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Chiibe-The-Rebel Jan 2016
The darkness in his eyes
A true reflection of his pain
Led away from the path of light
He truly had no gain

As he walked from his family
Never to return, he mourned
As he looked into his dying father's eyes
Pretended that he didn't see forgiveness

He's truly broken
Inside, just a shell
Just a mad dog without a leash
As he watched as his Father fell

His mask hides his youthful face
Hides it as if it's a mark of disgrace
His lightsaber is as unstable
As his emotions, running wild

Many joke, his heart is a fable
That he's merely a metal figure
Programmed for Snoke's doing
Nothing is secure

He cut off his path to the light
But there
Is still hope
Of redemption
Okay 5:30 AM and Star Wars themed. Cause Kylo Ren is a punk pitch I had to write a poem about.

Yay Darkness.

Edit: F*ck you autocorrect
  Jan 2016 Chiibe-The-Rebel
Every word she spat at me in anger,
became another scar on my skin,
but she didn't care for she could leave
when the blood flow became overwhelming
leaving just me and my undersized bandages
I caught you,
In a glance.
Between chapters,
Between words.

I read you,
But couldn't really read you.
I found you,
But couldn't really see you.

You came just in time,
To save his life,
For the protagonist,
Had found defeat.

The author's charm,
To destroy it all,
So that you would,
Build it up again.

And now the narrative,
Had found it's muse.
The pages wrote themselves.
The Writer had nothing to do,
But watch it all unfold.

The happy ever after,
Was pages away.
All thanks to you,
The girl in the storybook,
Who made his world complete.
And then
In a single moment
You were the oxygen I breathe
I found it hard to believe
That I might die without your touch
Just your presence and your scent
Was more than enough
But a tiny drop of your love
Could never be too much
I want to scream and yell
at you, Reader

"Why do you see the longer ones
and skip over them?"

These are the words I wrote
with my heart and soul
for you to read.

"Why do so many get a reading
when they are shorter than them above?"

These are words I quickly found
that do have meaning
but only in those seconds.

I wish you would become a reader
of longer, lingering thoughts.
Then you'll see into my soul
in different ways than I understand.

But truth be told,
I should yell at myself
for doing the same to you.
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