I miss you.
I assume you must
Miss me too. Do you not?
I can’t help but measure
The miles your
Life has moved away from the beauty
Of our linked lives. By
Leaving, you covered the
Many merry memories, creating distance.
But I know that doesn’t mean nothing to you.
Because you are
Someone who tried to let me loose from
My lonely longing for death.

Golden Shovel poem using the last line of the poem "waist Size" by Beau Taplin.
#i   #too   #you   #me   #must   #miss   #assume  

Já depois de tanto tempo perdido
Aqui, ainda quero que fique. Às 3h da matina, espero acordado olhando para a luz que queima minha minha alma e me mantem alucinado
Alucinado e condicionado.

Me viciei no celular, como em ti,
um que me mantem desconectado
Desfamiliarizado, com o sentir, que tu já não está aqui
E me afogo afogo
Em nada e perco perco

Se já perdi
mas cheia

Naquela madrugada fui fumar para tentar me encontrar
Choro até chegar em casa e só o celular e o sono afogam meus soluços


para ta na cara que não tem mais eu e você

para ta na cara que não tem mais eu e você
para ta na cara
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Arlene Corwin
Oct 19, 2016

(Yet Another) Portrait Of A Friend

I have a friend
Who has a perfect memory.
You might think it’s a perfect gift.
We have to sift through thoughts –
That is, you, I – but he,
He pictures everything,
Recalls it all: dates, times, the history
Complete.  What could be wrong
With knowing all the lyrics to each song
You hear?  
Draw near, I’ll tell you:

He retains the good and bad.
He’s filtered nothing. Think if you should
Shoulder all the woes of life?
The sad, the mad, the wars, the strife?
Besides the perfect recall,
He sees everything in black and white:
It’s either awe-inspiring or shit.
I’d guess it’s vexing
To remember each and every second
And, on top of which, to have opinions strong,
Be never wrong: one of his ‘strong’ opinions .
Plus, he takes offense, pretends indifference.
Yet, we’re friends.
I always yield, always bend.
You see, I am indifferent
And I’m charmed.

(Yet Another) Portrait Of A Friend 10.19.2016
Love Relationships II; Special People, Special Occasions; Small Stories Book;
Arlene Corwin

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Apr 7, 2016

A mast, the towered communant
Comfortably laid on spread fields
The home of radio, a rest for birds
A paced place for  absurd resolutions

Mercies at the heart of the crust
As the metal chills, the ails fills
Milled and crushed, milked pasts
Termed as rants, an inborn trust

A must to nurture,our sealed words
Dreams that steam the indefinite chase
The uproar, an uprise, unpriced, untapped
A merry to par, to align, grow and ground

Wrote it as I walked in the woods.....
#must   #untapped   #mast   #uprise   #indefinate  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Apr 6, 2016

Why am I their only child?
Why am I such a lonely guy??
Why am I always so alienated???
Just why?

My HP Poem #1051
©Atul Kaushal
#time   #why   #this   #question   #must   #answer   #simple   #just  
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Feb 7, 2016

You don't want my pain
You have enough...

How morbid must you be, he says.


#pain   #morbid   #he   #must   #enough   #says  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Jan 26, 2016

People only come and go,
So do my transition inspiration sources.

But lest I forget my motive,
Remembering the ultimate aim in life.

Never demeaning it because,
Life Goes On.

My HP Poem #1001
©Atul Kaushal
#poetry   #must   #so  
Camilla Green
Camilla Green
Dec 9, 2015

When sad sorrow shines bright and hope is dim,
liberation is sought by troubled souls
who tumble too close to the fatal brim
of a cliff where faith sinks beyond control.
'Cross the horiz'n there's a glint of gold gates
where calm waters wait among the smooth stones.
In the sound of the world, this is the place:
a solace for souls and rest for the bones.
Where flashing lies turn to soft mellow eyes
as their dreams are cradled by omniscient trees,
healing waters flow through the wish-filled skies,
and those once weary sing strong in the breeze.
This must be the place where dull shadows shine
and even dreaded darkness dares to dream.

#peace   #be   #happiness   #sonnet   #beauty   #the   #this   #must   #place  
Arfah Afaqi Zia
Arfah Afaqi Zia
Sep 2, 2015

Loving me is not-
An option, its necessary,
So love me always !

#love   #me   #must   #necessary  
No Hoots Gang
No Hoots Gang
Jul 29, 2015

Oh, dank
                           why wont you 
                                                           me, me.
                                         For that is a world I want to live in
                                                why wont you just give in.

#be   #must   #to   #read   #1   #dank   #memes   #2sexual   #2spicy  
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