Mar 19

She Said

Poetry makes me horny
It makes me want to …..
When you write about me
My body shakes and jumps.

With your words inside me
My body gets excited
Knowing that my passion
Is your Aphrodite

I want to be your clay
Form my every line
Soft my every corner
Bring my love your light

Your poetry about me
Makes my heart romance
Makes my body move
Brings my feet to dance

Touch me with your words
Rub them on my body
Ink them now my love
Then let’s get naughty

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Just because some eyes are not on you,
that doesn't mean you lacked the wit and the looks,
Sweetheart, you should know that
the sun clandestinely peeps on you first before it warms the earth,
the wind pervertly blows off your skirt while conspiring with the falling leaves to caress your body before blowing the Atlantic ocean,
Can you imagine how dark and cold this world would be without the cosmos flirting on you?

#beauty   #cosmos   #naughty   #adore   #flirt  
Nov 23, 2016

So last night, I stopped by Santa's workshop
And I met his team of eight tiny reindeer
His sweet little wife and all of his elves

AND do you know,  they whispered in my ear
some members of Hello Poetry are very naughty
So Santa's added their names to his list, my dear

AND Santa declared with a very saddened heart
they will be blessed with nothing this year

#poetry   #hello   #christmas   #naughty   #reindeer   #elves   #santa   #members  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Oct 26, 2016

Wank, wank as the world teaches you to,
And do not be ashamed that you do,
Nasty world clergy keeping you,
Keeping you rather restricted.

Wanking it off and easing the pressure,
Above intercourse, you always rise,
Not paying heed to their words,
Kiss oneself as much wished.

Wank off your tensions and problems,
And do not be uncertain about it,
Nostredamus did it often too,
Kind of intelligentia do it.

Wanking off should be taught at school and it might improve female security.

It will help keep off potential rapists.

No male will ever become a rapist, no girl will ever get raped, no human will ever sleep unsatisfied, no female will ever get pregnant when it's unwanted.

HP Poem #1221
©Atul Kaushal

A poem advocating Masturbation.
Sara Fielder
Sara Fielder
Sep 16, 2016

I smell your aroma first
a flash of olfactory foreplay~
a cornucopia of flavorful blends mingling
on your skin in sinful unison,
that first exploratory mouthful
a tease that leads to
uninhibited chews of more goo,
exciting my mood through the roof~
your creamy squishy cheesy cheese
dripping off the corners of my mouth,
licked with slow slick tongue flicks
I wallow in my swallows
until I'm full from eating you
I won't stop until you say so
my big gigantic
plate of chips and queso

Written by Sara Fielder © Jun 2013

Sep 16, 2016

Growing up
She was considered bad
But she only wanted what the other kids had
Crazy night and hazy days
She wanted to party the "worldly" way
She wanted to live the forbidden life
So she snuck out at the dead of night
And experience life for time it seemed
Did things her friends wouldn't believe
She had to come back the next day
But now the girl had changed
You can say her eyes were open
And life wouldn't be the same
People tried to straighten her out
But the damage was done, there was no going back
She now lives life as she pleases
And has no one to appease
One day she may return
But even then the girl has learned
She has grown, she has flourished
From her past life that seemed so malnourished
Once she returns she will be shamed
But who care
For this naughty girl can not be tamed

My adventure leaving life as a Jehovah Witness. I"ll go back one day, but that day is not today
#life   #girl   #religion   #leaving   #naughty   #loving   #jehovah  
Y Rada
Y Rada
Aug 12, 2016

You’re terribly and dangerously wicked
With a pair of wandering lips and hands
Journeying towards my centremost being
You laughed as I flinched at your touch

The looking glass was our sole witness
As your middle finger discovered well
From above the hood unto the entrance
Wet and slick with juices of my passion

Your hand journeyed back and again
To the very top and flicked the bud
I whimpered as you repeated the deed
Until I squealed, “Whoooo! Whoooo!”

You ceased and I got frustrated
But with your other hand you spread me
That rakish finger explored again
Focused on tapping the bud til I cried

“You enjoy that?” your eyes met mine
I looked into your reflection and sighed
“Give me more” I breathlessly begged
You kissed my nape and replied, “Alright”.

#lust   #naughty   #erotica  

She thinks she's a
"Naughty Girl",
But she ain't ever had no sex.
It's just naughty for her to THINK about it,
Comin' from her Conservative Background.

Y Rada
Y Rada
Jul 25, 2016

You are so sexy and hot to look at
When you gorge on that strawberry
I remember the time you showed me
How you like your fruit to be -

You licked it making sure it’s wet
I gasped when the coldness hit me
You nipped and peeled the skin gently
My bosom heaved wantonly at the touch
You sucked with ardour all the juices
My mind ran havoc not knowing what to do -

You stare and wink at me naughtily
That devilish grin now you just make
You know that I recall what you did
When you tasted and I was your fruit

#sexy   #naughty  
Y Rada
Y Rada
Jul 22, 2016

Please scratch it
Slowly tickle it
A Lip bite
What is that?
Do not stop
Do it again!

#shhh   #naughty   #lusty  
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