Jun 8, 2016

Forgive me,
for all the poems
that I had not finish.

For those poems
you insisted to see,
were still fresh
and could not wait to be delivered
to you.

JR Rhine
JR Rhine
Feb 16, 2016

Your love rains down
                                       from the shower head.

Sharp needles of fire
                                                                ­                  dousing cold feet.

                                   It feels like daggers,

                                               and wouldn't be so,

if I hadn't lingered for so long,
                                                                           in my frigid hesitancy.

I've been reading "Coney Island of the Mind" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Part of the jazz-inspired Beat generation, his writings are incredibly experimental and diverse. Definitely check him out if you haven't.
#love   #fear   #fire   #scared   #relationship   #cold   #feet   #shower   #hesitant   #ferlinghetti  
Seth Milliman
Seth Milliman
Jan 5, 2016

I don't think I need to remind you,
Of the thin ice you're on.
Make yourself a disappearing act,
There will be more than words you'll be missing on.
I don't care to be made a fool again,
Breaking me down as you did before.
This my only warning,
Or any open road will be no more.

#self   #life   #her   #hesitant   #warning  
Jun 9, 2015

How high had he held her?
How hard has her heart hit home?
How, having had his happiness,
Having hurt her, has he harnessed
Her hatred?
How had he handed her hope?

Happenstances had held her hopeless
He harboured happiness, he helped her.

However, his help had hesitations...

I thought a poem which is entirely alliteration would be an interesting format and a good challenge for myself to make something meaningful from it.
#hatred   #heart   #hope   #happiness   #hurt   #help   #alliteration   #hesitant  
Ivy Swolf
Ivy Swolf
Feb 1, 2015

I will base our relationship
on what the stars say
because I have nothing else to go on.
It's all eggshells dipped in lighter fluid
with us, hot blood, ping pong pupils
that never know when to rest. When
we enter the same room I swear
I see sparks ignight in the static air.
There's blood behind our words
but I don't know if it was spilt in vain
or if this is all part of our story to the road
of forgiveness. Maybe I'm crazy
but I just want to take your hand
and make you agree that we are
both unwarranted.

Sometimes people give me headaches. But if they're good people at least it's good headaches.
Amber Bowen
Amber Bowen
Jan 14, 2015

Darling, my dear
Dancing just out of reach
I can feel you near

I wish you'd stop being so hesitant.
#you   #me   #endless   #touch   #darling   #hesitant   #reach  

I wonder if she thinks about me at all
I wonder if me being hesitant messed up my chances
Maybe she still wants me to make a move
I'll never know
Each day my heart grows
Despite a relationship being present with her
I wonder if she still thinks about me
I may have came out too strong
With a decorated note two years ago
But I don't feel wrong
Just regretful
That I haven't made a move before you did with somebody else.

Real life story for me.
Nov 3, 2014

She is trying to make a philanderer out of me

#self   #sex   #image   #hesitant   #convincing  
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