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Dec 2020
Raised on love, grew up in a **** storm
lullaby at night, the sound of a gun call
Always had the fight within, not falling tis form of mentality
Future seemed a bleak
mentally not giving into criminality
I was a ninja personified dodged the debris
They design to distort reality
Their scope on ones that lose hope don't cope
Feed them to their criminal dynasty
Broken souls who's life has been beaten with brutality
smelled out the weak, broke them infected their mind
the beast always looking to destroy or feast

I had to fight my way out, never had a ounce of doubt
Hustled and jumped every hurdle put front of me
I don't mess a-bout, punch with the weight of not the ****
technical knockout
Ploughed through the *******, ****** life and pulled out
Not once did I lay down and cower, I reroute
All the negativity I ate
Then spewed out flowers
In essence you can say, broke out
Negativity I devoured
Now I run circles around square thoughts
A fresh Prince, running on sheer will-power
I'll defeat anything you throw at me, I've seen it all
Call me Dwight David Eisenhower.
if you able to get you flow. This is tight
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
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