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Z Jul 2019
Come under the mango tree
In its shade she is waiting
Singing songs of the past

Bitter, bitter poetry
As the sun goes on blazing
As her eyes turn to glass
Z May 2019
I ran from you as fast as I could
Bitter wormwood on my tongue
Like a violin unstrung
What is my purpose
Was it on purpose?

To think that we could stay the same
My burning cheeks, my hidden shame
I still am wordless
Z Apr 2019
i’m a flytrap in Saran Wrap
Definition clingy
shouldn’t be satisfied to be qualified
as the gum that’s stuck to your shoe

This anxiety could be all from nowhere
It might not be real
But honestly and actually
it’s just how i feel
Z Mar 2019
ever so softly
the thought of you haunts me
you and your caramel skin
the taste of toffee
and your touch, so godly
beyond all comparison
Z Mar 2019
"i'm always fine"
i've said that line
a thousand times before
that everything's okay
i'm sunny, i'm funny,
don't touch me
don't call my name like it's yours
i see blurs of peppermint and fingerprints
a hedonistic temperment
supplying my internal wars
that you don't have to fight
and it’s not your fault
but don't assume this is easy for me
to be what we were once, formerly
i feel too much, i overheat,
you touch me and i stall
Z Feb 2019
Reverie remember me
Dreams like penitentiary
And they just won’t let me go
It’s my ego, it’s montego bay
It’s hard to say like “anemone”
Another day another Hennessy
and i’m drowning away
Craving useless euphemisms, i’m still lost at sea
Haunted by consumerism, the ghost of Ronnie McD,
Mr. Clown meet mr. Clownfish
Mr. Marty lost his son
So i ain’t the only one actively and theatrically
looking for “no one”
-Nemo is Latin for nobody
-Montego Bay is a song by my favorite rapper, Noname
Z Feb 2019
Better eat your spinach boy it put some hair on your chest
Better keep your hair long girl go put your *** in a dress
"You better go to church"
"You better come in first"
"You better make it worth my while"
He had to make it worth their while
Wile, cunning, coming through the window when the door locked
When their guns cocked
Good lord made the rainbow
But if you’re gay best don’t get caught
Drink your coffee black, boys
Black boys getting shot
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