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You loved him that much
He loved you that less
You knew his heart
But you still couldn't care less

You walked into burning flames
Just to be with him
But he made your light dim
And you still couldn't care less
Tizzop Dec 2019
a man who is about fifty years old has been suffering from
dementia. (demented people can't remember many things anymore; and they might have a hard time to say anything.)

his name is m.

m. is a silent guy. he talks barely and doesn't tend to look at

i lived together with him for eleven days. most of our time, we were hanging around, smoking cigarettes.

one day, i put some music on. by aventura. one of their songs is called "obsesion". and when m. listened to his song, he changed.

his eyes were glowing with joy.
for real.
YouTube: "Aventura Obsesion Audio"

— The End —