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I don't really love me
and that's how
I understand,
You don't, either!

Hands that drew.
Hands that wiped.
Hands that carried.
Hands that *******.

Hands that shared.
Hands that dispatched.
Hands that crossed.
Hands that loved.
Hands... for hands...
Yours for me.
Mine for you.

0 8   A p r i l   2 0  1 6

Let's make memories and hold on to them.
Let's talk about love and my old rustic pen,
The velvet capo, the lavender land.

Let's share love and forever hold hands.

was the weather for cute wefies,
double Americano shots,
fingers-interwined-Kinda-Holding-Hands ,
the 2 am untold tales.

For the pen
that was left in between the rugged emotions
dripping aimlessly. ...
for the self-timing video of the cover songs
behind the closed doors,
the piping hot ramen soup,
Today was the weather;
to just sit beside your loved one and
embrace the silence,
the comfortable silence!

We never passed eachother
when we wished we should have.
But then one day we will iknow,
against our will...

Dear The One,

Tell me your stories
The dilemma.

If she's still on your mind
Haunts you at 2am
Rises, gallops
And no pauses;
If are unsure
Of what you have.

If you feel
What You bear
Is less love
And more confusion.

If you are still
Searching for
What you crave
To call yours.
Baby, let me remind you
To tell me,
Your stories
Your dilemmas.

And I promise,
I will share you mine.

Death took over
in an instant,
long before
I could even realize

I lived.

death action live
I am single
   for the man
I love

         For the man    
    who's already
in Love!

- Dongaala
This was once upon a time.
Once a time when,
Jack Daniel at 2 pm
When doubtful smirks,
0.26% words and the rest silence
Awkward smiles and creepy stares.

This was when,
Music only meant dancing
No lyrics,
Loud beats you not know of
When e-chord was no valued
This was when,
Hatred started to grow
Distance took its toll
When two became company
And three, crowd.


— The End —