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Many a time in subtle and other ways nature tried to warn us.
Spewing fire from mountain tops flooding the land, water rising in high waves from the ***** of the ocean.
Black plague it sent now a tiny virus.
Not a lesson have we learnt not a line understood.
While building tower of babel, it is said misunderstanding was sown in our midst, to stop us from our task.
We still build tower's that touch the clouds and dig deeper than the deepest valley.
Forgetting that simple living is the best.
Want not more than your hand can hold,
a bed to sleep a roof to protect from the cold, it was ment to be thus.
Greed and false pride got us here forgetting that all we need is 6 feet of space our final resting place.
Candle candle burning bright, in the forest of the night.
Many sin and dine in your light knowing not your sacrifice.
Others shine like the morning star, in the luminosity lent by you.
Without even a word of thanks to you they bask in pseudo glory.
No poet am I, nor singer but not so stone hearted that lines of fire fail to move me.
Oscar Wilde in the wild me in my room with a candle insight
We are asked to be nonjudgmental,
for the failures of others especially the aged. Even when they have wasted their whole life with foolish acts. How are we to blame when they have failed to understand the game. Angered at our positive criticism public turn against us.
This attitude of the crowd spoils the chance of at least one fallen mend his ways. The ladder to survival is steep and long making it difficult to hang on. We trick our mind into believing in fate convincing ourselves with words such as that's his fate non can change.
Lockdown a housewife asks what it might be
Staying home going nowhere for a month or so
Oh I've been in that state ten and a score.
Why do people complain its never boring as they say. Washing and the cooking the dishes and the floor only my aching back reminds me it's night.
In school and college I was the star of the stage now my stage is the kitchen and the dining room the smile on satisfied faces I consider reward enough.
Happy with my work satisfied with my state.
The only time, the screwdriver slipped in the Creator's hand was when He made man. Every time a hungry one shares his food, God smiles; when he shares what is left, He embraces him and takes him into his fold wondering how this one got it right. That's why good ones leave in haste.
One can be kind from footwear to hat, or cruel. The earth will bear both - one with a smile and the other with a frown.
Danger is not at the borders as you
think. The enemy is within hidden in sheep skin the wolf attacks the unsuspecting.
I point out to no religion clan or creed
all are to blame for this deed.
Poisoning young minds with words so sweet a ring of truth in every utterance.
They act out heinous deeds in the name of an unseen God leader and party.
Before ABC's children at a tender age should be taught lessons of empathy, love and that tolerance is not cowardice.
A nation is not a handful of sand or acres of land.
It's people whose hearts beat as one though bodies separate.
Oh God if there be lead my people to this state off ecstasy
We think a soldier knows no
fear. How wrong we are it's fear
that keeps him alive. A trained killing machine he is but made of flesh and blood. It's the training and comradeship
that keeps his spirit high. The words cover me works like a spell he forgets
he is mortal. From an ordinary being he becomes a super hero his heart and mind knows only one thing protect the life of his comrade who has stepped into the dark trusting him. Bullets can pierce him pain can make him fall yet his arm and eyes are steady his gun trained eyes scanning for any danger that might befall his friend.
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