5 days ago

Disrespect the lady and you’ll get the bitch.

Out at a party late one night
When some asshole wanted to fight
There was a lady in the lounge
Listening to the piano sound
He got in her face, she began to twitch
She told him to go, he called her a bitch


When I was young my granny taught me
Respect a woman and you’ll keep the peace
Listen child to the words I say
Forget them not on any day

Call a woman a bitch if you want
Truly I recommend that you not
She’ll kick your ass and knock you down
Put your body in the ground
Eat you up and rip you apart
Take your soul, take your heart
Cut you up and make you bleed
Turn you into buzzard meat
Yeah, she’s got a hell of a twitch
If you dare to call her a bitch


What happened next granny’s words did prove
This woman was up and on the move
She kicked his ass in no time flat
He was down for the count, back to the mat
The word he spoke, aggravated her twitch
He disrespected the lady, he got the bitch.

6 days ago

Games lovers play

French cut panties and a black lace top
Candy apple lips lick’n on a lollipop
With a little giggle she lures me in
For a night of passion and heavenly sin
She feels like a breeze on a hot summer day
She smells like flowers in the month of May
Her kisses taste like watermelon wine
Her touch sends vibes up and down my spine

Butter mocha skin and big green eyes
Have me sedated and hypnotized
I am in her power, I kneel to her will
She has me bound within her spell
Candles, roses and scented oils
Gets our bodies going, makes the blood boil

Seduction, attraction and perfect affection
Take our souls in the same direction
She may be a goddess or just a dame
I may be a rock star when we play our games
We have fun, we enjoy each other
Love is the key that keeps us together

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Shofi Ahmed
6 days ago

The man maybe the giant
Apt general Alexander the great
For a drink with the wobbly lady
Melting in love though he can
shun the sun-setting sweet ocean!

I wonder would one care to bend
Will she pour down her potion
If it weren’t first laid inborn?

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Vanessa Grace
Vanessa Grace
7 days ago

God blessed the world when He made Man,
and I feel I know both of them
when I hold onto this one's hand
He sleeps like a child upon my chest
soft breath sending shivers
up and down my neck,
and I marvel,
and marvel, and
at a creature such as this.

He fits me, he suites me, he truly does—
in an instant, with just a glance at him,
I come a bit more undone.
His skin a sheen beneath moonlight
where I can truly see veins,
a blue network beneath his forearm,
holding me gently to his frame;

I would have never even considered
how it could fit with mine
or how we could even begin to claim
such a space between us.

And yet, here we are— and yet, here I am
tiny and misshapen,
cuddling a man who has taken my heart to a place,
in this tiny little bed,
where I know love resides.

The futon creaks, the fan swivels on,
and the icon candle burns brightly
in the corner.

... and here I am with a Man
who holds me so delicately in his sleep
that he would actually have you believe
that I'm the precious one.


Okay, so wow.
It's been a long while since I've sat down to write anything, mainly because of graduation deadlines and wedding planning, but I did it anyway. Huzzah!
I see a lot of areas where I could potentially build and improve upon this poem, but as for now, I simply want to remember how it felt that night to hold my fiance  (or rather, how he held me,) before he had to return across the country for a few months to work [#navylife]. That week was probably the most blissful time of my life... but then again, so is every visit with him.
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WJ Thompson
WJ Thompson
7 days ago

I am fascinated and enamored
         by the jewelry of a woman's heart
who after being torn apart
         only grows softer, gentler, and kinder.

Just saw The Beauty and the Beast. Inspired. Though, I suppose this poem doesn't exactly capture what was happening in the movie, but it reminded me of a couple girls I've known.
#heart   #woman   #kind   #gentle  

I love like every tree leaf is a miracle.
I love like when leaves fall, If I look away they will never have been there.
I love like the ground doesn't exist unless I love every blade of grass that tries to catch the leaves.
I love like I am allergic to grass
I am allergic to grass.
I love like I worship each pill that stops the itching.
I love like the Itching is self-inflicted
poison which I am responsible for
finding the antidote.
I love like all leaves fall,
but only because I watched the first leaf fall.
I love like this is my tree
but not my leaves.
I love like I hold piles of dead leaves in my hands and cry
I hold piles of dead leaves in my hands and cry.
I love like there are particles of dead Leaves in everything.
The wind.
Herbal tea
I love like I need to find a leaf that will be an herbal remedy for my allergies.
I love like I found that herbal remedy and Sit by her tree all day.
I love like This tree loves it's leaves
letting them go, Growing new
Providing shade for words to be read while it lives.
constantlly Growing taller
Telling stories in it's rings
Only to be read when it
is Chopped down.
But I will watch it fall.
Or I'll never leave this spot.
Where it grew.
I'll rest beneath my pile
Of dead leaves.
Leave particles of myself in everything.
The wind.
This Herbal tea.

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Mar 19

She Said

Poetry makes me horny
It makes me want to …..
When you write about me
My body shakes and jumps.

With your words inside me
My body gets excited
Knowing that my passion
Is your Aphrodite

I want to be your clay
Form my every line
Soft my every corner
Bring my love your light

Your poetry about me
Makes my heart romance
Makes my body move
Brings my feet to dance

Touch me with your words
Rub them on my body
Ink them now my love
Then let’s get naughty

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Mar 18

She is my love song

She is my love song and rainbow parade
A walk in the woods and cool lemonade

Wonder and wisdom mystery and mayhem
Fantasy and pleasure calm and reason

Her sex is wild with perfect affection
Her touch is soothing, her kiss seduction

Balance, harmony and inspiration
A lady, a woman, a spot on creation

She is all the best this world can offer
She is a love song like no other

It's starting to rain,
Young Sabrina said,
Sitting up in bed,
Gazing out of her
Window, taking in
The city and sky,
And the changing of
Weather. The city
Looked quite different in
The rain: looked fresher,

New born, as if some
Giant had lain out
In a shower with
All parts unclean cleansed
And made new in look
To gaze of the eye.
But who was there to
Tell now that Jude was
Gone, who to lay her
Head against, who to

Hug to for warmth or
Human contact in
Her big double bed?
He would have touched her
With his finger down
Her spine, have kissed her
Shoulder with his lips,
Have bitten in play
Her soft tender thigh.
That was what made her

Choke up, made her cry:
That knowing he'd not
Do that anymore,
Not be there with his
Love and embrace, not
Be there to gaze at
Her, eye-to-eye, face
To face. It's raining
Hard, Sabrina said,
Parting the window

Blinds with her fingers,
Taking in the block
Of tall offices
That came into her
View across the way,
The greying skyline,
The dull day. But who
Was there to relate
The fact of rain, who
To share her body

With, whom to sense her
Grief and pain? Jude had
Died: 9/11.
No final kiss; no
Fond farewell; just the
Silence of lost love
And an empty bed,
And a vacant space
In her heart and head.

A 2009 poem of mine. Now available in my book of poems Be Your Fantasy.
#woman   #grief   #911  
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