Spring rainbows,
Floating above a canopy,
Made of white.

A bride dressed in white lace,
A short walk down the aisle,
Under cover of white.

Apricot blossoms,
Falling like snowflakes,
Tears are falling on a silvery, rippled mirror.

Blossoms dancing,
To the rhythm
Of a fresh spring breeze.

Welcoming a new spring,
Filled with love and new life!

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Sleep Together with the Flower Tonight
#love   #flowers   #nature   #spring   #newlife  

Her's is a heart beat of hope
Hesitant but defiant
Faint but climbing
Gaining a higher hold
Gasping for deeper breath
Crawling into life
Into new born surprise
Shocked lungs shooting cries
Generating joy-deep sighs
From two families
For life

New birth.  New life.
#hope   #birth   #newlife  

Not everything or everyone is for a lifetime
But for a season
Sometimes you come across them only for a certain reason
Learning is caring, cruel
Knowledge is carrying wisdom to the fool
The personal price is set once you take the risk

"At what price?"
"My happiness."
Breakups aren't that bad
#fool   #knowledge   #wisdom   #newlife   #renew  
Halima Abdul Basir
Halima Abdul Basir
Dec 29, 2016

I put on earrings today
the ones with the bronze suns
I woke to a blue sky
in winter

Lipstick on my lips
for the first time in 6 years
I laughed at my old fool

Sighs and forlorn stares
had long graced my view glass
now a clean canvas
before me

Most tentative, the first stroke
such a daunting liberty
my pallet still holds
all the colors

Could one forget how
to see in the mind’s eye
the shapeshifting forms
of the spirit

Ronald J Chapman
Ronald J Chapman
Dec 16, 2016

My past is beginning to fade,
Like tears, of cherry blossom leaves falling,
On late spring days.

Beginnings are vanishing,
Endings are shining through frosty windows,
My final destiny is coming closer,

My Angel in Heaven is,
Waiting for me,
To take me home, beyond the stars.

Wondering though the decades,
Never finding love again in this world,

It's been hard living alone,
Always seeing love,
Missing true love,

Never touching love, again.

With Faith, always believing.
The Angels will bring me, back home,
To you, my love.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

*Wax - (Tears Are Falling) [ I Miss You OST ] Korean language Version

[English Version] Wax- TEARS ARE FALLING ( I Miss You OST) | Lyrics+Mp3
#love   #angel   #forever   #endings   #newlife  
Racheal McKnight
Racheal McKnight
Dec 9, 2016

Within me is a being,
That I cannot yet see.
A child growing day by day,
A gift to my fiance and me.

We may be scared,
And we may be stressed.
But we need to work hard,
To give our child the best.

The child may have surprised us,
But I wouldn't change a thing.
Bringing life into the world is magic,
And in a great way, mesmerizing.

Ronald J Chapman
Ronald J Chapman
Nov 6, 2016

Standing at the front of the cafe on a rainy day,
Waiting for a hot cup of coffee,
On this Autumn day,

Seeing you alone,
Watching the dust of people, flowing outside,
Why is such beauty alone?

I try to hide my smile,
I try to hide my feelings.

Holding my coffee,
I work hard looking away from you;

But, I remember your face,
From a dream long ago,
I can see you in my dreams from a thousand years ago.

The most beautiful site I can remember,
Doesn't come close to your beauty,
Not even a sunrise on a bright blue day.

I hope by letting go of past love,
I'd be able to say hello to you.

How much time have I missed, by mourning a lost love?
What is stopping me from saying hello to you?

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Coffee House OST: Jo Sung Mo - I Will Smile [Korean/Eng Sub]https://youtu.be/5dZ_b-Cd92M
#love   #alone   #beauty   #hopeful   #newlife  
Demy Molentor
Demy Molentor
Oct 29, 2016

I used to set this world on strife,
Seek vengance in that awful life.

yet now I've got another task,
turn down the flame, put on a mask.

I shall no more let thefeelings overtake,
calm down at once- a piece of cale.

I give my dreams, my thoughts, and all of me to art,
So soon enough, the pain should simply fall apart.

let me know how is it. Please.
#mask   #reborn   #newlife  
Sue Z L
Sue Z L
Sep 24, 2016

Jasmin and black olive
In her corridor
To whisk away
The smell of death

Of her landlady
Of great corpulence
A weak heart
And diabetes
But the sweetest smile
And contagious laughter

She gives thanks
When lighting her candle
De jasmin et olive noire.

New home.
#love   #change   #divorce   #newlife  
Sue Z L
Sue Z L
Sep 8, 2016

He said:
I called you to wish you
Happy birthday.
And I said thank you

How are you doing?
I'm well, thank you
And you?
I'm good
Still learning
Machine learning
And looking for a job still

And I count my blessings
On a natural high
Thankful that we talked
As friends
But no longer
As husband and wife.

See you next week, honey
Yes, see you next week
In court.

Her birthday coincided with the day he told her their divorce would be finalized. She felt an ache and a longing for their new home that was not to be. She stopped herself from dwelling on their love long lost.
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