Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

If I was a tree.
Which stood tall.
A monument to life.
Strong, gentle, and kind.
Wind would gently kiss my leaves.

I would be a prison.
A desolate grove of death.
Roots drunk with toxicity.
Trunk twisted, etched in profanity.
Just barren branches of thorns.

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maire rolin
3 days ago

Oh so bitter, the honey coated poison,
Thus was thought this time, I’d be different,
but the table turned on me, now none is free..
You say: I care, I really do…
But the only I hear are the last words,
but not for you.

Your skin pale, eyes slitted, poisonous venom..
every soundtrack of your wordplays:
only mean, I care when thou is necessary.
When I am a necessity, an item..

You take my hand in lose grip, and hope..
I’ll fall for it, I’d say yes but you’re a trickster.
None took until it was said what was craved,
you say the eyes are the window of the soul.
So that’s why you close your eyes when you say ….

You’re not needed.

#truth   #poison   #craving  
maire rolin
3 days ago

Here I am thrown across the room
my feelings are in a disarray
what is right
what is wrong

You make me question
where I belong
You insist upon
never letting me know

telling the truth in wicked ways
monstrous desire to let you go
but your grip is tight
and so is your glare

Of all poisons
I like yours the best
drawing me in
and throwing me out
Withdrawals on high
love is low

I am addicted to you
and it's dangerous

That's something we both know

#love   #poison   #danger  
4 days ago

Moonlight shines upon the lake
Darkest black and cold it's waters
Silver ripples running, flowing
Slowly, gleaming through the night
Here the fog is breathing poison
Unnoticed it transforms whoever
Dared to come a few steps closer
Enticed by bewitching sight

Morning will make magic vanish
In the deep it hides and waits for
One that here belongs from now on
That runs far but can't escape
Nothing else will bring him solace
Warmth of sun will burn his skin
All he hears is genlte whisper
Of the silver painted waves

Resonating haunting rhythms
Overflow heart with strange longing
That one day will surely bring him
Will return him, to stay there
By serenity enveloped
All fades into swirling darkness
As the waters close above him
Leaving shattered moonlight trail

#life   #death   #moon   #dark   #mystery   #poison   #water   #longing   #lake   #fog  

I close my eyes
Forgot my mind
Or similar kind
Eaten by flies
I'm all alone
She is sick
Burning the wick
Speaks in groans
She can't breathe
She can't move
Please improve
What's underneath
Bloodied vile
Pills are lies
Make you die
I need a smile
Not alone
Please no
Feeling low
Empty phone
No one gets it
The sorrow
Covered in yarrow
Eyes filled in grit
Poisons my mind
You are gone
Blackened dawn
Wish it was my time
Give you air
Take my strength
Your heart sank
I will make it fair
My time yours
As I depart
Owner of heart
Don't fight any wars

I hope she gets better
#love   #pills   #death   #end   #sorrow   #poison   #sickness   #asthma   #sacrafice  

My venom,
My wonderful dangerous addiction.
You control all of me,
My movements are pulled by your strings,
As your bring me down under your wing.

Losing my sanity,
As my mental state is coiling around my heart,
And making it fall head over heels for you.

You enchant my every emotion,
I can't seem to snap out of it.
I keep on ranting about my love,
Losing all of my sanity as each word falls out of my mouth.

My mind goes fogging,
I blinded with pure lust for your touch.
My ears are ringing and awaiting for your sweet voice,
To sing me a enchanting lullaby.

My deadly lover,
Tell me how much you hate me,
Tell me how much you love me.

Remind me of my addiction that takes a hold of me,
And watch me fall back down and praise everything you do,
Even the when you break my heart into two.

Love is a disease I welcome easily.
I ran right into its arms and got stabbed right in the heart.
Betrayed by the feeling i had trusted the most.
And when i fell back hoping to be caught,
you weren't there, you weren't there.
I fell right to the floor, you told me you loved me.
And then you left me cold and sore.

#love   #poison  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 31, 2016

Your lips are poison
But there is no antidote
To free me from bliss

Helena B
Helena B
Dec 22, 2016

I was stupid to think
I could drink
The words you spoke to me
In our late night conversations
I should have read the label marked

Yellow poison when ever injected in the body
Is taken to entire body by particles of blood
It takes over heart and brain and make cloudy
Then it engulfs entire body like violent flood

Thinking stops and suspicions come to surface
Under the auspice one becomes more anxious
Yellow pages, hypocrites vomit same disgrace
All is poisoned for petty benefits pace to pace

The venomous smile on faces of religious rascals
Who come to innocent people in garb of angels
They are make minds crippled guided by devils
They are devoid of any values and any morals

Yellow poison is more in humans than in snakes
It is responsible for all heartaches and heartbreaks
It is the devil's game in which every one partakes
We should be aware, relations are poisonous snakes

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#poison   #yellow  
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