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Oct 2021 · 912
Though Watchful Eyes
Aubry Oct 2021
Oh darling,
How truly pleasing you are
Your gaze shifts to mine unknowing
If only you knew the power you're holding
Oh how I adore those helpless eyes
It's truly a shame they do no real looking
Clip, clop you walk steadily off
No! Don't go!
Oh darling,
Don't you understand I adore you.
Or have I not made it clear?
Well allow me to demonstrate my dear
How hopelessly, helpless i've become
Please won't you let me have you
Oh for heaven's sake!
You can not just ignore me,
Love me I beg you
Oh darling,
It appears you truly are blind
Or is it just that I've stolen your eyes?
You would not return my gaze
So I forced it
What a horrible mistake I've made
But no remorse do I have for it
Smick! Smack! You try to crawl away
No! You mustn't go!
Oh darling,
I've captured you once more
Not just in my gaze, of that I am sure
It appears my ropes are too tight.
You are turning blue like the brightest of skies.
Let me tell you the sweetest of lies.
Slithering, slipping, sliding through my grasp,
Your breath is drawing fewer.
Oh darling,
What have I done?
You were my one true love,
Why did you have to fade to grey?
Should I have just admired you and stayed away?
How I miss those helpless, sightless eyes
I am the monster who destroyed you
Oh darling,
I wish I had never known you.
My boyfriend's neighbor is a monster, this is completely unrelated
Apr 2021 · 1.3k
I get it now
Aubry Apr 2021
I always used to wonder why things ended
Why "the end" was such a hard thing to admit
Why there were tears
Why there was no smiles to be found
I didn't understand why people would be so sad
Besides the end was just a new beginning
Then I grew up
I realized the end does in fact bring a new beginning
But that new beginning is something that you cant control
Its a change that is almost always expected
Yet no one sees it coming
I get it now
Sometimes "the end" is just to hard to bare
Mar 2021 · 269
Validate me
Aubry Mar 2021
i'm ill
the soul of my being aches
aches for validation
from the one person
that cannot provide it.
Mar 2021 · 303
Aubry Mar 2021
When the emotions are boiling over
I speak to you
at least that's what I want to do
your never there
I was there, everytime
why can't I be treated the same in return
come on just pick up the phone
i've been calling
why am I waiting on you?
Feb 2021 · 65
Ambivalent love
Aubry Feb 2021
today was the last day
the last day for everything
the last day to love you
the last day to kiss you
the last day to hold your hand
one last embrace
one last glance
all I want is one more second
that's not what you want is it?
you want nothing
no one last anything
because you never wanted a first
a first everything
a first day to love me
a first kiss
a first glance
a first embrace
a first time holding my hand
so please tell me why if you didn't want a first anything
please just let me have one last
last anything
Jan 2021 · 71
Me Finally
Aubry Jan 2021
One day i'll be able
able to hold my fate in my hands
able to write a soothing rhyme

One day i'll be able to
to stand up taller
to know how to save my time

One day i'll be able to be
be someone or something
be happy again

One day i'll be able to be me

Me finally
Oct 2020 · 337
Aubry Oct 2020
Its not supposed to be this hard
I'm not supposed to wonder day to day if i'll be ok
I look back at pictures of the people I had to leave behind
they still remember me like I remember them
Im not the only one who feels like they have to move on
But you see I cant help thinking they dont remember me
I know i'm not ok
I am trying...
Jul 2020 · 310
Blue skies
Aubry Jul 2020
someday somewhere the sky are blue
it has to be true
you know i love you
i know you do
won't you come sit with me and enjoy the view
i'll be there waiting for you
Aubry Jul 2020
If i could write the world a song
it would start with a drop
all pray for it never to stop
the people would join in on the melody,
they would all belong
every word that was uttered would make you fall in love
no one would be waiting for heaven above

there would be no insecurity,
no violence,
no doubt

There would be nothing you were living without
it would make you start wanting to live for today
and let you get over the fears of yesterday

when the song would end the world would stop
it would no longer feel like a ticking clock
the birds would still sing
and the wind would still blow
why the song ended no one would know

but from that day on goodness would flow
through the wounds of the people, the world used to know
this song would show how its ok to fail
but if you keep on singing you'll surely prevail

so don't stop singing my wondrous song
because believe it or not you DO BELONG
May 2020 · 115
Aubry May 2020
Change is in the air
Unknown if its good or bad
You feel  the uneasiness in your stomach
so you know its there
Its an unparalleled feeling beyond compare

There are no past emotions to compare this to
This thing that just popped out of the blue
At first we laughed and just played it away
Now we no longer keep track of the days

So now we wait until the day will come
When we are able to simply lay in the sun
No it's not easy this feeling we have
We can no longer wave it away like a flag
The days keep rolling and toiling by
Until the day we don't have to stand by
Mar 2020 · 199
The Way I Saw It
Aubry Mar 2020
Until you loved me
life was just a game
I was never to blame
the way I saw it, you could never be unsafe
The way I saw it, the world was a playground
And I was a kid

Until you loved me
I was innocent
I knew what I wanted
I knew how to get it
The way I saw it you would never love me
The way I saw it, you kept me safe
But it turns out safe just isn't enough

Until you loved me
I loved the game
I wanted it so I fell for it
The way I saw it, you had no other options
The way I saw it, you were just a game to play
I was the champion, I had won

Until you loved me
I thought I knew myself
Now that potential is on the high shelf
The way I saw it, I didn't deserve you
The way I saw it, I should stay
I ended up walking away

Until you loved me
I had no regrets
Nothing to lose
Turns out I did
That something was you
Dec 2019 · 105
Aubry Dec 2019
When the words can no longer describe the pain
I know not what to to
Or how to  see it through
Because every single clicking second
That sharp dagger of pain sinks into my hallow stomach
Twisting and turning

In my sleep I'm my happiest me
if to wake shall I regain the heart which was stolen from me
Goodbye beautiful sky
There is no longer a *** of gold at the end of the rainbow
The words that used to flow as wonderful waterfalls
Now no longer rhyme

So i'm saying goodbye to the pain and goodbye to you
I'm sorry, but if the words can no longer come you must not be the one
The personification to my person
Is who I need to find
To help complete the poem called me
I know this one if kinda depressing but I guess I've hit a rough patch sorry if you don't like this but its how feel and I owe at least that to myself.
Nov 2019 · 4.3k
Aubry Nov 2019
I'm unwanted
I know this to be true
Because they look at me and then they look at you
I'm not the beautiful mistress they want me to be

I'm unwanted
Unwanted by society because i'm to different for them
I'm unwanted by my so called friends
they're to good for me anyway
I'm unwanted by those fashion magazines
Those perfect models aren't missing me

I remember when I was young
My parents used to tell me
Don't be smug
Don't start things you cant end
And most importantly don't lose yourself

I'm sorry mom and dad but your little girl is gone
I broke your most important rule
But to be fair to lose yourself you must find yourself first
That's as hard to find as a pure soul
In this unforgiving
unworthy world

Because i'm unwanted and I know that now...
Nov 2019 · 84
What I Used to Be
Aubry Nov 2019
Is it me they truly see?
or is it someone else
My eyes tear filled
Yet as strong as steel
They see who they want to see

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve
In a way I still do
But the person they know me to be is not exactly true
Its like that stingy itchy feeling you get when you not sure to cry or not

That's the story of my life
I would cry and people wouldn't...
Couldn't, understand why
They beat you down and drown you with words
But it's the truth that really hurts

Now I sit here broken and alone
They still don't know the real me and I guess they never will
Because i used to wear my heart on my sleeve
I must of forgotten how to
Nov 2019 · 134
I Am Offering.
Aubry Nov 2019
Love one of the worlds most confusing things to figure out
People search for it others already have it
They claim that its everything they ever dreamed of
Love, luster, loss
They come in that order
Love is like a sunset over the mountains
Beautiful but short lived

Love is like summer vacation
when it ends you wake up with the pressure of the world dawned upon you

Love is like the weather before the rain
The most amazing thing in the world
Until it's over and you're left to the mess

Love is like when you wake up
you were having the best dream you have had in awhile
Then you realize that that could never happen anyway

Love is a wonderful, beautiful thing
But it is hard to find.
Nov 2019 · 75
All he Wanted Was a Heart
Aubry Nov 2019
Awakened when completion came to affect,
Awakened on the tinkering desk,
Just as the inventor had come to expect.

Gears turning and toiling,
Eyes adjusting to the sunrise.
Thoughts, yes,
They were beginning to arise.

Father of this creature,
That is what he was called,
Stood silently, admiring, astonished,
But most of all, frightened.
His soul was now consumed.

With arithmetic movements,
The automaton stiffly sat himself upwards.
Mind like a child,
Size of a man,
Strength of an ox,

There was no way for him to blink,
There was no way for him to drink,
He had not the need to sleep,
And he had no yearning to fall asleep.
He had not any other wants or needs,
Other than the occasional oil put to the joints.

Although, he wants a heart,
He wants a heart so that she and him will never be apart.
She is in love,
He is in love,
They are in love.
He is wanting a heart, instead of an engine.

He does not have a ticker,
So he is not in love.
He is more in trance,
Thinking in advance,
Wanting a heart, instead of an engine.

The girl visited,
The automaton hesitated,
Then struck with madness almost empiric,
Struck her heart and ripped it from her spirit.
Wanting a heart, instead of an engine.

He rushed to his dorm insanely ashamed,
He rushed to install the heart acclaimed.
He rushed so that he could in fact,
Have emotions that were quite intact.
Wanting a heart, instead of an engine.

Anguish had come to a boil,
Instead of oil,
Blood pumped instead of electricity,
He felt nothing comparable to simplicity.
He had loved the maiden,
Who he just sent to death (could that be a haven)
He just wanted a heart, instead of an engine.

Taking hearts from humanity would have to do,
He thought, while emotions filled anew.
Trekking through snowy streets,
Removing hearts from anyone he meets.
To this day,
He still takes hearts away.
An automaton who wanted a heart,
Instead of an engine.
This was written by my best friend Isabel Sparks.
Aubry Nov 2019
He was a mystery, like death in disguise
The moon, the only light in a sea of darkness
The road he traveled entwined like an old dead tree
My other half came trampling

He was lost in a world of desire
Desire for me
Creak.. glack, glack go his footsteps
His velvety red jacket was a ravishing claret red

He had a certain contrast versus the inn
If I knew what would happen on that very day
I  would of warned him to fray away
Perhaps he would have stayed

That was the day I felt the end dawning, dawning, dawning...
Then in the blink of an eye it went black
It was peaceful however, quiet
Then the gates of hell opened and away I went
This is a poem in the point of view of Bess the landlords daughter in the poem "The Highwayman" written by Alfred Noyes
Nov 2019 · 1.3k
The Creaky Old Rocking Chair
Aubry Nov 2019
The sky was a dash of salt
Bitter and never enough
He was standing there admiring the rocking chair
The price she said “you will have to pay”
Creakkkkk says the old rocking chair

He brought it home that old rocking chair
Placed it just below the stairs
“Ah” he said firmly and turned it to face the sea
Little did he know he would have to pay a termly fee
Creakkkk says the old rocking chair

Late that night as the crows cried
he rolled over upon his side
There in the doors way
The creaky old rocking chair making its way
Creakkkk says the old rocking chair

Back and forth the rocking chair goes
Why this way no one knows
The man had awaken by the time of dawn
He tried to shake off what he had saw
Creakkkk says the old rocking chair

There in the way of his escape
Ruby red blood crawling from the rocking chair
Flowing freely from the old rocking chair
On to the white soft forest below
Creakkkk says the old rocking chair

As he inched away from his near turned opponent
The squeaky, creaky old rocking chair
The most beautiful women the man had ever seen
A gastly figure dressed in white and stained with a gruesome scene
Turned to face the sea
Creakkkk says the old rocking chair

He thought of running hiding somewhere far away
But that beautiful mistress begged him to stay
The wind then was a chorus of howling crys
He could not believe his eyes
That once creepy, sneaky rocking chair disappeared from his side
That old rocking chair creaked no more

Years later when his bones were as old stone
That same man walked down the same street alone
Just when he’d thought that peace was here at last
He saw a flash from an undesired past
Sitting just below the stairs…
Creakkkk said the old rocking chair
Nov 2019 · 75
I Forgot.
Aubry Nov 2019
I forgot.
Or at least I tried to
You did right by me
Or did you?
I tried for years
To forget you, and now i’m here on the ground
Trying to remember you
Soft as the clouds
The memories we shared
Brutal as the truth
The one when i’m here without you

— The End —