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 Oct 2023 Shamai
Ciel Noir
They say only the good die young
but I think we have got it switched
the longer you live
the more sins you commit
I think we should learn to forgive
 Mar 2022 Shamai
 Mar 2022 Shamai
it wasn't until the sun rose
that I realized
just how much
I was in love with the moon
 Mar 2022 Shamai
 Mar 2022 Shamai
I love you now
I loved you then
If you were here I'd say it again
 Feb 2022 Shamai
Thomas Alan
I wanted to believe
the truth that lay behind your eyes
perhaps if it spilled with all the tears
it could have rubbed away all of the lies

 Jan 2022 Shamai
Seasons Change
 Jan 2022 Shamai
You were born near the warm ocean,
grew up around there,
With your clear acrylic smile
and sun-kissed blonde hair

I, the winter cold
More north than I can remember,
We met that day you visited,
a brisk chill, that December

We drank and danced,
while the years passed over
Argued and grew apart,
our greatest fears, now sober

My memories of you, once treasured
Now, faded
as sun deprived lands complain,
Forever, jaded
 Mar 2021 Shamai
Satandra Asberry
Time flew by but today marks a year,
That we became husband and wife my dear
It's been a journey filled with ups and downs,
But that's the way Love is as sweet as it sounds.
Today I Love you more and more as time goes by
My Love for u is unconditional no need to ask why
U and I are going to go through the most together as we
Continue to grow stronger as for I am u and u are me
From rock bottom to the highest level we continue to grow
I Love you so much I really hope that you know
No matter what anyone else prays on our downfall
I know that us together we will stand Tall
For time goes by we don't need to hide,
I will always be down to ride
Today Last year u made me it Queen and I crowned u King
U understand why you are my rock  u are my soulmate my everything
Crazy as it gets it's like bonnie and clyde
I promise you my love forever until I die
I meant it when I said I do til death do us apart,
We belong together and u will always have my heart.

Santandra and Antonio Asberry
 Dec 2020 Shamai
david badgerow
last night i stayed up late after the sun kissed the horizon's eyelids and wrote poems as letters to all my exs and some to my one night stands lying to them about not being scared of the dark anymore and that i don't recall the exact shape their outline made on my bed sheets.
this morning when the sun rose pink through my window i
did not lick the envelopes instead i lit the corners with
matches and shouted out their names to the walls in
my bedroom. my feet did not take me to the
mailbox instead i'm standing on cold toes
naked in front of the bathroom mirror
waiting for enough warm water to
collect in the tub for me to bathe
in. tonight i'll drink the star-
light that spills out on
the cold kitchen
floor tile and convince
myself i've never truly been
loved by anyone; that i've gotten
here by sheer force of will. that i'm
fearless and invincible while my fingers
fumble with the heavy pistol and my tears
write her name in the folds of my favorite shirt.
tonight is another late night holding sepia pictures
of her because i'm scared to go to sleep alone now. my
whole body hurts when i think about the new empty closet
space she left and how her hand would find a nest in the soft
crook of my elbow when we were walking anywhere or the fresh
shock of electricity when my fingers first found her fingers and her
fingers tied my fingers to my other fingers tight around her waist. my feet ache, because the first time we danced it felt like i had swallowed
a gallon of violent purple hummingbirds and my earlobes are
burning swollen because her painted lips aren't here to cool
them down. her finger nails found the place between my
shoulder blades naturally and i feel so foolish because i
gave my whole self to her but it was an unwanted gift.
it's three in the ******* morning again and i'm
writhing under the thick down blanket but her
velvet toes aren't tucked deep into the small
of my back for warmth. before i choke on
my mistakes and crush my fat tongue
with a bullet i just need to ask her

why did i lose you to him?
why are his hand prints on your hips?
why does he get to wake up next to you?
why can't i think of a good excuse to call you?
why did my right foot disappear when you left me?
why does his morning breath get to tickle your eyelashes?
why can't i remember what your nose looks like when you laugh?
why isn't my pillow as comfortable as your bellybutton?
why do you have nothing to say to me anymore?
why does my mouth still taste like a bird's nest?
why did you take my cast iron skillet?
can't get the format consistent on hp and i'm tired of trying to **** with it.
Everything reminds me of you...
Snow flakes...
The wind...
The moon and the stars...
The creek...
The birds...
Fall foliage...
And you know why...
Because I wish you had been by my side every moment...
I wanted us to enjoy life together...
For any mundane action becomes a sweet moment when you are near...
For the time being I will continue to see the world by myself...
I don't know if we will ever be together...
For now, I just can say I will love you forever...
In silence...
Loving you means wishing the best for you...
I told you once you only need one to fall in love...
That one is me...
But I am not here to judge you...
Just to tell you that I love you...
 Dec 2020 Shamai
Commuter Poet
‘I’m almost back to normal’
I told a friend today
He said …’if you’re almost normal
don’t go all the way…

…Stay a bit abnormal
It’ll be a clever touch
Normal and abnormal...
We’ll love you just as much!’
3rd Dec 2020
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