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May 2016
She is underneath the willow tree.
A gun in her hand.
She grips it tightly.
She closes her eyes as the wind caresses her cheek.
Her skin so white, so fragile.
She has destroyed it.
The blade of a knife has damaged her.
This life has damaged her more.
With each breath she brought the gun up to her head.
With her own piercing scream she pulled the trigger.
She shattered like glass.
She left behind a ****** note,
“Don’t pretend to care.
Don’t pretend to love me.
Don’t pretend to know me.
Don't pretend that I exist.
Don't pretend.
You never loved me and you never will.
I stare at this moon as I finally write goodbye.
Just look at the moon to remember me."
He found her underneath the willow tree.
He dropped to his knees and held her in his arms crying.
He picked up her gun and said,
"You can't rid of me that easy my love."
With a sad smile on his tear streaked face,
He pulled the trigger and for once..
…The world went deathly silent for this suicidal love
Written by
janie  America
   Lior Gavra
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