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janie May 2016
She is underneath the willow tree.
A gun in her hand.
She grips it tightly.
She closes her eyes as the wind caresses her cheek.
Her skin so white, so fragile.
She has destroyed it.
The blade of a knife has damaged her.
This life has damaged her more.
With each breath she brought the gun up to her head.
With her own piercing scream she pulled the trigger.
She shattered like glass.
She left behind a ****** note,
“Don’t pretend to care.
Don’t pretend to love me.
Don’t pretend to know me.
Don't pretend that I exist.
Don't pretend.
You never loved me and you never will.
I stare at this moon as I finally write goodbye.
Just look at the moon to remember me."
He found her underneath the willow tree.
He dropped to his knees and held her in his arms crying.
He picked up her gun and said,
"You can't rid of me that easy my love."
With a sad smile on his tear streaked face,
He pulled the trigger and for once..
…The world went deathly silent for this suicidal love
janie Dec 2015
What am I to do without you by my side?
What am I to do without you in my arms tonight?
Every second without you a little bit of me has died.
Can I even make to the morning light?
Empty inside is how I feel without you around.
Please come back to me before i die.
Just give me a whisper, or some type of sound.
I need something to say goodbye.
You're my everything.
You breathe life into me.
Without you here im falling.
I'm falling into death for all eternity.
janie Nov 2015
Nobody cares for her pain inside.
Not even her parents or anyone around.
Every night all she has ever done was cried and cried.
She screams for help but out comes no sound.
The pain she feels is unhidden at night.
Everyone knows what troubles her mind.
Nobody cares about her self-fight.
Because of that I pity what they soon find.
She had given all she could take.
She walked over the edge.
Ignoring her pain was a big mistake.
So she jumped from that ledge.
She took her final breath.
It came to me as no surprise.
Everyone blamed themselves for her death.
You say you're sorry.. that's nothing but lies.
janie Nov 2015
I love your personality,
The way you look when you smile.
Your brown eyes are as kind as can be.
We stay up talking for a long while.
Why can't you be mine?
Why must you she do this to me?
They ask whats wrong, I say im fine.
The truth is i want you but that you could never see.
janie Sep 2015
The emptyness I feel inside destroys me.
I am unable to feel or to even be.
It's a sad thing to believe.. or to know.
But all I can do is question if I have a soul.
What has happened to who I once had been.
That person, I hguess, has been filled with so much sin.
  Aug 2015 janie
Ignatius Hosiana
An artist doesn't stop loving the art after he has painted
The sun doesn't stop to shine after the sunset
Neither does breathing cease after we've fainted
Nor jungle cacophony after Elephant silencing his trumpet
The road doesn't end when you reach a destination
The moon doesn't give up It's glow when blanketed by clouds
An answer doesn't end it all, there's always another question
And loneliness cannot be evaded by hiding in crowds
Out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind
Going uphill doesn't mean life will never *****
Walking down your road doesn't mean you ain't blind
Sometimes the blind lip of faith doesn't necessarily require hope
So it doesn't mean I'll get over you when I finally move on
The wounds always heal, but the scars live on
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