Light House
Light House
6 days ago

He awoke  ..only this time

..not within a nightmare or his land lost..
but in the nick of time..  He had not yet failed;
although, he was not yet fully awake.
& all -- although not lost -- shook,
standing over the edge of eradication.

Voices-welcoming him-into this consciousness- reminded him
that there is... still some chance left.

Light House
Light House
5 days ago

"You won't be able to save anyone...  Not until
   the whole faces their collective demon, & makes amends."

"Then I'll gather all of the oxygen masks I can..
  & I'll apply them to every passenger, myself.
  I'll take the flight's collective hand,
  & personally escort them ..all,
  through Hell."

"You're wrong, whoever you are...
  I'll save them all  ..each one."

"Then I shall see you soon, my lionhearted hero..."

I’d like to know what a hero is;
Pretty simple, I believe.
Explain to me how a hero is
Supposed to act
And when the fool’s
Heinous crimes will be
Given a reprieve.

What is a hero?
Is a hero supposed to mock
What causes the danger
Or laugh in the faces of
Those who wish for change?
Where’s his cape?
Where’s his dimming lights And crowded stage?

What is a hero when he
Starts the problems he was
Deemed to end?
What is he but a hero when
The foe becomes his friend?
Is he still the powerful
And mighty
When the journey towards
Greatness has become too flighty?

Is a hero supposed to cower
Behind the power?
Is a hero meant to
Lead with hate instead of love?
Is this “hero” your definition
Of the “great” America we’re still
Yet to become?
What is a hero doing with
How are we going to get this
Message through?
It’s not he who is the hero
But we the people
Who went within a second From a million to zero

It’s not them who are the
Heros, but the villains
Overruled by corporations
And common greed.
What is a villain wearing a
Hero’s mask
Doing imprisoning a country
That struggled so long
To be freed?

As you may have guessed, this poem is about the one and only Donald J. Trump.
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I hear you there outside my walls
I hear your hiss, I hear your growls
I hear the distance mournful calls
Like the haunting hoot of the owls
I seen the darkest angels fall
For pain that has no words, the wolf only howls

On this very darkest night
When the eye in the sky has become blind
Your shadow darts in and out of my sight
Slowly, methodical you nibble at the fringes of my mind
My eyes dance with fright like the candle's light
This feeling if terror is unfeigned

I can feel your scales slowly scrap against my siding
Your hollow glowing eyes peering in my window
In my inky room scarcely breathing, hiding
For I had seen you that cold day in August devour my Hero
Your continuously morphing shapes is Terrifying
Stuck here between death and living, is truly limbo

The crisp fall leaves rustle as you pace
My Hero now gone, in sorrow I'm swept away
You made sure I'd be all alone in this unholy place
I'll dwell in your clutch of sorrow and darkness, till my last day
With certainty I know the last thing in life I'll see is your face
For eyes that once sparkled, once danced, now dead, clouded gray

#sorrow   #hero   #emotions   #limbo   #tyler  

Every day the sun shines brighter as I open my eyes wider and start to breath deeper. The sun starts to rise and like Superman in the midst of death, raises his glass to the shimmer of the valiant sunlight and is invincible yet again.
I feel the death peeling itself from my body and I'm ready now to travel.

The bones shiver restless notes from xylophone keys that keep me running to an unheard harmony in the grace of the bluest wind. Something is carried on the feathers of the geese and its the blood of the wicked innocent. I don't run with them because of the migration. I don't run with them at all.

I've felt the blood drop like rain from their wings as they pass and they've left the trail wide and open. If destiny dripped dismal disappointment on you, would you follow it?  No. But it's destiny, and if it leaves in the hands of bandits and marauders then perhaps a bullet hole is my destiny.

A bullet hole big enough to stuff back the tyranny of a fallen harp and all the sorrow of its broken chords. Ill take it, Destiny.

Destiny like a cruel caw from the crow. I'm here,
Elate me with your dreary melody!

I'm not running from the satin blood red,
Not anymore.

I'm running towards the weeping needy,
I'm running towards the raped and dead,

If destiny cried havoc,
Then I'm running to let slip the dogs of war.

I’m drowning, I said.
Swim, you snapped.

I don’t know how,
I just don’t know where to start.
If I should fix me—
how to fix me.

Do it one at a time,
sun peeked through your smile.

My ankles were chained,
locked in rusty old metals
and key’s drowning deep.

Dive it in.

I don’t know how to do it.
Tears resounded on ocean waters,
they never will back out.
Demons will always pry onto your pretty mind,
before you could catch your breath.

They burn well.
Before it hurt,
they burnt your lungs.
And you still,
try to catch your breath

Live, you said.
I’ll be here.
I’m always here.
You could use my shirt,
or my shoulder,
or take my blood.

Shy thing,
thank you.

This one's for my little sister.
#hero   #blood   #bond   #drowned  

You’re my superman yet, I drowned.

When we think of hero
We think of super hero
Like bat man or
captain america
Or super man
When we think of hero
We think of super hero
Like bat man or
captain America
Or super man but what
is hero mean
Is when you save
someone life
There is hero around
us like cops
Or firefights or paramedics
And even if you save
someone of jumping of a
building you are a hero
So thank you all.
© Amanda Kay Hill
10/ 28/16

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