When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid - Audre Lord
When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid - Audre Lord
Amber Valencia
Amber Valencia
5 hours ago

So you did, listen.
And winds - blew me over.
And waves sucked me in.
And you did, hear me.

And you did, see me.
And all the stars collided - once and for all.

The ands, and ands.
Coming in unison - coming together.
The moment is the vase, the bowl, the pool of collections of moments
All rushing, together.

And I see how you cared, over and over and over.
Now, over and over and over,
one moment is the collection of how you - saw, believed, hear, watch, care.... how you want me,

How I want you

And a moment is not what is one moment

The moment is, now, how everything before and everything in the future is making this moment seem greater and
More, you look beautiful.

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And we sing, together. But, I feel
And I sing alone, I feel, still.
And I feel alone in a breathe....
And every song is the last.

#end   #loss   #quiet   #weird   #question   #last   #song   #different   #small   #losing  

Nervous tick, like a beating drum, thumping, dumping.....

Pouring, waves, into your chest, waves of pure blue.

And electricity shoots through like a power surge
A fluttering heart cracks open ideas, waves of amazement
And dreams of vulnerability
And dreamers of fleeting ideas, caught in one giant (tornado)

Always a mess, undressed - eyes of green, blue, sage, summer days - wasting away

Are the feelings reciprocated?

Until a physical touch, is no longer caught in the distance. Until a physical touch is mentioned in your prescience

And all your tornados became storms of grey, black, and darkness shrouded your thoughts until you were touched with hesitancy.... with consistency.... with assurance

#happy   #crush   #feeling   #moment   #early   #beginning   #rush   #start   #opening  

Stuck in time
Pinching, wishing, and waiting
Wishing there was another way, but it seems like time is stuck in between your hands

And there is no trick to move forward
And as backward as I feel
And confused

I still think of your in fondness

The tightest grip on a loose tether string

I want to lose control
Be in control
How can they happen twice - at once?

I feel you, I see you, and its pounding.
I'm pounding.
And I can't lose myself, I can't lose control.
Oh You -  and how I stand alone again.

And when I do, lose control, I lose you.
But I need to lose control to get you.

Do I know what to say, do?
How to act....
How to feel...
I want to stay away.
I want you to stay away.
Or I may lose control, and I mean control over my senses

Yet, I need to stop worrying about controlling you or me.
Controlling how I want everything to happen.
You to happen,
Me to feel

So let it flow, free fall, tumble and take its wave.
Tumble on the shore, and pull back into the current - once more, it splashes down on the wet sand
And each curvature in the wave is so different, pushed by wind, and shaped by geography
And each push and pull towards you, should flow
As I realize this, I may lose my grip

And release

When you feel so vulnerable around someone you have strong feelings for and you want to not feel this way because you hate the feelings of losing control of yourself and your emotions.
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You I think of,
In every shape, form, wish.....

There it is - Your shadow is attached to the wall
And as I peel back, I could not find you,
The consequence of my bleeding nails...

I scratched, and clawed for you, only to see my own reflection
Of my mind.

When someone can not get out of your mind
#love   #dream   #want   #desire   #thought   #obsession   #idea   #play   #fantasize  

In the air
I wait

I the moment
I listen

And all, falls, so, patiently.
Every, single, moment - there is feeling

I say, all I could, all I could say.
And if you knew who I was, I would not need to explain.

But with this, you, and our slow stops - I feel stuck
Yet, I feel grounded, in the air, around, and lost
To much, all at once.

And my thoughts, my mouth cant describe - if only there was one tick
Time stops, when that feeling
Could sit, and closer, closer......
We came together.

When there is a person who you can't say what you want with them. For some reason, it is hard to be straight with them, yet there is a sense of feeling that can sometimes be stronger than words.
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