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Ay Nov 11
The best and worst part of poetry is that nobody will ever truly know what you meant.
They can only relate.
Ay Nov 9
It's more than being confused.
More than being afraid.
And more than wanting to find my voice
And having the courage to say:
I give up.
Ay Nov 9
That wall.
It keeps out pain
But it doesnt allow love in.
Ay Nov 4
I've got a mind full of unsaid things.
Theres things I should've said but I wrote them out instead.
You wont hear the words unsaid 'cause if I said you wouldn't listen, if I didn't it wouldn't make a difference.
Ay Nov 4
Apologising doesn’t always mean you’re wrong & their right.
It means that you valued your relationship more than your ego
Ay Nov 3
All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch him, not just with my hands but with my heart. Because the most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched, they are felt through the heart.
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