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Aug 2020
I remember how you use to hide your tears inside the downpour.
Always prayed to be the one toΒ Β lift and be your Savior
Your teary smile my downfall yet in my eyes you grandeur
Poetry in motion by elegance you revered.

This is sincere, a window to my soul inside its depth you have peered.
A piercing light from your eyes luminous it appeared
Breaking through the dark in me and now the sky's seems so clear.

There's no fear
From this day forward I will be your smiles protector
Behead the evil of this world , headless, it's decapitator.

In this life we narrators
Idling as life unfolds, never in control. Jesus take the wheel.
merely passengers.

Fake freedom sold to us
Like caged birds our path to true freedom locked. The holder of the key under the impression it's what we need or want.

All I want is to build a life unencumbered
Put in the effort reap the rewards
Without all the judgement
Our beliefs may differ, tolerance.
This is the time we tap into the truth
Some may not like to hear it
The truth hurts, so does being chastised because of colour of skin
The conscious is tired and want to ascend
We ready to evolve, can we now cut away the dead skin, holding on to the glory years, even though they will lose in the end.
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
       Alice, Imran Islam, Melanii and Mercedes Quammie
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