4 days ago

Tell me
what poison ridden blood,
flowing under my flesh
you hate the most;
which snakes,
incisors digging through
layer after layer of tissue,
you wish to extract
in a violent fit of

I do not know much of hemodynamics,
of the constant flow
which gives life to this body
no matter how much venom is introduced.

I know these vessels
are not filled with the red stuff of life,
but with a different ichor:

I feel it seep
through flesh and bone,
watch it crawl
down wrist and thigh and chin
on nights when creation
bursts right out
and breaks the skin,
in spite of everything.

I do not know much of art
but that it is a natural bodily process,
and that without it,
physical shock ensues.

These veins,
still rife with poison,
produce a particular
pigmented hemorrhage,
attempting to remain
resistant to ruin.

But when the page is full,
paralysis eclipses
that patient poet

and then silence.

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Bethany G Blicq
4 days ago

"Yes, that's right,
pick your poison.
Choose it.
That's right,"
they whisper so subtly that you hardly hear,
until you try to disobey them.
Then, can you hear anything else at all?
Can you hear them laughing
as they demand your obedience?

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
7 days ago

‪is a contagion‬
‪of the mind‬
‪fueled by propaganda‬
‪from toxic allies‬
‪Believe it or not‬
‪we live and breathe‬
‪succeed and fail‬

Hit it HARD:
7 days ago

i breathed in the smoke
that charred my lungs
in hopes that you had seen

the smoke that caused
my chords to crack
and left my voice so mean

but you who whispers softly
and you who speaks with care
could not seem to understand
why i chose the poison air.

you said i am
d i s g u s t i n g
you said i should get
h e l p

so yes you maybe scorned me.
and yes you maybe saw.
and that was what i asked for.
wasn't it?

when for you i broke the law

if anything you loved me less
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Mar 22

Jealousy comes
in many shades,
from the lightest grey
to the darkest black.
In every form,
it poisons the heart
filling it with pain.
Once it's reached
deep inside you,
it almost never
goes away.
It creeps up
your throat,
during the most
unexpected of days,
forcing you to spill
the most hateful words,
things you didn't
mean too say.
This is how
it spreads.
It pours
from one heart
right into another.

~ don't let it poison you ~
#love   #life   #heart   #poison   #jealousy  

No one owes me their heart
But I wanna earn yours
My head is a lake of poison
My eyes are apple cores

I want your left ear to ring
When my voice is falling dust
Your name sweet in my mouth
Awake, but only just

The poison pulled me back
To a bathtub of ice
And cooled my naked skin
For the blood sacrifice

Drunk on a great fever
Of my instincts ignored
Rising like an elevator
And falling floor by floor

Fuck the passing storms
The lake was never so still
As the night I spilled my guts
On the open windowsill

They're the deadliest thing since cyanide
since hemlock in your punch
since arsenic in the cookies
since strychnine on your lunch
since ricin in your coffee
and sarin while at brunch
mayhap VX sprinkled toffee
not a thought, or hunch
poisoned on the morning run
not polonium in the dip
yup that's right, you guessed it
it's donuts, packed upon your hips

Yum! The most destructive poison ever made, but ohhh sooo tasty :D
Inspired by and my like of the tasty damn things!
#poison   #humor   #doughnut   #donut   #tasty  
Mar 6

it was never about you;
those words were written as a form of art –
each word planned and meticulously placed.

it was always about the broken smile romanticized in books, plays and films;
or the way a single strand of hair paralleled with the pigment of the morning sun.
it was how your features resembled the most artistic and aesthetically pleasing parts of the world.

these poems represented the “honeymoon stage” of a relationship,
[our relationship]
a façade;

when you read these poems,
remember that they’re a form of art;
you were the poison behind the inspiration,
you were never the art.

everything about you was a lie. i was in love with the honeymoon, never your eclipse.

The World is full of Toxic People who emit Toxic Waste
And elect Toxic Politicians,
Who threaten to use Chemical and Nuclear Weapons
On their Adversaries
Who also have Toxic Mentalities.

I came up iwith this poem in the Laundry Room. I'm aware that I also wear clothes, made with Toxic Petrochemicals!
#war   #hate   #poison   #environment   #toxic   #sick   #trump  

is a highly toxic, poisonous and soft metal used in many production processes, but mainly mixed with Sulfate to make the color yellow.

metal is suppose to be tough.
Not malleable, ductile and easily cut.
Polished to a lustrous finish but will corrode in due time.

I am Cadmium;
soft and easily cut, my finish does not last, I can be poisonous if you don't filter me.
But if you mix me correctly, I am a beautiful Yellow.

#time   #beautiful   #poison   #toxic   #yellow   #tough   #metal   #finish  
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