you took everything from me
i can't even enjoy writing anymore
it's as if the ink in my pen is filled with poison

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Bridgid Blalock
Bridgid Blalock
6 days ago

I refuse to drink the poison of regret
Regret turns into doubt
Those who doubt
Never live

I've learned through observation and experience.
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before i sleep swear to visit my dreams,
whisper broken promises up on my lips let me inhale the poisoned fumes,
i won't stop you,
i will love you,
i will become blind to the lies,
unfeeling to the ties that bind my soul to yours,
you stole my heart,
and refused to give me yours.

Inspired by one of the poems on the LEMONADE album. Hope you like it.
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Nervous that way I take peanut butter from the jar
where blinking and licking overlap
messily and focus is the last thing on
my mind.

There, just there scooped
is where the thought

No high flying; no explanation
just back, and the jar gets
put on the shelf of the
of wood, the oldest part of the house,
and I cannot recall to write it the smell of
peanuts jarred and ant poison and southern

Exceptional journeys sometimes have unexceptional returns.  How do beginnings and ends get marked? Tree rings, expiration dates on jars

if life is like a box of chocolates
and i will never know what i’ll get,
how long do i have to await
the poisoned one?

or is every piece filled
with a little bit of poison
that takes eighty years to kill
or seventy five
or tomorrow
or today.

you ever wake up at 6 am on a holiday
and try to force yourself back to sleep?
bur your body just refuses and insists
to slouch into the arms of your mind
the arms of your mind that keep you
in shackles of an uncertain next second
what if a bomb goes off
what if an earthquake happens
what if that plane in the sky i hear crashes into my window
what if my neighbours die
what if someone is murdered in front of my eyes
what if what if what if
this uncertain next second is certain
to be the cradle i lay in as i take my last breath
will you say goodbye?
or will you walk by like you’ve always done?

will you fulfill the hunger at the pit of my stomach?
will you play my favourite songs at my funeral?
(will there even be a funeral?
do you know my favourite songs?)

this uncertain next second will sing me to slumber
and shake me awake at 6 am on a holiday
remind me of my 2 am poetry
and put my body in your hands to carry.

The breaths not taken are accumulating.

It mixes with the tears not shed.

Creates a poison that lingers in my thought

but doesn’t flow into my blood.

To keep my barely alive to suffer.

Suffer from a poison of my own making.

Slowly I forget

one small detail at a time.

I realize it only when I see this gap in memory

that my frail imagination fails to fill.

Words are slipping out of my hands.

My thoughts are no longer mine.

All the parks have become graveyards.

Where tomorrow died a slow, slow death.

And it slips into an even slower decay.

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Roses of pure enchantment rest in the hands of the bride.
The red of the petals matching the crimson lips,
where tongues and lies collide.
Where there is an eclipse of hearts and darkness has fallen,
each thorn will pierce true.
Hands so pale, hair so black;
a sickening beauty she tries to prove.
The trees surround her mystic display,
the air choking like a noose.
When the sunlight returns the shadows will creep,
my beauty there shall be no truce.
Her eyes the color of jade,
such as a black cat on Halloween.
The soul that lay behind them,
so lovely yet tainted, unclean.
Her body that of an hourglass,
but what happens when time runs out?
Each grain of sand, each faded memory;
will fall to the bottom no doubt.
Yet here you stand just inches away,
from the women that will cause your death.
No matter the place, when the bond is sealed,
my friend you’ll have nothing left.
Say your vows and exchange the kiss,
barely able to breathe.
She slips the poison into your glass,
you still think it’s meant to be.

January breeze
blow all the scoundrels away
snowdrops bloom early
as scoundrels question science
purge us of this toxic scourge

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Jan 30

A crutch, a walking stick
Use and abuse so sick of it
There for you when you can't move
Support your weight when you lose

But let me burn when you're cured
So fuck you from all us tortured
Swinging in chains, bonded by pain
A snakes skin is all that changes

The venom still gleams crystal clear

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your hopeless desires

I'll just take a seat right here
Blindfold off its so damn clear
This cinema rolls the same tape
But it's hilarious to see your face

The devil on the big screen
You wanted attention, now act your scene
A snakes skin is all that changes
But your method never rearranges

The venom drips, so crystal clear...

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your faith has retired

Once again, called you out
It's hard to swim when drowning in doubt
I know, that riptide was far too strong
But in seeking help, I never did wrong

And your life is crumbling, as the venom drips

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your hopeless desires

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your faith! Is!

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i am a human
full of bad decisions and regret.
full of rum and mistakes,
liquor to wash away the pain
clouding my judgement, muffling my voice.
Live without regrets, everyone says,
well i just broke the heart of the most wonderful girl ive ever met.
She doesn’t hurt me anymore,
but look how the tables have turned,
she is the oxygen in my blood,
she is the fire in my heart,
she is the sparkle in my eyes when she undresses,
she is the art i worship
she is everything I’ve ever wanted to love.
and I’m the monster that crushes her.
I’m the hangover after too much wine,
I’m the stomach ache after too much sex,
i am five thirty am still awake crying,
i am the ruined pillow cases at five
and the alarm clock at six,
i am that singular moment
when her soft tender head slams against a wall
and i am the reason for doing it.
she’s freshly squeezed orange juice on a sunday morning
and I’m poison.

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