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Žõhņ Đõhņ May 2016
This is not your average world
I'll say it once,  and let the truth be known
Our minds controlled, we put our lives on hold
In this sea of sickness we searching for a cure for weakness

I pray for my brothers and sisters
I hope you know that you came from greatness..
Why you selling your soul for papers?
Don't you know he's tryna degrade us?
Father said he's sending someone to save us
What? , did you forget Mary had a little "lamb"?
She rolls down the western edge
The bucolic Spiral path
Coincides with the horizon
Gray foot print
Slowly mingles with dark
As the Bats of evening find back to home

Gentle Breeze to dangle
Purple haze of Four O'clock
The Crossroads, Wait behind
Where to start, or what end is!
Poetry continuing as the falls of pain

Afternoon's Lyrics said good bye
Today's bright Star does not rise
What they chase during the run out!
Why come back again
Along with the known way!

Moonlit falls on the ways of Standing hill
Beyond the horizon
Dark fading, while
Lost love fusions with her colors
Across the Monsoon, Autumn, Winter
Finally the Spring is on the way
@Musfiq us shaleheen
The period that peaked
The blanket has become cold
Night has grown bigger,
Eclipsed the Sun,
Elusive moon
In the fog
Obsessed near by men
Dew drops,
As the deep feelings
On the roof
Of the Tin

Imagination draws
The images of Springtime
As if as a smile of mother's
As the bright day,
Peacock unrolls feather
Rain dancing on the horizon
Desire words of
The poetry
Drops as the raindrops
Sound of anklet breaks
The Silence
On the outskirts of the
Bird's chirp
The swing rhythm
In the first song of the morning
Poet arouses
In search of the New Poetry
Žõhņ Đõhņ Jan 2016
A dangerous tool to grasp, some used it to break some to mend
Its been said that it goes back way beyond the beginning of time

Of course if someone was misusing it you'd know
The victims bear the scars whilst benefactors bear the smiles

Are we all just cursed? Do we all suffer from Shakespeare's Syndrome?

Couples get married and then divorce
But the love never dies, Shakespeare was right
The love is converted and transfered to the kids
This is where the earth
There were piles of refuse time
Over millions of years
Wants to stand up

Walk the walk where the stand
Hundreds of thousands of
Light-years away
My friend, the North Star
Of his many friends
Lost in the pit of time

Mother's hair grew gray
All sides of the wall
Of the house has broken
Rust is over the grills of window
Said goodbye to dreams

White childhood,
Blue adolescence,
The red color of youth,
Instead of
Bruises under the eyes
Sending love to the jail
My friend is now hanging
within four frames of the wall

This is where the earth
Everything turns to be
A graveyard
Gray ash color valley
On that
History's foot print
will be exist

Nobody did not come back
The sun may never
rise again
Love is beneath
the silent dark of trash
All the truths will be turned
into devour
@Musfiq us shaleheen
Cloud seems sky height tall
Still limitless,
To remove from the bean
Need to stand up once again
Sometimes might be disfavor
A little away, a purple garden
Rather you hold a dream poem
For the New Sunshine
Somewhere Someone preparing
your birthday cake in the oven
Off course to bring a new day
yet there, a night of moonless May
Žõhņ Đõhņ Jan 2016
She looked at me with a smile and said: I'm pregnant
With a shock I remained stagnant
The joy in me she could not fathom
Silly thoughts in my mind asked: how did this happen?

But I knew better than to say this out loud
My heart knew this was what happens when people fall inlove

She personified our love as a new born child
My first grasp at my baby Love blew my mind
Love was blessed as a fetus
Everyone around us wanted to be us
I just prefer to leave my poems unfinished so that the readers mind can finish it.
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