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Andrew Nov 2022
Rest now.
Don't you see?
Look there! The curtain is closing,
Closing on all of us.

Let the odyssey begin.
Andrew Oct 2020
And in her last breath,
She whispered to me,

"Love does not have a beginning
nor an end.
It is not a line,
but a ring.
And somewhere out there,
in those far-distant cosmos,
we are meeting for the first time."
Andrew Oct 2020
"Cry," I tell her.
My arms surround her curled body.
"It's alright."
One day,
when you have wept your final tear,
you will come upon that pool,
that contained every tear,
from every disappointment,
every betrayal,
every heartbreak.
And you will look down into it,
seeing your reflection alone.
"Only then will you have realized the necessity of your pain."
Andrew Oct 2020
I listen to her violin play
that sorrowful, mournful melody,
and I believe as though it was written for myself.
While her bow slowly glides over every string,
hitting each note just right,
I find myself beginning to close my eyes.

It is her and I now.
Alone in that grand theatre,
both enchanted by each others' gaze.
My silence envelops the stage,
yet her music breaks though.
Andrew Sep 2020
He asks me, "In which life shall I find her again?"
"In every life," I respond.
Reborn in the next year,
or a thousand past.
She will be there,
your soulmate,
Andrew Sep 2020
And to gaze upon her face
on this sparkling night,
I discover her eyes to be
the most radiant of the stars;
Andrew Aug 2020
And although I must endure this heartbreak,
does it hold a purpose?
Shall I delve deeper, and uncover some kind of meaning?
Or perhaps I will be consumed,
losing everything.
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