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Sally J Nov 2019
In the long drive back home,
A song we used to hear made me remember you,
I’ve been avoiding this feeling since August.
It has been months since I’ve heard of you.
I remember every word you said,
They were all lies.
I cannot expect much from a broken person,
You are still broken,
And because of that,
You keep hurting every person that encounters you.
You enjoy the dominance but i see through you.
And today i chose to forgive and forget by closing the cycle of the short lived memories i had with you.
It’s my time now to be happy
Sally J Sep 2019
It was a clear, cool summer night
As i approached you, my heart felt a warm familiar feeling of home
You held my hand
We walked
We talked
For a minute, we forgot our past
This was it
The moment we had been aiming for
We gently started colliding
The universe was the witness of our unspoken love
That Friday night of July
Sally J Aug 2019
Walking away was very easy
It never felt like i was slipping away
My gut felt like something was wrong
When i made the decision to walk with you
I forgot the consequences of love
To appreciate love we need to accept the sweet and bitter...
In this moment, i feel alive and present
There was nothing that could have been done differently
More than a question, an answer
What else can i do?
Today, i accept my loss

Sally al

— The End —