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"And God said, 'love your enemy', so I obeyed Him and loved myself." ~ I only repost when I've run out of words
F/Sweden    Some people will never understand the beauty of those slow days when your fingers are trying to keep up with the river of words pouring ...
Wye Valley, South Wales,   
20/M/London    If you have any strong feelings comment, I'd like to hear your opinions if you have to read my dumbass poems
29/M/Munich    Blood for ink
Mark Upright
Psalms 37:37 Mark the man of integrity, and behold the upright; for there is a future for the man of peace. there is no perfect ...
20/Alive    "What's the good resisting temptation? There'll always be more" -Mae West Insta: @this.poet.does.not.exist
21/M    I went through hell, lived there for years and now I'm back trying to live normal. OCD • SAD • Intrusive thoughts My Instagram - ...
I love the art of poetry. It speaks, when nothing else can. I wanted a platform to share the artwork of others. Let’s keep it ...
Imran Islam
29/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    MY BooKs [] and I develop websites, design and format Amazon Kindle books
Maria Mitea
If I do not strive who will?!
31/M/Manila, Philippines   
Pradip Chattopadhyay
I’m a Bengali in sombrero An Indian from Kolkata I live at a stone’s throw From where flows the Ganga.
19/M/toronto    teenage angst and the moon fuel my poems
26/F/Columbus, OH   
24/F/Scandinavia    Just a short girl - Instagram: thefullmoonflower
Gabriela Cintron
20/F/Texas, USA    All works are under the copywrited possession of Gabriela Cintron, and may not be used, copied, reproduced, or distributed in any manner without the author's ...
F/the islands    - free expression -
NYC    I use words to paint pictures; from my mind to your world, provide they have the power to move you. All poetry is © copyrighted. ...
18/M/South Africa   
19/F    Hi, I love you :)
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