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  4d Anmol Mago
Is this life all a fallacy,
People playing make belief,
Stuck in
dillusional false releif.
Lying to themselves,
Saying, "This is my reality,
Do not tell me anything
Of insanity
And intrude on my normality."
A lethal self-imposed ignorance,
Tearing through life
Destroying themselves
and everything they come across.
Is this life just a fallacy,
As I watch them
playing make belief,
Falling in love with vanity.
All so superficial,
Full of poisoning emptiness.
Taking loves purity,
Making one belief
It is just a cruel thing.
But true love will conquer,
Shinning brighter than
a million galaxies.
Bringing Light
To this empty
“When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground,” African proverb
Dear Grim Reaper,
The world is nothing
But a somnambulent dream,
Humans are but
heaps of dust - gyrating,
in a state of terminal lucidity
Bizzarly pompous and
Brazenly hypocritical,
we live a life of mistakes,
accentuated by grief.
Sorrow rules over our minds
as we obey our puppeteers,
not a moment of seclusion,
not a flicker of reason.
Haunted by the
ghoul of acceptance
we submit

A great beyond - unbeknownst
lies smudged in grimace,
in the middle of the abyss,
a cosmic whisper
Anmol Mago Apr 10
Shadows Interlaced
With a Crimson Horizon
A Heron (undaunted)
I am back after long, Do let me know what you think about this one  : )
Anmol Mago Mar 25
Near the honeysuckle
Lay a cocoon quiet
Like a jolt of light
From its majestic stillness
A sudden outburst of life ---

(A Butterfly's first hasty dance
To the tune of a myna's mating call)
Anmol Mago Dec 2020
I burned and burned
In the anguish not knowing
In the anguish of never comprehending-
The myriad mysteries of this universe
The endless emotions with which nature weaves its canvas-
Vibrant and Alive with joy and with sorrow alike
I burned aflame
Till the moth was anhilated
And a flower blossomed from its ashes

The Blossoming and not the flower ---
                 True Realisation
Om Ah Hung
Anmol Mago Dec 2020
A stormy river
Leans to embrace - rocks beneath
The lotus unscaped
Lotus represents wisdom in Buddhist iconography and the river our tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.

Om Ah Hung
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