
Bit bit I take to give,
To her for a smile a laugh, for her to live.
When its over and done I'm less than who I was not a sound I utter, nothing to say,
And just as most things we give it all for she stood up and flew away.
  Aug 2017 Dami
Ryan Holden
No amount of love
Could form an ointment to heal
These scars on my chest

Not even your words
Can unravel the stitches
That I had to sew.

Even voodoo dolls
Had never seen such torture
Inflicted at once.

For I must heal wounds
Because I know I'm afraid,
They may re-open.

And these fragile bones
Will crumble into mere dust
Lost in winds of love.
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  Aug 2017 Dami
Detha Prastyphylia
He said,
As he slid his finger to my lips;

I asked,
"Why not me?"
As I swiped my tears from my cheeks;

"Because you're not her,"*
He said,
As he slowly let go of my hands.
"Why can't I be her?" I asked.
"Because nobody could be her," he said.
  Aug 2017 Dami
Dimitri Ali
She has many masks upon her wall,
For every mask a different emotion, a different face, she has them all,

When she needs to be happy,
She wears a mask with a smile,
Its not perfect,
But it tricks them for a while,

When she's sad,
She wears a mask with a frown,
She owns many masks,
But not a single crown.

She hides behind them,
Day in and day out,
A smile, a laugh, a cry, a scream,
A shout.

You see you'd never know how she really feels,
She's broken inside but she's trying to heal,
She has many masks,
But none for when she feels beautiful,
She doesn't think that feeling is possible.
Maybe that's why her favorite mask is one with a frown,
You all can see her how you want,
But all I'd see is a queen without a crown.
  Aug 2017 Dami
Dimitri Ali
Hush! They're sleeping,
Below the grass,
Not a single heart beating.
The silence a comfort,
With the whisper of the wind,
Here they lie,
The rich, the poor, the saints and the sinned.

Their lives portrayed,
On concrete slabs,
Monuments a story of time,
As simple as a date and even taken before their time.

So much chaos amongst the living,
All these issues, and pain lay about.
Yet there's peace amongst the dead,
For they aren't even allowed word of mouth.

Silence! Just sit and clear your soul.
There's a warmth in this place,
Though bodies run cold.
For their makers they have all met,
But in sadness there's that moment of peace, the beauty found in death.
Dami Aug 2017
Amidst melting snow
A lonely little red rose
Dreams of blossoming
I generally don't like winter but I love springtime. The most beautiful time is when these two seasons collide, when flowers can finally bloom though the air is still crisp...

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