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Love is a lie to me but they say God is love...
If Love is Blind
Then I love Hate...
 Dec 2020 Ash
Closet Doors
 Dec 2020 Ash
Put my ghost to bed already.
It's half past two
and we
are neither of us, young.
My ex stopped by the other day, and my not being near by for once kind of paid off. Because her visit seemed all too inclusive for me. Almost rude to her CURRENT to even mention our PAST. Like, really? Five years of silence and then suddenly a vocal hello? RIP ancient memory, I put you out of my buried mind about five years ago. Why didn't you do the same?

So yea, that was Monday hahaha.
 Dec 2020 Ash
Ashly Kocher
 Dec 2020 Ash
Ashly Kocher
I carry
a lot
But I
lost you
I refuse to be snarky
to sit in a room and poke fun of others
to complain and complain to no end

I refuse to tear people down or roll my eyes at them. I just rather sit quietly and read my book. I want this space of mine to be calm and joyful.
 Dec 2020 Ash
Catch up,
 Dec 2020 Ash
I think I have outgrown myself
 Dec 2020 Ash
 Dec 2020 Ash


back to our first beginning

   we were little more than f l i g h t l e s s birds then

so utterly humble
so infamously bleak
so lost in shambles
so unbearably weak

               did you name me then
with paper and ink words

               did you find joy sparking
in the solitude you heard

              are we no longer secrets
              sealed with the stamp of burdens
              we call names
              bringing each other up
              from the depths of ourselves
              that remain unfathomed

              why do you recoil at a certain name

     as if, when you you hear it, you've touched

                          l    m
      an open  f           e

     as if, when you say it,
     it's the first you've experienced shame
 Dec 2020 Ash
Mystic Ink Plus
If one fuels
The ego
Ego grows

If one fuels
The kindness
Love grows
Genre: Observational
Theme: Simplicity
The hardest thing by far is
lovingly letting go
I smile and I cry at same time
I am joyful and in sadness simultaneously

My eyes well up and I not sure why anymore
 Dec 2020 Ash
Amanda Kay Burke
Jump with new courage
With them leap like you have wings
Fly as free as birds
I always used to wish I was a bird
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