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Summer Heat Apr 2020
Why doesn't anyone listen to the authorities especially in a time like this?
I everyone did what they were told then it would all go away quicker.
But there are some people out there who are just to stubborn to back down
Bruh, Just listen to the rules. then we will all be fine
Summer Heat Mar 2020
You say you are to fat
Yet you are skinnier as a stick
So when you don't eat
I will be there to stuff it down your throat
My friends will always keep me on my toes lol
  Mar 2020 Summer Heat
The first measures of your favorite song coming on the radio
The lurch your stomach gives when you go too high on a swing
Dancing in the rain, and splashing in the puddles
The relief in flopping yourself down on your bed after a hard day
Happy dreams
The moment you realize there is one more cookie in the box
Your favorite outfit
Hugs from loved ones
Discovering beautiful shells on the beach
Waking up and realizing you still have a couple hours to sleep
The joy of saying, “I love you”
The joy of hearing it back
Lazy Sunday afternoons
Happy birthday wishes
Deep, meaningful conversations with friends
Little children running in the sun, enjoying life
Helping a classmate with homework
Reconnecting with old friends
The awe you feel watching a sunset
Raindrop races on windows
That grin you give your friend across the room when the teacher says, “pick a partner”
Hot showers after a good game
Stuffed animals that don't mind being squeezed and cried on
The tears and hugs of making up
Realizing the moment you fall in love
The congregation passionately singing your favorite hymn
Spreading God's Word
Puppies and kittens
That text from the right person at the right time
Surprising your friends with little gifts
The smell of new books
The smell of old books
Capturing that perfect picture
Your unknown potential
God's love
Feel free to add more reasons in the comments!  This poem is for anybody going through a rough time; don't worry, it will get better!
Summer Heat Mar 2020
yet you don't
I can never trust you again
Summer Heat Mar 2020
We have worded fights
and then you get to into it
you don't stop
then other people get in
then you have to have the final words
i don't know why i still stick up for you
lol, i hope this is good!
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