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Isn’t it funny, how life can fall,
Yesterday things were great, I felt so tall,
But today it’s all gone south,
Now all that’s left,
Is this bitter taste in my mouth,
I had no idea life would go this way,
I was happy for a time,
but it’s all gone today,
Yesterday was time for action,
But it’s too late now,
My life has lost its traction.
You wake up to realise you’ve fallen a very long way
They spoke with warmth, their ideas so bright.
They told us for too long, we have had to fight.
It’s time to take it back, they told us all with might.
It’s time to end humanity’s, bitterly long night!

The next day we rose, with a correction of sight.
While the white men in their towers, looked at us with fright.
For our power now displayed, so ominously bright.
Now we fight together, for everything’s that’s right!
The trail of destruction,
The silence of screams,
All of humanity,
Forgotten to dreams.

The silence of life,
That has become no more,
Haunts only the rocks,
And the broken sea floor.

The storms that once ravished,
Humanity’s home,
Now carry fire,
Melting even their stone.

The ground is all scarred,
Where the meadows once grew,
Just a crack in the surface,
Where rivers once drew.

Night and day,
No longer opposed,
The contrast of weather,
No longer imposed.

The passing of time,
Is no longer consistent,
The bonds of its measure,
No longer resistant.

The world is all quiet,
There is nothing to hear it,
Existence is lost,
While nothing can live it.
Read slowly
Look up there, really look!
The line of your sight and the path that it took.
Try to understand the truth of life’s vocation.
While you grasp the depths of its bitter isolation.
There is nothing up there, nothing watching.
Just a barren universe, casually mocking.
Existence, is a catalog of aligned integration.
Just a system of knowledge and past information.
Your ability to experience in all of its brilliance.
Is merely the outcome of your required existence.
To Question Is To Understand
To Understand Is To Suffer
To Suffer Is To Live
Offspring! to all of creation.
A child! of its own constellation,
In the universe's own desperation,
To define a single location!
Along the dismount of concentration,
The ever growing degradation,
Bestowed the gift of observation,
And bound only by its imagination.
Grown by it's internal elevation.
Tainted by surrounding information
But powered! to stand up! and be it's salvation.
Embrace life
A candle can only stand so long against the never ending dark.
It flickers and wanes as it struggles to leave its mark.
This game will always be won by the never ending dark.
A simple allegorical poem about depression.
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