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Contempthy Aug 2018
I am a faceless creature
Turned into a sexualized doll
Little girls soon will grow into a toy
Watch your back little girl
Be beautiful
Be the someone the beast wants you to be
Evil is real
Love is rare
They want you for that moment in time
Not because of your worth
But because of those pretty little legs they can spread
Lie their turning the sound of your crying into a sexualized moan
They won’t even know their pleasure
Is the same scars you cut into your body
Trying to get them out of you
What people do to you is not what you are, your feelings are valid even if not validated. I am not over everything that has happened to me I am just trying to validate worth to women and women have rights unrighfully taken away from them. It’s not you it’s not me it’s just a ****** yo society.
Contempthy Aug 2018
I am the darkness,
A  candle that is barely flickering,
Yet that flickering flame accompanied by the passing of lost souls ignites just enough light within to see the **** within,
No amount of makeup can fix the scars on my face,
And that **** scale,
Is the Great Depression where all value has been lost,
I like white powder and white pills they make my toxic crimson bones a fuller shade of pink,
A pink cloud,
To float in nothingness that’s where my soul belongs
I want to shrink my body to a nothingness,
If god is love then that means I was not created into his image,
For I have never felt love with out a pericing pang in my heart,
Love is conditional,
So is god?
Nothingness though is beautiful,
But I am rotting flesh and bone with a short skirt and high heals on his bedroom floor,
He craves my destroyed body but has not time to listen to my soul,
Can you kick me out now I would like to go,
Go into the vast darkness that I am
The vastness of nothingness is my only remedy for pain of lost worth and dead souls
Contempthy Aug 2018
Shame on me,
For not trying harder to be a miscarriaged baby,
Shame on me through being a surviver of a deadly tumor,
I am a tumor of the world,
Shame on me for taking up space,
Shame on me from not being able to prevent her sucicide,
Shame is all I feel,
I am shame itself;
And that voice inside my head I can’t figure out if it’s actually mine,
Or if I died off long ago,
And now I’m just something’s vessel.
I’m so scared of negative judgement from other people. But I am exposing pieces of me and maybe through that I can be pieced back together. I hope you find relatablity or  at least understanding.

— The End —