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19/M/Bihar, India    World's a lie; Truth's a threat... Life's a mess; Better be a hypocrite
28/M/NYC    I am a man making his way from this life into the next. Writing poetry until eternity calls for my last breath. All work is ...
22/F/Mumbai    Instagram:pooh_poetry
Carson Alexander Defelice
18/M/GA    I'm not poetic I'm permanently apathic and this is my only way to make you see the way I do
17/Non-binary/In my mind    I am gone
F/Christchurch, New Zealand    An avid reader, sometime traveller, and urban photographer. Have spent most of my life writing essays. Maybe I can write something else? Overly fond of ...
17/F/India    “I am not one and simple, but complex and many.” ― Virginia Woolf
19/F    Logophile :3
David P Carroll
M/Ireland    David P Carroll Poems All Poetry is copyrighted to David P Carroll under a Dublin and European Union court of law. Was on TV ...
Cayley Raven
27/F/Czech Republic    Hi, I am a Czech unpublished author and I´m very honored to be a member of this community. My poems are often very personal, but ...
22    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
Prerna Singh
19/F    🌻
19/F/Earth and skies    Ink stains are all that is left.
Logan Robertson
Anchorage    If a person isn't endowed with riches, beauty and such it's best that person stretch what he does have
15/F/here    Hello, I hope you had a great day/night. Please leave a like if you actually like me poems, and share them! If you have any ...
anna burns
just a girl with no shortage in an abundance of feelings
21/M/U.S    [I write sometimes]
Sanders Maurice Foulke III AAS
31/M/Long Island, New York    "For you the sun will no longer be a light by day, nor will the shining of the moon give you light, for Jehovah will ...
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