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The day you feared is here!
They've been pressed
into service.
Oh, new Dad
don't be jealous now.
Sharing is caring.
Yes, they're still your
But now they've received
a higher calling:
To nourish your offspring.
Inspired by something funny my wife said this morning
Next to my pillow
I keep a bottle
of her perfume

All of my longings are
for her small hand
holding mine

My heart still aches
but only for her

And my poems only end
with her
Leaf Curl

True Color

Mr E
The ruthless will devour you
Yet you will not even know it happened
Until the jaws begin to close
And the light begins to dim
The curtain draws and the clapping ends
By the time you realize
What that ruthless man has done

It will be utterly too late

For the pieces will have been moved
The pawns all sacrificed
And the dreaded realization will set in
That you were just a spectator to the game

And not even worth being called a piece
At all
Not of this Earth's manufactured light
but surely of a Heavenly source
steadfastly sparkling and bright
distilled into a perfume that,
unbottled by my trembling fingers
touches my soul
for breathing in starlight
that is born from your love
gives me the oxygen I desire
makes of me a Galaxy
a world apart, eternal, and whole
She was a child that was forced to grow up
"Step around the stones
feel the moans or happy bones"

© 2021 Carol Natasha Diviney
I miss the four seasons

Autumn with the ever changing colors of the trees
The evergreens, other trees, burgundy and violet, orange and burnt umber and so many others, especially the fire trees.
The Indian summers, the unexpected slight showers
The rustling of the leaves as you slide your feet through them..
The crisp snap to the air.

Spring with all the burgeoning flowers and plants, seemingly blossoming before your eyes.
Rapidly fading winter as the days become longer you open your windows to delight in the warmer weather. When you want to hang your linens to dry just to smell the sunshine on them.

I live in a 2 season state. Cold but rarely freezing winter and a 120 degree summer.

I think that people that live in 4 season states are blessed. (As long  they have minimal snow)
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