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Lest us compel thyselves unto action
As so does nature
Nature changes from darkness to light
Every day and night
Evolves every night
Grows every day
Keeps us moving with every spin she makes
Never fails to gravitate us unto humbleness
Whilst letting us pride ourselves of our creation
Whilst teaching us to co-exist with other creation
As so we are given freewill
Lest us act in goodwill
Happy new year
God bless and protect all
While we are told to adapt to survive,
Thina we adjust and thrive
Afternoon heat
Afternoon breeze
Grass and trees
Sounds of birds
Sights of rivers
Feeling of ease
The kind that frees
For a moment
Everything as still freeze
Sweet like the harness of bees
No companies
Whilst between crowds
No louds
Yet full of sounds
Off the streams
While inside theres screams
Evoking dreams
And nightmares
Outside theres peace
Mind on remenece
Away from everything in my presence
Under the summer heat
Hit by the summer breeze
Grass and trees
Almost did fall for you
Almost did love you
Almost did fall for your charms
Almost did get addicted to you
Almost did get hooked on you until the hook slipped off
Almost did bear my grandchildren
As i rise from the ashes,
I dust myself off the dust of the ashes
Although im the son of the soil
And so shall i return like the soil i am
My journey's wit trying not to wither away
I may trip and fall on this trip of ego
I have to still stand and proceed
This i have to do for my seed
Noone knows to what extent life is continuous
So arise the need to always be victorious
To an extent  have become vicious,
Although not to victimise victims
The vices i employ from advices hath maketh me devise malicious advances
Anticipating the day i will be flying high like birds of prey such as the Phoenix
Still i have to be patient as the Sphinx
Take time with every step to step out of the paradigms of pyramids and theorems
Pharaohs are my ancestry,
Dynasties is my accendence,
The world is my kingdom
My baptismal of fire has given me rite of passage to the throne
Lust, greed, evil, in my empire i do not condone
For like a mason i have built myself to be the temple of the creator.
By power of the creator,
By advocacy of ancestors,
By my discipline
I used to be big on life,
Now i am big in life.
Tis all because i decided to let bygons be (bygons),
And focus on new beginings.
Off the bat hits of life like its the begining of new innings,
'Cause all bats are on the table,
And all bets are off.
Living life raw hence all gloves are off.
They say 'the gods must be crazy' to have me as an offspring,
Whilst im in my meditational contemplation,
Of springing from continent to continent,
Galaxy to galaxy for my next home-run.
The Creator being my basis,
Gallaries and gallaxies i will use for my bases.
Knowing i am the son of the soil in my soul,
I stay unbilical coded to mother-nature.
Culture and tradition be the foundation,
Deeply rooted the fortress to retreat-home.
Rooting-off all regrets
With their repeat habbits,
Whilst studying my mistakes.
Changed the conceptualisation off hobbies,
Into entertaining activities of progress.
Believing in hope,
And having hope in beliefs.
Distinguished in differentiation,
Of data to information,
Information to knowledge,
Knowledge to intelligence,
Intelligence to wisdom.
As i am in the dominion of the wise,
I rise to dominate the (non/un)wise with the wise.
Do I have rights by virtue of being born
By virtue of being born am I birthright
Before we take it to constitutional rights,
May we re-begin looking at the rights of morality
What are our moral rights
Therefore our wrongs
How do we right our wrongs,
Do we just write them and they are corrected
Do we correct them by acting on them
From birth, we are taught right from wrong
We act morally
Where do we then lose these moral teachings
As we have come to act so wrong
Our personalities may not be in line
Our lives may not be in line
If our genes are in line, thats bloodline
Our mentalities may not be in line
Our emotions may not be in line
If our genes are in line, thats bloodline
Bloodshed is forbiden in the bloodline
Blood-shared is the foundation in the bloodline
Dishonesty breaks the bloodline
Unity builds the bloodline
Generations are the history of the bloodline
Generations are the future of the bloodline
Kindness flows veinous like a grape-vine
When love is core, the bloodline is devine
Jealousy brings divide
Truth makes bloodline concrete
Genes are the roots of the bloodline
Actions are the stem of the bloodline
Acknowledgement of the bloodline means you're not alone
If our genes are in line, thats bloodline
When there is bloodlust, there is no trust
When there is lust in the air, trust disappears into thin air
While blood is the air we breathe
The lust of blood then brings tension in the air
Its also ironic how lust can help bring trust
Trust brought from lust may not be trustworthy
However at times we are helpless in having every idea as an option to save your blood from lust
Blood is a very precious commodity because it cannot be cultivated and/or re-created, in fact it contains the very self of a being
This would mean our very own creation has been overcome by lust of temptation
We have always tried to seek redemption from our lust however it seems there has been no concrete solution
(Inspired by the only one left to tell Ilibagiza)
I have not won my own bread,
How can i be a breadwinner ?
When i do not even have bread to butter.
Battering myself as to how to own my own bakery, when i don't even have butter.
Seeing myself as a baker owning my own bakery is like a hot-knife through butter in my mental visual.
How do i turn visual into mental?
I decided to turn dreams into reality,
And make my own dow.
And i did not win my own bread.
It is not easy as it looks. Not even as they say.
I tried to be as smooth as grinned wheat,flour.
I tried to be as sweet as honey,
Because i did not want diabetese.
I tried to add taste like salt, to balance the flavour.
I tried to humble myself and not self-raise like yeast.
I even tried not to be hot or cold,
And be lukewarm.
With all these ingredients in the mix, i thought i was going to make dow easy.
And make a winner-bread.
I even thought i contained myself best.
It was messy,
My dow did not even make it to par but atleast to the pan ( of the pen ).
I was confused ,
I did not know what to make of this.
With this dow, i could not bake bread.
I could not bake muffins. I could not bake cake.
I was so steamed up,
Like dow in hot water for steam-bread.
All i could see was wasteful expenditure,
And a waste of resources. Not to speak of energy.
Until i shifted my thinking into acting,
I moved from domestic baker to business baker.
And i made 'Amagwinya' (vetkoeks), now i have bread for snack.
Be careful,
Not to be too careful
Be careful,
Not to be careless


I dont care, if you care more
I dont care, if you care less

The verb is care

The universe will take care of you
That way you dont lose your humanity
On our very first encounter, part of me already believed i had found my counterpart.
Part of me was still, sceptical of this new development.
Countless hours passed us by in happiness,
Even forgot we had to depart.
My mind's eye seeing us infront of a pastor and congregation.
The only departure will be us together in heaven.
Not a single cloud in sight yet i was on cloud-nine feeling like im dancing in the summer-rain.
A beautiful summer evening where stars are in full attendence to witness the spectacle of the moon's spotlight.
What happens in darkness shall come to light.
In the darkness of my deepest depths i was wishing to spend the rest of my days with you.
We were still shy to shine in the shrine,
So i touched you, you held me.
You smiled, i kissed you.
Communication was non-verbal,
What the feeling was doing to us could not be described in words.
My eardrums could hear the signal your heart was beaming in beating.
It was an eclypse of the moon by the sun.
Was as if the Creator themself said,
Let there be light tonight in your heart for a brighter tommorrow.
With no space between us,
Time was still.
But still the distance was getting shorter for you and me to go home,
As i had met you on your way home and offered some company to accompany you.
When the dreaded thought of departure crossed my mind's traffic pathways,
It coincided with the reality of our journey's end.
Even cupid could not show prophets of our end.
We shared a sample taste of pleasure, not meant to be a feast.
Apart without contacts of communication,
Now all i am left with is to count the time and space between us.
I, myself am created, therefore, am part of creation.
I, myself am a creature, with the willpower to create.
Creating things unseen like oxygen
Evolving with evolution.
My creation will take you to the future, present, past.
Wise from wisdom
Bear ideology create revolution.
From circumstance to situation to solution
It all leads back to creation.
The begining of (all) things existing.
Birth of death, life on (of) earth,
Death being sacrifices, sacriligious.
The illusion of choice is created
The question of destined fate becomes silently dead.
The death of the physical is the birth of the eternal,
The death of the eternal is the birth of the physical.
Infinitly it is spiritual.
Intentional or coincidental, creation.
Let alone the music
It is the feeling
Sure do can dance
I'm not watching
I'm participating
I'm dancing with angels
Sure do can dance
This verse inked
In the
Physical relm
In the
Spiritual relm
It must be a trance
Still, I enjoyed the dance
The feeling of despair, makes one feel impaired
Stuck, in the repetition of questioning rationalisation
Should I have dared to inflict more care
To what satisfaction is my ignorance
Inflated despair causes desperation, to my realisation

When sense makes no sense
When one's world is upside-down
When there is conflict between interest and intention and action
That's when despair we meet

Feeling loss of control
Forgetting, not everything is in your control
Faith broken with no hope of repair
Internal conflicting with external

I dare say being despair is feutal
As we grow we learn the wisdom that life is eternal
Life experience of experience occurs even unintentional
Emotions are there until they are there no more
The logical healing of despair is the beauty of life
From a place of disposition i sit and deposit thoughts of emancipation into action from intuition to reposition  my dispensation depo
Depriving lack cutting it not even abit of slack
Sometimes fishing yourself out of desolation can be a life line
And sometimes not judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree is not selling yourself short of sushi
Sometimes money does grow on trees like wattle into charcoal, marijuana to hemp, mushrooms, seaweed to medicine
Just because we have yet to find a cure to the ailment does not mean it does not exist
Sometimes the pain is the outcome of the indication not the source of hurt
Eureka hallelujah, hallelujah eureka
I would hate to disappoint you
Infact, I have always strived not to disappoint you
Now Im disappointed in you by disappointing me
I guess that was my first disappointment

Im disappointed in,
You not supporting me
You not understanding me
You not prioritising me
Your timing for me

I am even disappointed by this being about you and me, not us

Im disappointed
But not discouraged
I stand ***** , having corrected my errors
Turned my misfortunes to fortunes of wisdom
Nobody is perfect, but it feels perfect when things come together as people
With my backbone straight, I have a better view of the future ( not to say the present is better than the past)
Positive anticipation has made an optimistic out of me ( in all spheres of life. Mentally, Metaphysically, Spiritually)
The content of the matter should be the angle of perspective (or is it the other way round?)
Fed by faith, drunk by belief
I ******* progressive actions, eking out
As things happen by being done
I still have my fair share of mistakes up my sleeve, as that's how we learn (but not the same sleeve I wear my heart )
Having the confidence to face the Creator, the world and it's people , makes all the difference
I may not be different but I'm indifference
Action leads to experience.
Like the act of thought before committing to achieve that action which will lead you to gaining experience.
Experience in all spheres of life.
Conscience being emotional intelligence
Conscious being mental intelligence
Metaphorically, those parallel against the acts actually done,
Meaning those experiences you do not commit to committing.
In the process of deciding there are alternatives, which are disregarded, in favour of acts actually committed.
You cannot sacrifice what does not exist,
As you recall that existance is not only
Choice being illusional or not,
It is one of the pillars in the decision to committing an act,
That will gain you experience in life.
Happy New Year,
To all,
God bless and protect
Love at first sight
Lovely was my first sight
Love was from that first sight
I don't even know you noticed im in sight
I felt love at that very first sight
I guess you were the apple of my eye
Emotionally i felt naked like Adam fore the apple
They say love is blind
But from that vey first sight I saw a future and I was inlove
I do not know who or what made the decision but the council in me had already decided, Love
I can see now why they say love is blind
What relates us ?
What constitutes family ?
Is it by blood ?
What are the pillars of family?
Are there any pillars of family at all ?
What are the bounderies ?
Is it unlimited ?
Is there any question of unconditional ?
What are the measures to measure functionality ?
Disfunctionality thereof
Is there supposed to be perfect harmony ?
Is it just an illusion in an attempt of order
All the sametime parallel to its true reality
Hence the saying we cannot choose family, we can choose friends
Have a time of your life, this is your timeline)
Theres nothing new under the sun, said Emperor Haile Selasi's ancestor, The wise king Solomon the star of King David
In this kingdom of galaxies, life is not a rehearsal
For some mistakes theres no reversal
And pain is universal like the weather
(You have to be robin' hood, coz you have been robbed of your princehood of your dynasty),
(Thats just dynamics of life, dynamite comes in small packages)
Be at peace that you gonna get a piece of devine dividends
Coz the world is far from innocence
As above as below
Let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
The creator judges us for sin
We the people judge each other for crimes against each other
(Rise in peace in Sudan)
Be at peace like a monk coz he finds his from deep inside,
Connecting to spirituality tranquility beyond infinity
Do you think you can find sanity in insanity of confusion
Love is the law, unconditionally
Love thy neighbour even though they dont love you back
And dont get cheeky, turn the other chick
And just salam alaykum , halleluJah to Allah
Charity begins at home , even if they treat you like a charity case, on your case
Im not even gonna mention friends,
(Coz theres many different kinds,
Theres natural,  theres unnatural
An enemy of my enemy is my friend and a friend of my friend is my friend)

...We rebirth, also through baptismal
So when you go through baptismal of fire ,
Just more fire like a Rastafari
And let the inferno el nino deep inside erupt like a flood of lava
And scorch to ashes the demons in the depths of your deepest darkness
And rise like a Caterpillar of  a phoenix-dragon breathing fire
Dont take externalities to heart, (exhale)
But usher it like through the red sea, dont let it burn like Usher
Gold is converted through heat
And pressure makes diamonds
Dont reach for the body ,reach for the soul as that is the true being
As we are not in battle with flesh and blood but with evil , spiritually lurking from the shadows, in search to devour and destroy
Keep calm and steel-still in silence
Seek wisdom
Sometimes i wish i could fly
Seeing the way everyday we dying like flies
Illusioned by freedom, chained by lies
What such has become of our lives
Trying to cover death with
Trying to cover death with
Living like in land of milk and honies
Whilst the inside dies, we have immunity to cries
This is killing us softly inside, we can't trust outside
Life has become a jig-saw game, sides versus
Besides paying the price of sins and deeds
Indeed it is our lives trying for good deeds
However all we are acting and witnessing are
Sometimes i levitate
Trying to gravitate
For balance i strive to create
Contemplate, if i were to be summoned by the courts of the afterlife to be a witness,
Would i be ashamed or proud to testify
That is why
Sometimes i wish i could fly
With me, lift everyone's morals high and not fear to die
#tribute #loved_ones #not_in_my_name #black_lives_matter #all_lives_matter #no_to_abuse #no_to_femicide #emotional_conscious_conscience
I feel like i need a fresh-start,
The feeling i have with the present is worn-out,
So worn-out i need refreshments
Temptation has burned-me-out,
Focus torn-apart, that i have conflict of interest
New beginings, the pattern has become dull
I feel i cannot continue with(in) the present
I have been on this present-continuous that i have sweat(ed) even my tears
Contemplation has sped (speed) me down
I have sweat(ed) so much that i am stinking,
Stinking of regrets
Stinking of mistakes
Stinking of failures
Stinking of wisdom
I have (grown) out-grown my mother's womb
I am powerless (for) to reverse the hands of time
How do i start afresh? How do i begin anew?
I think i should start afresh by changing my way of thinking
Learn from my mistakes, so i can make better decisions and actions
Change my perspective in and of life, so as to feel brand-new
Why do i need to start afresh?
Do i perceive myself a failure?
Am i not satisfied with the outcomes of my decisions?
Do i even have a decision to make ?
Do i feel too heavy the burden of my responsibilities ?
Am i too ashamed ?
Whatever the reason , i believe a new begining will make me fresh with (new) energy,
If we are really particles of atoms, protons, neurons, etc of life
If time-travel was proved existing, would i want to keep my memories ?
Would changing everyone and everything help ?
Let me begin by rising above all the thoughts and emotions like a tide,
Wash them off-shore (like) with a wave of tsunami
(inspired by the catastrophic devasting natural disasters in Morocco and Libya )
My heart and prayers are with them
Is fun funny, its funny how fun is
Does it have to be funny to be fun, why frown
Does it have to be fundamental, basically
As in funding a mental, which pays with happiness
How seriously do we take fun, are you joking?!
Fun makes one free and fun is free
Feel free to have fun
Engulfed in imagination
Vision of health, wealth
I did not see myself foolish enough not to imagine me wise
Picturing the journey in my mind
Physically enduring the requisists of reality
Still in my mentality
I see myself humble
I see myself respectful and returned
I see myself loyal and returned
I see myself happy
I see myself loving and returned
I see myself spiritual
Having heard once a saying ( not sure the author nor the utterer),
"Vision without action is dreaming but vision with action equalls success."
Both these realms don't heed to my command , by the looks of the sum
Sometimes even lose control of my emotions, by them
Deeds should and will be done with the freewill and power vested in me by the creator.
You are the help in the Emergency Room
Not only Early Recovery
But Emotional Recovery
Are just your personal caring services
Medication does the job yes, but
Meditation from the conversations during the injections does the
Most of us know the kind host of your room, but least of us host themselves in kindness making known your deeds of
At times not known the enemy, threatning every immune system
You stand firm in the forefront fighting, protecting, providing,
We overlook your ability of importance because you don't spotlight and plea your case, you remain constant in any case, we only put you first in the case of emergency
Here I am
Mouth to speak
Voice to be heard
Head to think
What do I say
How do I say
Here I am
Hands to touch
Feet to walk
Face to express
How do I act
What do I act
Here I am
Am I audible
Am I visible
Am I presentable
Here I am
Ink to write
Emotions to feel
Here I am
Beyond the horizon,
I dont know what lies there
Only imagination
Imagining what lies beyond the margines
Take myself out off boundering marginal lines
Be it truth or lies
Be it reality or fiction
Until i sleep beyond this earth
I will continue sliping off through bounderies
As i see the horizon endless,
So i imagine myself limitless beyond the endless horizon
How can i put it in words the disgust i have of the atrocities that we do in this world,
That words cannot describe

How can i put it words what i cannot explain

How can i put it in words the feeling that feeling makes me feel

How can i put it in words the judgement i judge myself to humble myself from the judgement of others

How can i put it in words that i see in colour and in darkness

How can i put it in words the spiritual connection i have with the creator and mother-nature

How can i put it in words the disappointment i have in myself and in people

How can i put it in words the faith and belief i have

How can i put it in words the love and the opposite i have

How can i put it in words the vision of hope i have for my offspring,
For  the next generation offspring all

How can i put it in words the respect i have for words and numbers

How can i put it in words the importance of numbers by the creator and creation

How can i put it words that i have no regard for time, to be on time is honour a pre-agreed word,
With the timing of numbers
And at this time these words are an attempt of expression
There shouldn't pass one hour without humour in one's lifetime/ lifespan
Some think there is no honour in humour
Some in their lives make humour a rumour
Some just don't understand the life brought by laughter
Humour makes life's baggages lighter
Funny that laughter increases one's lifespan
Is it perhaps why its called a 'funny-bone'
Ain't no happiness when one wears a frown
Life's baggages may weigh one down,
Let it be a laughing matter
With triumph comes true stories of laughter
Laughter from humour eliminates worries
Humour has started families
Humour has built friends
Humour has united countries
I say there is a lot of honour in humour
Hobbies in humour
Careers in humour
Wisdom in humour
Sitting here indecisive if im hungry or not
Mentally battling if i should eat or starve myself
I consciously have a weak and frail thought however the idea is too big to ignore
To ignore the fact that , while i play around with my gift of choice, there are people "out there" who don't have that luxury of choice but to starve
That there are people who would be grateful even if gifted with crumbs of anything
Is this even something I should be thinking or just stop wasting time and be eating, I ask myself
The thing is this is eating me up deep in thought
Knowing that thinking and not acting is only dreaming
I decide to starve myself in their respect
Still, that if using their name to ease my guilt by starving myself will solve anything
However they are litteraly starving and still a matter of choice
What do I do, where do I begin, I ask myself
I won't let anyone surpress my progress of my baby step
This just in
Lemizamo kudala ndiyi zama-zama
Ndihamba ndibetheka
Ndagoduka ndiqhwalela
Abantu becing'ba ndiyabhampa kanti ndizikhot'amanxeba
Bambi besithi ndizenza kleva kanti ngamava
Abanye bendibona ndiphakamile(ukuphakama) kanti ndikhulile(kukukhula)
Ndayintswela kanti ndiyintswela kuqonda
Imibuzo endizibuza yona ibasinda nabadala
Sikwempa-kwempa iintloko sade saphuma iimpandla
Ndithi ndihamba-hamba ndizibone ndiqubeka ndisiwa , ndizibone ndivuka ndiqond'ba mandisoske ndiqhubeleke
Ndithi ndiyazama kanti ndiyabhatyaza
Ndithi ndiyakha kanti ndiyadiliza
Andiboni kwasisombululo ngathi ndisebumnyameni
Andiboni qu noMdali andithethi ngamaThongo
Nangona nje ndisazi ukuba bakhona, ndiziva ndinesizungu
Ndizohlala ndiyilindele inguqu
Ndihlale ndifudumale luThando neNkolo
Mandibengumnyamezeli ndinga nikezeli
Umvuzo ukhona kwabanomonde
Ekugqibeleni ndiyazi ndizophumelela kuzokhanya
I know listening is a skill,
But is it the same with patience ?
Can patience be acquired ?
OR are you born patient?
Does it come with growth ?
OR does it come with genetics ?
I ask 'cause I cannot seem to grasp it's existence
Perhaps if I can do abit of patience training,
Then I can master it like a skill
Maybe it needs to be worked on as talent
I don't know if it has any significance OR
It is just a delay in time
Timing dating coincidence, moment dating time
I can't even figure-out if it's a need OR want
I can't even tell the difference between waiting and (being) patient

Can't wait to shun these thoughts when it's my turn
IngaNdinga funz'abalambileyo
Inga ndinga lumkis'abaziziyatha
Inga ndinga khanyisel'abasebumnyameni
Inga ndingomelez'abangenamandla
Inga ndinga phakamis'abawileyo
Inga ndingaphilis'abagulayo
Inga ndingafudumez'abagodolayo
Inga ndingathuthuzel'abadakumbileyo
Inga ndingatyebis'amahlwempu
Inga ndingakhel'abangenaphahla phezukweentloko zabo
Inga ndingaluthando kwabakhohlakeleyo
Inga ndingayinyaniso kwabangenayo
Inga ndingaluxolo kwabangenalo
Inga ndingakhulula amatyathanga kwaba basemakhamandeleni
We are constantly consuming, with no comma
Not  giving a care if that will lead us to a comma,
Until our intensive-consumption puts us in a comma,
So intesively consumed by uniting as many commas as we can financially
Intesive hunger of desire, as if triggered by cannabis
Whilst some of us are led to the comma by lacking,
Some of us individually- consume- unconscioully until they cannibilise
No unity in sharing, is their conscious-digesestion
Intensive-care-unity ,  being the cure
To this our state of intesive-criticalness of carelessness
Illness being ignorance, consequence being illness
Of  the Mind, Body, Soul
This is three-dimensional, thats why we suffer third-degree injuries
If the odds are three-is-to-one, Mind, Body, Soul
When we intensively-care only about the 'one' out of the 'three'
Then what are the odds of success
Intensive-care-unity, of the trinity within
Will commission the commassaries of the unity without,
Is the first degree
As above as below, as within as without,
Is the first decree
Thought, Will, Action
Word, Sound, Power
Is the 'wheel' of creation
Let us create consciously for divinity
Dig-deep within to intensively-consume-unity
for dignity without
Our labours will be rewarded fruitfully
With these fruitful rewards shall our desires be filled with satisfaction
I understand
You dont understand
I understand because its a matter of understanding
That there is no understanding between us
Either you stand against or for me
Either you stand under or above me
The fact of the matter is,
Its not where I am standing
We may stand apart or together
Where I stand, I stand alone
You are not the only one with a misunderstanding,
I admit
I too get confused by your understanding
It all boils down to a matter of understanding
Lets just disagree to agree
Africa heil all mighty creator
Sons and daughters of the soil
Cover foil baptised in fossil oil
Spirit brethed by the Creator Thyself
Gods below angels, gods above angels
Wealth of freewill,
Wealth of wisdom
Soil wealthy with minerals, minerals composing earth
Birth by mother-nature
Minerals baptised by fire become power
Minerals burned become fossil
Multiply freewill with power , you equal wealth
"Apply yourself to supply your wealth"
It is what we inherit from the creator,
With all the inherited creation of the galaxy
With each planet inheriting its own creation
"Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven"
Directed by the stars (angels) in the galaxy
Wealth is by ancestor from the creator,
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