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Dec 2020
As earth, sea and sky love and hate you and me! All simultaneous, all wanting needing craving screaming bleeding, for one piece or moment of lost time. Dragging. grabbing and pulling, spitting and calling, this complete chaos,Β Β only a faction of my aching life.

No! This is chaos, this impulse that drives our inner thoughts and feeling to constant self-destruction. This morphing unstoppable force, my driven path in life.
The mirror holding my blue print to a better life had shattered it seems.
Spending more time seeking to find these fruitless shards, a constant search which I fear will never end. Like lost ships at night with not an ounce of light lost at sea. Eternally searching...

How do you rebuild chaos? Do you string all pieces, so it hangs from the fabric of time like art unmovable?
Its would still be shattered, though unmovable. This bolder of despair blocking my journey to tasteful freedom. A journey to a higher conscious. How do one that has been battered and bruised, knocked and kicked find the strength to move the unmovable.
How? Do one that has been brought to their knees, by the normality of a given life find the strength to move. When constantly they carried the weight of an ever expanding universe on their defeated shoulders.

This my ever constant battle, to reassemble the broken shards of a universe disrupted.
for a completion disruptive art prompt
Written by
Faizel Farzee  34/M/South Africa
(34/M/South Africa)   
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