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Ay Oct 2021
Welcome them into the discrete division of your garden,
Though do not be disheartened if they choose to depart.
You're an aroma of love only a few selected can fathom.
Let them not disappear from the realm of your heart.
Ay Oct 2021
I listen, watch and consider every little detail.
Every little action, every little word as I try to dodge the resulting effects of their trail.
I keep thinking and thinking till I can't think anymore,
Like an uninvited guest the thoughts come knocking, denying me of sleep.
I wanted to be connected and freed beyond everything I could be,
But difficulty always seems to point its finger back towards me.
We put all our energy into a false dream where nothing is as it seems,
Leaving reality to feel so far out of our hands reach.
It's hard to feel like this when I believed in people for far too long,
Only ending up to be someone that others ultimately use.
A million galaxies could never satisfy the human soul,
For the human heart has a void that can only to be satisfied by Him alone.
Ay Oct 2021
His answers are loud though there's not a sound,
Responding in a way no language can translate.
His reply lies there where deep silence resides,
Subtle but apparent are the excellent ways.

Fear not the darkness as it spreads misleading doubt,
Creeping us to a path of negligent state.
It stands in our way dressed in a delusive disguise,
Leaving us asleep despite our eyes wide awake.
Ay Sep 2021
I'm back into the cocoon
Feeling as deep as the ocean
And as reclusive as the moon
It's better doing everything in silence
In my silent poems and prayers
Not in the field where blossoms started to bloom
For it is there he hides to misguide us
Scenting the air with violets and affairs
Ay Sep 2021
With time I encounter a portion of people who are anomalies to the rest,
a minority who are deeper consciously with substance pleasing to digest.
I capture meaningful effect as essence flows out between their breast,
catching their frequency spreading like a wildfire in my head.
  Aug 2021 Ay
Rose Cliff
I drove down the
roads I had driven
5000 times
but I could not recognise them
each street light,
each white line,
even the crescent in the sky,
they were all strangers to me.
These roads they were foreign;
then I wept.
For it is terrifying to be aware
while you lose your mind.
Ay Aug 2021
This one goes deep beyond the surface,
Into the depths of a valley.
It's like losing my way on a late moonless night,
Searching for purpose in hopes of a sign.
Deep between the mountains I hear a melodious chime,
Theres a soul by the river wth mystical light.
In a matter of moments our paths are aligned,
In the depths of the valley beneath the infinite sky.
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