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Trefild Dec 2019
gunless papi blew two missing mothers
nun messed muffin glued to mini ladder
goddess' laughing slew few Jesus' brothers
son is nutting, ******* lewd MILFs in "Brazzers"
Trefild Nov 2019
‣ some guy decided to rhyme, & he's not finna be nice or polite
‣ being neither in front of u, nor behind, nor on ur left, nor ur right
‣ in other words - not anywhere nearby u
‣ I'm about to go a bit vile, so u're about to get some amount of slurs that might mortify u
‣ I don't give a **** if u mind it
‣ tryna fit some text next to all the ****t inside ur head that is prob'ly brain-dead
‣ and only good for occupying a bed, for serving as a coaster for a hat
‣ or for being a target for a gat
‣ before u got fried or toasted, or whatever word u find the most fit
‣ to say mentally tired or even exhausted, rather get lost &...
‣ take some actions to unwind it
‣ am I lighting ur fuse?
‣ wanna provide me with some smoke?
‣ don't get confused, but I'm curious
‣ matches or lighter, slowpoke?
‣ I mean, in terms of smoking, which one do u prefer to use?
‣ anyway, save that ****t for urself or ur dudes, & don't forget as well about *****
‣ or maybe ur cup of tea is sipping hecking lean
‣ to me, these should be included in the list of ****tty ways of spending green
‣ or maybe u're one of those ***** nitwits, who're into drinking the liquids
‣ that are human body produced
‣ the range of drinkables from which I would choose?
‣ mineral water, tea, coffee, soda, fruit juice
[the first ones that come to mind]
‣ I'm not a reminder, but, given that with every line, u're getting blinder
‣ maybe it's time to remind u about one thing that is not minor
‣ anyone who's not out of their mind would like to rewind it
‣ 'cause it's inexorable & slipping away
‣  aren't u having the feeling that u're dealing with the stealing
‣ of the time of ur miserable day❓
‣ an even more amount of which u, Miss Fitch, are prob'ly not willing
‣ (but I'm about) to waste
‣ time is neither a thing u can buy nor digital stuff u can just copy & paste
‣ (keep the line above in mind)
‣ by the way, coming up with minimal rhymes is a piece of cake
[just like I do]
‣ but make no mistake
‣ making equivocal lines takes time as does breaking them down
‣ or as for a slowpoke to get what "spear" has to do with "shake"
‣ or as for a **** to turn into a woody to pound
‣ a woman, making her patootie & ******* bounce
‣ while she, being turned from easygoing
[or whatever she would be at the moment before that *******]
‣ into *****, would be moaning
‣ like a **** performing its crowing early in the morning
‣ (holy guacamole, sorry!)
Oct 2019 · 563
Deadly Stupid
Trefild Oct 2019
stand up (unzip), don't stop (don't stop)
a smoking hot beauty, thumb up (beauty)
stuck on her peach, she's hot, hot (hot)
pulling down the skirt to slap that ****
we moved on from touching to grinding, she's eager
I want your lustful body, lick your finger (body)
come and get banged, then *** and get thanked
make me quiver, fulfill my wishes
my speech is deadly stupid (dead)
cooking up a dope smoothie (dope)
picking up a sandwich smoothly (sandwich)
she got thirsty and hungry after round 2
I'm a bit ashamed for my imagination, but I couldn't help it.

"Bad And Boujee" hook parody
Trefild Sep 2019
rhyming words are conformed to American English, except "hostile", which is supposed to be pronounced in the British way, and "***", which is supposed to be pronounced in the "AAVE" way.

‣ whether u will read this one or not
‣ I don't really give a... **** or seed, but
[get it?]
‣ if u're finna take a crack at that, be ready for a wee bit of text flood
‣ not to boast, but comparin' to some daily social network posts
‣ that are short like some tiny shorts, this writin' of a self-expressin' sort
‣ is kind of extension cord, therefore
‣ if ur ceilin' is readin' them posts, or if u're simply a kiddy, rather leave
‣ around 1500 - that's the number of words I'm about to give
[silently, which is luckily for u & ur ears, but gives no benefits to me]
‣ oh yeah, I have some to mention
‣ so if u're still in & finna stay till the last sentence
‣ rather get some patience
‣ no "hi" or any other salutations
‣ don't feel like bein' nice or polite, lack good intentions
‣ besides, this ain't some daily conversation
‣ oh, and, takin' this occasion
‣ would like to thank Em & Kelly for ignitin' me with inspiration
[hope one day they'll get along or at least stop bein' hostiles to each other]
‣ enough with the preparation, it's about time to jump to the narration
‣ (enjoy the ride)
‣ once upon a time, had been through hell & nearly died
‣ (an accident, not an attempt to suicide)
‣ maybe on my way from bein' alive
‣ took place somethin' like "access denied"
‣ or maybe Grim Reaper, when met me, was like:
‣ "it's too early for u, ankle-biter
‣ and u don't deserve it, so u're gonna survive, u've gotta"
‣ holy frickin' moly, joke crackin'
‣ about once bein' on the point of kickin' the bucket
‣ like it's somethin' to la̲u̲gh at
‣ like some fool that is cool with endin' up in a casket
‣ like life is somethin' people have in a pocket
‣ I'm not the only one of such kind, am I❓
‣ should be grateful that was rescued
‣ should appreciate & enjoy life
‣ but it seems that such a thing I we̲nt through
‣ is not enough for me to be̲ this way, don't know why
‣ possibly there's somethin' wrong with my—
‣ yet not ready to die
‣ no way, hope my last days are enormously far from nigh
‣ but what an irony is about to be created
‣ the thought that I'm runnin' out of time
‣ that ***** has been droppin' around, lately
‣ actually came up with more of such crap, but then cut it out
‣ like not a bold enough chap does when he's checkin' out
‣ a luxury girl in a night clu̲b when his bae is around
‣ just have these bars
‣ and don't see a better option of what to do with 'em than to drop
‣ even though they ain't bombs
‣ and would never make it to any top
‣ 'cause how the hell is lyrical part
‣ supposed to do that  when it ain't even on a track?
‣ why don't I make o̲ne? oh, u know, I'm like a rookie or groupie
‣ who's given a whole state to run, but in terms of cookin' music
‣ but not finna lie, I haven't even tried
‣ the one who's used to takin' an easier side instead of tryin' to fight
‣ additionally, due to my Eng lang proficiency that I def lack
‣ cannot speak well enough, let alone rap
‣ while prolixity doesn't make up for the fact that lyrically u've got a crap
‣ but maybe it does when u speak some political claptrap
‣ like some slick Trump
[somebody got slapped with the impeachment]
‣ a walkin' flop, a hell of a *****-up, wack as... some loser's bad luck
‣ was struck with a verbal self-attack, then wo̲ke up, but
‣ was neither puzzled nor shocked
‣ yet that doesn't change one trouble: I might snap
‣ like a gum bubble that might pop
‣ outcomes?
‣ oh, not worldwide unforgettable
‣ like the "after Thanos" ones
‣ though might be regrettable
‣ not loco, except that a bit of sleepwalker
‣ as much of a talker as this wo̲rk or
‣ Jared Leto's version of Joker is awesome or not mediocre
‣ comparin' the fi̲rst one to Em's "Campaign Speech" ve̲rse &
‣ the second one to Heath Ledger's version
‣ u know what that is? that's a foursome
["that was ******* stupid..."]
‣ comparin' to Marshall Mathers, I'm a cakewalker
‣ but so is each & every mumble rapper & pop performer
‣ quite a borin', maybe too humble person
‣ which might get annoyin' (switch) & can make u cro̲ss &
‣ which u prob'ly would never get to meet in person
‣ POSITIVE EMOTIONS (want some?)
[once was told that I have 0 SELF-IRONY]
‣ what a dope self-review! though u don't know for sure what of it is true
‣ besides, there are some worthier attributes of mine too
‣ bein' not far over 18, I'm sober & clean (have always been)
‣ don't give a **** what u think about this & what u're about to think
‣ but I think that sobriety is quite a thing to be proud of in 2019
‣ geez, in reality, my ears haven't even heard how glasses clink
‣ when it comes to "cheers", only when it was on screen
‣ yep, I rebuke consumin' smokin' ****t, drugs & *****
‣ 'cause it contributes nothin' good
‣ if u have somethin' against my attitude, views or opinion
‣ keep in mind a raised third finger
‣ and consider placin' one thing inside ur re̲a̲r end
‣ more precisely, a homophone for "winner"
‣ but don't think that I'm hostile, even if u're findin' them words vile
‣ though not that I wrote them couple of lines with some sort of smile
‣ just have been li̲stenin' to, as I already let u kno̲w, Em's rhymes ("Assho̲le")
‣ recently (for quite a while) & years ago
‣ ever had to think there's somethin' wrong with u?
‣ there is with the whole world
‣ yet it has so many things to see & do
‣ that u would be unlikely to feel bored
‣ to name a few:
‣ woman-beatin', racists, drug-producin' & -dealin'
‣ human-eatin', rapists, last years' US mass shootings, other needless killings
‣ spiteful terrorists; quite colorfully, isn't it? what a pile of ple̲a̲sant things!
‣ a ****tpile of work for psychologists & psychotherapists
‣ somebody wines their body or quietly plays chess
‣ somebody crosses the lines & is thereby related to that mess
‣ in terms of havin' ******, Earth is just **** blessed
‣ some of which can bring such a pain in the ***
‣ referrin' to the things that are beyond normality
‣ here's one occurrence from our *******-up reality
‣ that is turnin' into that kind also in part
‣ due to the ****t sti̲rrin' up in virtuality
‣ check out its awesome impact:
‣ a 23-year-old smokin' hot babe that gained some wealth & fame
‣ even though by gettin' laid, bein' in the camera frame
‣ got mentally caned & a couple of days later goodbyed with her life
‣ preliminarily havin' taken some drugs to relieve her mental pain
‣ another suicide, another one driven into the grave
‣ thanks to a bunch of no-names that online went off the chain
‣ and supplied her with plenty of their hate & complaints
‣ fvckin' insane...
‣ some people remain the same, some ****t takes place over & over again
‣ R.I.P., August Ames
‣ I might be in decline, but at least not out of my mind
‣ except I might be not of this world; don't even have a ******* smartpho̲ne
‣ that some harebrained girl wants to the bone
‣ (except the one that ain't workin')
‣ if ur first thought is that's 'cause I can't afford it
‣ u're frickin' wrong, thinkin' so, u're deluded
‣ I'm just not like: "I really need it, really want it"
‣ guess there's simply no need for me to use it
[some would probably think: "unfvckingbelievable"]
‣ while these gadgets are nearly bein' worshipped
‣ somebody, help those addicts
‣ whose eyeba̲lls are on the displays like nailed, almost static
‣ and whose dog & bones are like extensions of their bodies
‣ also, needless to say, how today's people act
‣ when somethin' thrillin' is happenin'
‣ I'm merely statin' the fact
‣ that while witnessin' it, plenty of 'em are filmin' & snappin' it
‣ when some geek is gettin' his ****
‣ kicked by some ***** he's unwillingly scrappin' with
‣ been listenin' to some ra̲p &
‣ had little to put my ti̲me into
‣ that's how I started
‣ this *******-up writin' (but it's still not a [w]rap)
[couldn't nail a rhyme here]
‣ speakin' of which, maybe I'm de-emphasi̲zin' it
‣ and, thereby, this is a reach, but I̲ think
‣ it turned out unexcitin' (yep, self-criticizin')
‣ in general, or in terms of rhymin' (or maybe even in both)?
‣ oh, think I know why else it mi̲ght seem so
‣ in part beca̲u̲se I, of course, lack in terms of plays on words & metaphors
‣ (but I guess it could be worse)
‣ and it seems that I have kind of a thing for eyein'
[if u get what I'm implyin']
‣ acsh'ly, there's somethin' else I should have already started
‣ it's gettin' money
‣ yep, not a minor, but still slackin'; an idler-rhymer
‣ me, bein' an actual songwriter? highly unlikely
‣ that's how much I'm funny & stunnin'
‣ but to hell with that fvckin' whinin'
‣ now, a bit out of the blue too
‣ here come a few lines about one thing many people like to do
[who knows, maybe this is regardin' even u]
‣ when u don't have anythin' reasonable to let out of ur mind or mouth
‣ don't even bother to come out, miserable, rather stay in the background
‣ and only when u have some, it's okay to even stand ur ground
‣ and if u're sick of readin' my ****t or even just seein' it
‣ go fly a kite, Peppa Pig, or may try̲ ta find a way to provide me with writer's block
‣ or just wish me it, or even say it aloud
‣ at the end of the day, just tryna do somethin' at what I don't quite ****
‣ besides, it's not like I ain't allowed
‣ if u made it to the end, well, give a round of applause
‣ not for me, for urself, of course
‣ adiós
"some" counter: 39
"thing" counter: 19
"even" counter: 12
Trefild Sep 2019
if u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
'cause the casket would be metal & its lid would be sealed
this would be the ending of ur story
get dead naturally or get killed
I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
Aug 2019 · 408
Trefild Aug 2019
‣ there is one place they had to go to
‣ that place is unbearable, it's like a human zoo
‣ being has to be for several hours every weakday in there is a pretty ****tty case
‣ there are so many wasted days spent in that ****** place
‣ they wanna set it on fire & watch it burn down
‣ there is plenty of their wantings & desires
‣ but one of the main ones is to get the hell away from the town
‣ to get the hell away from the lushing degeneration
‣ and here was supposed to be the end of this lamespiration
‣ but I came up with a few more needless lines
‣ and it seems like all I'm capable of is just to cling on to rhymes
‣ think I'm just wasting my time
‣ me & poetry are those parts of the universe that are better not to combine
‣ someone perhaps would even think that it was concocted in a state of being high
‣ don't know if it is even worth being read, but anyway, u're free to just pass by
"lushing degeneration" - Russian Federation
Trefild Aug 2019
‣ roses are red, but they're dead
‣ violets are blue, but they're dead too
‣ stop reading this kind of crap & better start doing something useful instead
‣ or u've got nothing better to do❓
‣ roses are not only red as well as violets are not only blue, for ur information [no ****t, who would have thought...]
‣ but let people make their cookie-cutter rhymes while not taking it into consideration
‣ if I have to choose roses, well, then I would prefer black ones
‣ not to mention that I think they would have looked sick engraved on some firearms
‣ as for violets, they're not really my type
‣ but maybe to somebody else they set some kind of vibe

— The End —