she chooses to remain beautiful,
although life has scarred her so horrifically inside...

...a phenomenal woman she is ❤

This is a post originally written by Sicelo Reginald Kubheka.

Her lips may drip honey
But her teeth drip blood
She'll spend all your money
She'll squander your love

She's got no good intentions
She's got no noble cause
And all her inventions
Are deadly as claws

Beware the Bad Woman
She's pretty as a follower
She's bad things a-comin'
She'll leave you sad and sour

The blues baby. I'm talkin' about the blues
#love   #sadness   #bad   #woman   #blues  
Mike Essig
Mike Essig
Apr 24, 2015

This woman
never looks
at the camera,
always into
the camera;
just as
this woman
looks directly
into my heart;
this woman
with her
sweet and fierce
Tiger eyes.
This woman
is something new
in an old world.
This woman.

Just about says it all.
#sweet   #woman   #fierce  
edwill makamu
edwill makamu
Apr 28, 2016

A woman shouldn't be radiant outermost,
A woman should be dazzling intramural

#beauty   #woman   #inside   #ouside  
Paul Marfil
Paul Marfil
Apr 17, 2015

Dear woman,
I want you to skin me alive
And then bathe me in alcohol

#love   #desperate   #pain   #death   #woman   #skin   #agony  
Jan 28, 2016

I am sorry I can not be your super woman.

Just a little bit more.
#10w   #woman   #super  
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