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Thomas Alan Sep 2023
I told myself you may have loved him
but only out of spite
and that I hide behind your eyelids
when he's turning out the lights
Thomas Alan Sep 2023
'suppose none of it matters
and who cares if i'm desired?
turns out brain and heart
have always been hard-wired

tired of the evening
even more so of the night
exhausted from the tears
all the wrongs i could not right
Thomas Alan Jun 2023
I was a star in your sky
that refused to get old
then I was the blue on your bread
when you scraped away the mould
Thomas Alan May 2023
I put my heart
into a box with walls oh-so-paper thin
the day was to be our last
the last time that I touched your skin

And the day before that
you had just called me your next of kin
and so I kept fighting for you in battles
for a ring that I could not win

So I hope it burns through your fingers
and fits like a shoe that is too small
because the ring that you wear  
will never answer to your heart’s call
Thomas Alan Nov 2022
I raged but I sang
to the moons I thought that we shared
but it was through the haze of the clouds
I could not show you I cared  

And if I could sing you a lullaby
that would make everything right
I’d make a lasso with our wrongs
and I’d pull the moon in tight
Thomas Alan Nov 2022
Dress me in purple.
In violet.
In pink.

Say that I am Abused.
Even wrongfully accused.

Tell me I’m evil.
A freak.

But the best parts of you
only exist in the words that I speak.
Thomas Alan Nov 2022
Our love lost it’s meaning
like the clouds had lost their thunder  
and I no longer served a purpose
because I had long lost my wonder

Although I planted a thousand stars  
into the shadows of your head
you’ve never saw the beauty
in any of the words that I’ve said
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