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Bailey Mar 19
It's not the silent scream that scares me
It's the gasp my body makes after
Bailey Mar 17
I'm not sure if pain is the right word
Maybe guilt is more accurate
Whatever it is
It's doing a great job
At eating me alive
Bailey Mar 17
When the daydream goes grey
And the white smile screams

Shaky fingers
Sweaty palms
Ice cold feet
Speeding pulse
Weak knees
Scary thoughts

Then the daydream leaves
To welcome me home
Bailey Mar 11
A general term I feel
Though my mother would disagree
She would say
It's the perfect term to describe me
Bailey Mar 8
Go to your happy place
Says the cold white wind

I look around
White space stairs back at me
And then I see the box of lost and found

Beaten and battered
I look inside the dusty box of lost
And wonder if my found is inside

Turns out
The box is empty
Bailey Mar 4
Today I had a new sensation
I wanted to cry
And I couldn't
Now I'm left to wonder
Bailey Feb 24
My ears hear static
The sirens so loud
I open my mouth to scream
But the words won't come out

My stomach knotted
The falling sensation won't stop
Nausea fills my chest
I try and take a deep breath

As all my warning signs go off
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