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Petrichor Mar 31
Do not give me your love
Give me hope
For love would just bind me
But would render me fearless enough
to venture out
I always return to this question in my life,it is a red string,a repetitive situation I am subjected to....intrinsically I know I want to go but I stay fo other people....
Petrichor Sep 2020
Bones piercing through bloodless skin
Bluish vessels winding their way....fueling my body
With what?
How to draw hope from the vacuum of my stomach?
But this is just the surface fire
Beyond are burning debris,
Coal black ashes lining the path to my broken soul
Petrichor Jun 2020
Is not the absence of somebody
But the presence of the true self
I am sick of playing a role i never auditioned for
Being subjected to judgemental eyes
Sometimes there are remnants of hope
To encounter the right person
Who could become a friend,a lover,a kindred spirit
But that desire is ephemeral
No,I must remain alone
Embrace the void,the vacant space,the stillness
For only here can i exist
Petrichor Apr 2020
You left us
But you are not gone
At least not for me
Petrichor Apr 2020
You told me since I was a child that he was a villain
So how can I love myself
When I see HIS face in the mirror
Every single morning....
Petrichor Apr 2020
I am not meant for this world
The most striking insight i ever had
I am not capable of living
Not to insinuate i do not want to
WRONG - I crave it so dearly it hurts
But ordinary tasks overwhelm me
Other humans compute differently
Tending to my own needs does not come easily
And in the end of the day
I perch underneath the sequoia in my garden
Watch my silhouette fade in the diminishing light
And cry
Tears of sorrow
This might not be very poetic,rather thoughts I have regularly.Maybe you can identify with my feelings,anyway thank u for reading.

— The End —