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211 · Dec 2019
I don't know if I am safer
I don't know if I am in danger
Me to know you, I am more eager
You are not a crowd pleaser
With you I have pleasure
Though you are still a stranger
Your conversations, I feel like a teenager
With you I feel less strange
I see you more weird
Your conversations, I feel more wiser
You are older, I am younger
Such an accommodater
Such a leader
Such a teacher
Such an entertainer
A doer not a preacher
But a lover not a fighter
Its so strange
22 · Jan 12
107 · Dec 2019
They say,
Change is,
They don't say,
Change is,
98 · Dec 2019
I would hate to disappoint you
Infact, I have always strived not to disappoint you
Now Im disappointed in you by disappointing me
I guess that was my first disappointment

Im disappointed in,
You not supporting me
You not understanding me
You not prioritising me
Your timing for me

I am even disappointed by this being about you and me, not us

Im disappointed
But not discouraged
80 · Dec 2019
Eye my Apple of Love
Love at first sight
Lovely was my first sight
Love was from that first sight
I don't even know you noticed im in sight
I felt love at that very first sight
I guess you were the apple of my eye
Emotionally i felt naked like Adam fore the apple
They say love is blind
But from that vey first sight I saw a future and I was inlove
I do not know who or what made the decision but the council in me had already decided, Love
I can see now why they say love is blind
75 · Jan 5
God loves me, I love God
My family loves me, I love my family
My friends love me, I love my friends
Mother-Nature loves me , I love Mother-Nature
Maruana loves me, I love Maruana
I hate the fact that I disrespect that love with lust
74 · Dec 2019
Answers are not answers at times
Answers sometimes are just answers
At times answers can be decitful
Time does reveal answers
Many times some answers are not what we want to receive
And so happens, we needed to receive that answer
At times some answers can provoke action
Some answers are just provoking their own honesty
Some say Love is the answer
Sometimes we need more time to answer some questions
Talking at times can add solution to the answer
Silence at times is its own answer
Action at times is the answer and adds value and trust to the answer
I mean have we not verbalised the saying, "The answer lies in the question " ?
68 · Jan 11
I know her (plural)
I know him (plural)
I know them
She knows me (plural)
He knows me (plural)
They know me
Everyone is conversing
Everyone is eating
Everyone is laughing
We share the same blood
We share the same yard
We share similar sentiments
I feel strange
Feeling awkward in this picture
When I'm alone I feel better
Less strange
More free
It's growth
It's loath
All I know it's not loathe
#introvert #extrovert
48 · Nov 2019
When there is bloodlust, there is no trust
When there is lust in the air, trust disappears into thin air
While blood is the air we breathe
The lust of blood then brings tension in the air
Its also ironic how lust can help bring trust
Trust brought from lust may not be trustworthy
However at times we are helpless in having every idea as an option to save your blood from lust
Blood is a very precious commodity because it cannot be cultivated and/or re-created, in fact it contains the very self of a being
This would mean our very own creation has been overcome by lust of temptation
We have always tried to seek redemption from our lust however it seems there has been no concrete solution
(Inspired by the only one left to tell Ilibagiza)
39 · Dec 2019
Be careful,
Not to be too careful
Be careful,
Not to be careless


I dont care, if you care more
I dont care, if you care less

The verb is care

The universe will take care of you
That way you dont lose your humanity
30 · Jan 10
Dancing with Angels
Let alone the music
It is the feeling
Sure do can dance
I'm not watching
I'm participating
I'm dancing with angels
Sure do can dance
This verse inked
In the
Physical relm
In the
Spiritual relm
It must be a trance
Still, I enjoyed the dance
31 · Dec 2019
A picture can say a thousand words
Words can paint a vivid picture
I try to see and paint a bigger picture
But become blinded by meaningless words
How can something so meaningful become so senseless
How can something so senseless become so meaningful
We fail to understand each other yet we talk to each other
We fail to see each other yet we look at each other
We fail to feel each other yet we touch each other
We lose ourselves trying to find ourselves
Could it be true or not ?
The more things change, the more they stay the same
One man's pain is another's pleasure ?
One man's discomfort is another's comfort ?
Could this be the balance of nature ?
30 · Dec 2019
Knowledge cannot be wisdom
Knowledge can be wisdom
We like to be knowledgeable yet not knowing, is what we know worth being knowledgeable of
It is wise to know how to extract wisdom from knowledge
Like AB-Soul, I look down I look up and left right (do you know of him? )
We have the knowing of left to right
But do we have the wisdom to come right ?
From experience comes knowledge,
From knowledge comes wisdom
Who says knowledge cannot be wisdom ?
Are they interdependent like a butterfly to a cancoon ?
Are they interrelated like sight and speexh
We may not know the answer?
But the answer would be wise to know the difference between wisdom and knowledge
Are we even wise to question the knowledege ?
28 · Dec 2019
Time in Reverse
I hope this verse in writting is not a waste of time, however , I cannot stop taking time to hoping in thought what would we get reversing time
I kwow we should be moving forward, like the wings of time, however, do we take the time to spread our wings or do we just hope our wings spread with time
Emit is time reversed, meaning "send out light "
Which brings me back to the concern, that we no longer make the time to enlighten each other
Thats in the past
Istead we say time is money, chasing money doing things wasting our time
Istead of enlightening each other
28 · Nov 2019
Is fun funny, its funny how fun is
Does it have to be funny to be fun, why frown
Does it have to be fundamental, basically
As in funding a mental, which pays with happiness
How seriously do we take fun, are you joking?!
Fun makes one free and fun is free
Feel free to have fun
27 · Dec 2019
You and I
Tell me, I'll show You
Show me, I'll tell You
Guide me, I'll arrive
Arrive, I'll guide You
Ask me, I'll answer You
Answer me, I'll ask you
Its just You and I
27 · Dec 2019
Naked Mind
No matter how many naked partners with you have been
No matter how many times you can be naked in the name of "Isiko neSithethe"
No matter how you can be naked in the presence of a naked soul
No matter how naked your thoughts are
No matter how naked you say things
No matter how naked you can see things
No matter how naked you hear things
No matter how naked you do things
Is the mind really naked ?
Is the mind naked from the sight of pain and poverty ,
Naked from the thoughts of the conscience conscious shouting and standing up for action of Love and Roots
If so what are your thoughts on how to dress it
26 · Jan 6
Tossing and turning
Turning and tossing thoughts
Turning rest into work
Working on resting
But in an attempt to rest
I rest unsure
Will this be another late night
Will this be another sleepless night
Tonight is the night
I decide
Am I a difficult sleeper
Am I an insomniac
A restless thought
Why am I even fussing
Over sleep
I guess
I will have to turn to other
Like meditating
While im still contemplating
I know
I will sleep through my errands
Do I even wake up
If I never slept
While I'm awake
I contemplate
Do I need to sleep to rest
23 · Dec 2019
What is a sacrifice ?
Does it have to cost ?
Does it have to be mutually beneficial ?
Does it have to be beneficial at all ?
Why do we do sacrifices ?
Is a sacrifice a need or want ?
A question from the mind
A question for the soul
Sacrelegious making sacrifices
It is the body which will act on the sacrificial choices and bear the sacrificial sequences
Mind, Body, Soul being equal, full circle
Some make sacrifices under the night full circle, full moon
Some make sacrifices under the day full circle, the sun
There are many sacrifices we do subconsciously
Yet consciously don't recognise are sacrifices
And visa versa
In Economics , opportunity cost
In life , choices
Traditionally , rituals
Religiously , religion
All men, Omen, Amen
It is said you cannot receive a litre of milk in your cup if your cup is half a litre full of water
I understand
You dont understand
I understand because its a matter of understanding
That there is no understanding between us
Either you stand against or for me
Either you stand under or above me
The fact of the matter is,
Its not where I am standing
We may stand apart or together
Where I stand, I stand alone
You are not the only one with a misunderstanding,
I admit
I too get confused by your understanding
It all boils down to a matter of understanding
Lets just disagree to agree
21 · Dec 2019
Birth / Birthright
Do I have rights by virtue of being born
By virtue of being born am I birthright
Before we take it to constitutional rights,
May we re-begin looking at the rights of morality
What are our moral rights
Therefore our wrongs
How do we right our wrongs,
Do we just write them and they are corrected
Do we correct them by acting on them
From birth, we are taught right from wrong
We act morally
Where do we then lose these moral teachings
As we have come to act so wrong
21 · Nov 2019
Hungry Thoughts
Sitting here indecisive if im hungry or not
Mentally battling if i should eat or starve myself
I consciously have a weak and frail thought however the idea is too big to ignore
To ignore the fact that , while i play around with my gift of choice, there are people "out there" who don't have that luxury of choice but to starve
That there are people who would be grateful even if gifted with crumbs of anything
Is this even something I should be thinking or just stop wasting time and be eating, I ask myself
The thing is this is eating me up deep in thought
Knowing that thinking and not acting is only dreaming
I decide to starve myself in their respect
Still, that if using their name to ease my guilt by starving myself will solve anything
However they are litteraly starving and still a matter of choice
What do I do, where do I begin, I ask myself
I won't let anyone surpress my progress of my baby step
This just in
17 · Jan 11
This is it
I am sure
This is it
I have liked hearts
I have liked minds
I have liked bodies
I have liked personalities
I know this is it
Not grammar
Not spelling
Wording of words
I love what they do
I love how they do
I love why they do
I love when the do
I even know who, Me
Either inhaling them
Either exhaling them
Wording of words
Al­l I love
And that is it
16 · Jan 11
Here I am
Here I am
Mouth to speak
Voice to be heard
Head to think
What do I say
How do I say
Here I am
Hands to touch
Feet to walk
Face to express
How do I act
What do I act
Here I am
Am I audible
Am I visible
Am I presentable
Here I am
Ink to write
Emotions to feel
Here I am
12 · Jan 6
Are they worth our memory Storage
Is it still a secret if you share
With another
Being secretive
Is it being dishonest
Why keep secrets
Is it fear
Is it love
Is it protection
Or the true reason
Is even hidden from the keeper
What I know is
Secrets can destroy
Secrets can build
What I don't know is
Do we want secrets
Do we need secrets
Why do we limit honesty
10 · Dec 2019
What relates us ?
What constitutes family ?
Is it by blood ?
What are the pillars of family?
Are there any pillars of family at all ?
What are the bounderies ?
Is it unlimited ?
Is there any question of unconditional ?
What are the measures to measure functionality ?
Disfunctionality thereof
Is there supposed to be perfect harmony ?
Is it just an illusion in an attempt of order
All the sametime parallel to its true reality
Hence the saying we cannot choose family, we can choose friends

— The End —