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 Aug 2020 Anonymistress
The poetry isn’t in all these words —
It’s in knowing I survived them.
Holy smokes! Thank you everyone for all of the support! I don’t come here too often so I did not expect this; what a beautiful surprise ♥️
 Aug 2020 Anonymistress
- the cost
 Aug 2020 Anonymistress
I never truly understood the meaning of 'devastated' until I was
dear diary,

today i
fell in love
a stranger
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if I'm not the same
as you. If I hit a trigger examine it,
reflect a bit. Ask how I evoked
the response. Don’t ensconce

yourself in venom or stew. I haven’t
a thing over you. How can you live
if you can't forgive yourself for
the woman you are. Every star

shines. We don't
sparkle the same. Every woman
has a given name.
I walked down the
and bought you some
to help ease your
because I can't stand
by while you're in
 Aug 2020 Anonymistress
Longing for a gentle spring rain and
Pointless conversation with you.
We find shelter, shivering.
You huddle next to me for warmth

You remind me of a penguin
I love penguins
 Jun 2020 Anonymistress
I still write poems about you
the same way
a widow
brings flowers to the grave
each word is tied
to your shadow
led to the slaughterhouse
for muted screams
we only existed
in the gap of time
inside the silence between heartbeats
now our borrowed history
is fading
like the end of a song
like the last line of a poem
You have been gone
Im still here writing
my father had a
sense of humor,
and high hopes
for his first born son.

almost named me
Short ‘n Sweet,
cause that is how
most like life.

thot about calling me,
cause that is what
most deserve to be told.

but he didn’t want
no blowback, so he he
stuck me with this name,
Mark Upright.

all I gotta say is this
and it’s short & sweet:

Dad, take note,


my *******,

for you, see it,

marked upright.
 Jun 2020 Anonymistress
If my fate is to love you
From a distance
Then I'll burn for you
Like a star in your night sky
Bright, steady, reliable
Until the end of time.
crush my bones
sever my feet
stomp in my face
watch me bleed
ain't it fun
to taunt the weak
some people love watching you die for them
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