she is woman, she is goddess  (86 followers)
a page for writes which celebrate and honor women and their beauty and power
Every Woman is Beautiful  (10 followers)
I was birth, I have met, I have seen, and I have felt the supernatural nature of women. You may disagree, but I just really ...
Woman of my Life.  (1 follower)
A collection of poems written about woman in my life, from long-term loves, to one night stands, to beautiful little girls who called me Daddy. ...
Life Through the Eyes of a Sad Young Woman  (1 follower)
This is kind of a collection of sad/depressing poems that I have written/that I have seen other people write.
Passions of a Mad Woman  (0 followers)
just a collection of my poems written over the years. Words that once written helped me stay sane.
Working Man/Woman  (0 followers)
Poems about the working class
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