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Lake Jan 2021
There is a sign on the door with her name on it
A red pillow pet in the form of a dog lays on her bed
Volleyball sit on the floor waiting to be played with
Orange curtains hang in front of her window
The pictures scattered on her wall say she she adores her friends
Books neatly placed on her shelf say she reads to much
Clean clothes in her closet waiting to be hung and the overflowing laundry basket say she's procrastinating
The drawings taped to her wall say she's an artist
Lake Jul 2020
Beauty is not,
the way your hair looks
Or the way you smile
It's not the color of your eyes
Or how pretty you are
Beauty is your personality
It's how you treat others
It's about what's on the inside
Beauty is,
Lake Jan 2021
It's pitch black
Darkness eats away
Gnawing at my worries
It crawls up my skin
Picking at my blemishes
It fills my mind creating hopelessness
Darkness flows through my veins
It's getting dark,
in this little heart of mine
I was listening to Demons by imagine Dragons when I wrote this
Lake Jan 2021
The Bright baby blue sky
Covered with pastel pink clouds
Painting the dark blue lake
While green trees loom over it's side
Sounds of children playfully yelling is heard
Over the gentle music playing in my ears
It's so calming I could stay here forever
I could stay here forever
I wish I could stay here
I'll miss this when I leave

— The End —