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21.1k · Mar 2019
Writing a Poem
Shamai Mar 2019
I decided to write a poem
To put words together
In such a way
As to express
My innermost feelings

And I lost the words
And my thoughts drifted
And my computer keys stuck
And nothing came forward

Perhaps tomorrow
I will write a poem
To express my life
And for today
I’ll just go
To play
2.9k · Dec 2021
I Think
Shamai Dec 2021
I think I’d rather be your friend
Than your wife
You speak to your friends all the time
You laugh on the phone
And share ideas
And secrets
As you wife
I clean
And cook
And take care of you
And miss out
On all the joys of being your friend
I think I’d rather
Be your friend
1.0k · Feb 2019
Shamai Feb 2019
Sitting on a chair
Dangerous thing to do
And all my past
Comes flooding back to me
And I resist
And try to get back
Back to the present
999 · Apr 2021
Shamai Apr 2021
Poetry is
A way to find meaning
A way
To look into the soul
And find
Our true essence
When we look into our soul
We find the
Light of  
The formula
To find
Our way
Back Home
Is just one way
Of expressing
955 · Feb 2019
True Happiness
Shamai Feb 2019
What is it
That I find
Inside of myself
As I search
For the
Meaning of life
What emptiness
Evades me
And creates the illusion
Of true happiness
I know
That somewhere
Deep inside of myself
That there exists
A true joy
An authentic
I just have to find it
Amongst all the other
876 · Nov 2018
Shamai Nov 2018
The air was so clean
An heir I hoped to meet
The son of a friend
In the sun
And I promised not to stare
As I walked up the stair
Through the aisle
That led to the isle
The trees that were there
Were mostly of pear
Though some were the sum of the not
And the smell was so sweet
As I returned to my suite
As this tale finally comes
To its tale
856 · Jan 2019
Shamai Jan 2019
Is there more to life
Than what I am currently doing
Is it ok to stop
And take a rest
For a while
Or must I always
Be on
Plowing away
And making the most of
Every minute
Isn’t be-ing
Also an important part
Of doing
820 · Dec 2019
Shamai Dec 2019
Chairs in the room

On the table
Requiring attention
Strewn to the side
And left

Fire in the hearth
No one
To watch it

Empty room
Amply furnished
Ticking clocks
No one
To listen
703 · Mar 2022
Shamai Mar 2022
The times are difficult
The waters are deep
Who do we go to
When the world feels steep
We have our parents
We have our friends
We have our lovers
And we have our pens
Step back take a look
Is it as bad as you think
If you look to the future
Do you need a shrink
The advice I give
Is take things one at a time
Life is a long hard
Road to climb
Don’t look ahead
To what may be
Stay in the now
And do not flee
Sow your wheat
And use a plow
Gather your harvest
And be in the now
Today will be gone
And you’ll understand
What used to be
Is at your command
Let go of preconceptions
Let go of your fears
Things will look so different
In a couple of years
685 · Jul 2019
Today I Will Write
Shamai Jul 2019
Sometimes words come easily to me
And sometimes not
Sometimes I forget to take the time
And others, not

Poetry, as an expression of life
Makes pictures out of words
And takes our minds soaring
To new heights
Of understanding
So today
I put pen to paper
And fingers to keyboards
I will write
615 · Dec 2018
My Dog Haiku
Shamai Dec 2018
My dog is pure heart
Unconditional loving
Innocence in motion
604 · Mar 2022
Shamai Mar 2022
Today I will write
As best I can
To make myself heard
All over the land
We need to be peaceful
We need to be love
We need to reach out
To the God up above
And make our needs known
As we reach out to other
Our mothers and fathers
Our sisters and brothers
And let them know that
They are not there alone
There are laws to protect
That are written in stone
We need to take care of
The world, best we can
We need to stand up
And take a real stand
Today is the start
Of a new way to live
Reach into your heart
And give, give, give
570 · May 2019
Shamai May 2019
Writing a poem
Is like speaking my mind
Only, it slows me down
Until words I can find
I take my time
And speak my truth
And sooner or later
It comes back to my youth
When I lived freely
Not a care in the world
Played all day on the street
Just jumped and twirled
Until tired I fell
To the ground in a heap
Laid my head down just so
And soon fell asleep
And dreamed of a world
Where I could play
With freedom from strife
And fear pushed away
But life is not like that
When we get old
There are things to accomplish
We can’t be so bold
So some of the dreams
Are put away for a while
And things I must do
I begin to compile
Until all has been done
And my time here is over
Then play, I can do
Until time to changeover
565 · Nov 2019
The Abyss
Shamai Nov 2019
Sometimes I wonder about life
What it is that calls to me
In the darkness of my unknowing
I wonder what truly lies
At the depths of my be ing
Reaching out to catch me
As I fall into
The abyss
Not knowing is the sign
Of true compassion
Of true humility
Of a trust that is so deep
And so wide
That I fear not
The fall
556 · Sep 2019
Shamai Sep 2019
I always thought
That life was real
And now I realize
That we’re all just playing a game
Of Hide and Seek

When will I learn
To just play the game
And not get involved
In the outcome?
Or, am I supposed to feel
And connect, and become a part of
The evolution
546 · Jan 2022
I know
Shamai Jan 2022
When you say,’ I know’
What you’re really saying is
That you have no interest
In finding out
What you don’t
A wise woman once told me
That when you say, ‘ I know’
You are closing all doors
To future learning
Everyone, yes everyone
Has something to teach us
If we can just
Open our ears
Our heart
And our mind
To understanding
We don’t know
538 · Nov 2023
Shamai Nov 2023
Does it ever end
The dreary lifeless sense
Of no tomorrow
Gone are the days
Of laughter and joy
And placed behind the screen
Is reality
521 · Aug 2022
Shamai Aug 2022
I watched a woman and her daughter
Going across the street
And she scuffed and she shuttled
And she kept a beat
And her mother called her out
For being a child
And she asked her to stop
Because she said she was wild
And the child looked up
With anguish not glee
Because all she wanted
Was just to be
Mothers take their job
So serious and cruel
And she thinks she'll be judged
And look like a fool
And children are children
And do what they must
And expecting adult behaviour
Is really not just
Just let them play
And learn as they go
For experience is a must
In order to grow
So just let them dance
Shuffle and move to and fro
Let them challenge and question
And then please let them go
506 · Feb 2019
I Feel Broken
Shamai Feb 2019
I dream
And think I can
Do anything
Which I can’t do
In the physical world
I awaken
Full of
Vim and energy
Only to come back
To my
Broken body
485 · Sep 2019
Shamai Sep 2019
Writing poetry
Can be so much fun
Words on a page
Expressing unknown
Deep within us
Many times
I don’t even know
Where the words are coming from
Like, they just are
Set deep within me
Rising to the surface
To share
453 · Dec 2018
Shamai Dec 2018
Is a way to write
What I’m feeling
Or meaning to feel
Or have to feel
Or don’t know
What I’m feeling
Yes, just perhaps
Is about
451 · Oct 2018
Grandma and Grandmama
Shamai Oct 2018
Children are lucky because they have
A Grandma and  a Grandmama
Nonna, Mhamó, Abuela, Bibi
Babcia, Giagiá, Avó, Oma

Nagymama, Mormor, or Kuku wahine
Are names of love for their Nan
O baachan, Babushka, Tutu, Halmeoni
Are certainly not names for a man

Ouma, Savta, Bubbi, Geema
Nai Nai, Nona, Gramms and more
Bomma, Mawmaw, Yaya, Nana
If I keep going you’ll think  I’m a bore

All names for their Grandma
The one they adore
That special someone
Who’s love to the core

She plays with them, cuddles, and keeps them all warm
She feeds them, she rears them takes over the chore
But all of this just to say, lest we forget
Grandmas are LOVE LOVE  LOVE and more
448 · Jul 2019
Shamai Jul 2019
In a vacant way
I have found
That living from my heart
Brings more comfort
Than living on the street
447 · Mar 2022
In giving I receive
Shamai Mar 2022
There is something in this world
That gives more back than we put in
And that gift
Is the gift of giving
When we give to others
We allow ourselves to become
An object of love and caring
And we open the heart
To receive more
When we restrain ourselves
And keep everything for ourselves
Our heart closes
And we become tight
And dried up
And lonely
When we go beyond ourselves
And recognize
All is one
Then we understand
At deeper and deeper levels
In giving
420 · Dec 2021
Merry Xmas
Shamai Dec 2021
Tis the season and the time
To know from wence we came
And where in fact we’re headed to
As we play this crazy life game

We’re born into a story of woe
Of difficulties and strife
We move forward to an understanding
Of our authentic right to life

Our freedom to be our true, real self
To move with love and courage
We sometimes see the difficulties
And tend to be discouraged

So take to heart this message
Of joy, love, truth, and peace
Of knowing of who we  truly are
And self love to increase

As children of God we have a place
A role which we shall play
A puzzle piece on the scheme of life
A place from which to pray

That all of life find balance and love
That all men shall be free
To live with all abundance
So our true selves we can be
386 · Oct 2018
To My Husband
Shamai Oct 2018
I love you
The day we met
I looked into your eyes
And saw infinity
I knew
We would be together forever
You got sick
And you died
And I was all alone
And yet
A piece of you
Is still in my heart
378 · Dec 2018
Shamai Dec 2018
Life is all in
It’s just that we see it
Through a shattered lens
376 · Apr 2022
So Difficult
Shamai Apr 2022
Do you ever feel
Like no matter what  you do
You can’t overcome the hurdle
Like life
Is pushing against you
And you don’t know which way to turn
Always remember that
Life is here for us
To experience
For us to gather our
Inner resources
And find a way
To create joy
From misery
371 · Apr 2022
Bye Bye
Shamai Apr 2022
Did you walk the dog
Did you make some tea
I don’t know what’s
Come over me
I don’t want to do it
I’d rather rest
Watch some TV
Not take a quest
I’m just feeling lazy
Want to stay in bed
Covers are pulled
Right over my head
I’m hiding from others
I’m hiding from self
I’d much rather be sitting
Upon a shelf
It’s easier to do nothing
Than get involved
I’d rather be hiding
And be absolved
But I do peep out
And what do I see
A friendly smile
Coming at me
Maybe it’s not so bad
Maybe I can give it a try
I think I’ll go out now
Oh well, bye bye
366 · Feb 2022
Shamai Feb 2022
Love is like a rose petal
Strong enough to demand life
Fragile enough to float away

Love a four letter word
That creates

Wanting and allowing love into your life
Means allowing in pain and
Things that make us stronger
Becoming vulnerable
Means allowing
To enter

359 · Dec 2018
Shamai Dec 2018
Can’t people
Find Happy
I mean
If life was supposed to be
All gloom and doom
Then maybe we should have
Been born in a box
Hidden away
To multiply
Our distress
We’re out there
Spouting our grief
Harboring our illnesses
And thinking
We own wisdom
All we need
Truly need
358 · Jul 2019
The Truth
Shamai Jul 2019
Will there ever be a time
When humanity accepts
That they are more
Than themselves
Will they ever know
The joy
Of love
And the Oneness
Of Being
Or will they continue to forget that
There is so much more
To life
Then the constant need
For desire fulfillment

At the core of being
Is so much more
Than material possessions
Can ever give us
And yet
Humanity keeps seeking
They have forgotten
That they are more
Than their possessions
You can’t take it with you, they extol
And people don’t listen
And they cannot hear
The Truth
317 · Jul 2019
Shamai Jul 2019
I close  my eyes
And joyfully enter
The world inside
The ebb and flow
Of luminescent colours
That guide my way
To the inner worlds
I have found a place
Of happiness
Joy and peace
That has always laid
Inside of me
The doorway
To life
307 · Jun 2021
What is Love?
Shamai Jun 2021
Love is just another way
Of saying
That all is
As it’s meant to be
In living love
I have found truth
And meaning
In my life
In being love
I have found a way
To share
That truth
In giving
I have
304 · Jan 2019
Feeling lonely
Shamai Jan 2019
It’s in the loneliness
That I find myself
Adrift in a river
Of emotional cognition
I try to get away
And I drown in the never ending
296 · Feb 2019
Friend haiku
Shamai Feb 2019
What is a true friend
Caring, sharing, knowing love
294 · Oct 2018
I am Alive
Shamai Oct 2018
I am alive
In ways I never knew

I am alive
To a wisdom
That comes
From a greater

I am alive
To that
Which has gone before
And will be again

I am alive
And I enjoy
My living
289 · Aug 2022
Shamai Aug 2022
Sometimes my thoughts flow freely
And sometimes they can get stuck
I don’t know where they wander
Sometimes I’m in a great big ruck
I try to get my mind to move
To another place or two
And yet it keeps coming back
To a place that I once knew
My mind wants me to remember
What happened long ago
I just want to keep on moving
And I cannot keep the flow
If I could just remember now
And then just let it go
Then I know that I could move on
And it wouldn’t be so slow
I want to stay here in the now
Be present at my core
Then I could live in harmony
And I could be much more
If all I am could just become
The me I want to be
Then things would come together
And I could just be me
273 · Nov 2018
Thanks for this Group
Shamai Nov 2018
I never knew that I could write
A poem of any length
And yet it’s here that I have found
Some joy and inner strength

The words flow out I know I’m heard
I tweak things ‘till they rhyme
The words from pen speak from the heart
It doesn’t take much time

I know that I could do much more
Than penning on the paper
And yet this feels so good inside
Prance, frolic and a caper

So join, I did, this small group here
And poems I have been sighting
And reading words that others share
Enjoying others writing

So thank you for this fine group here
As friends we all are making
I’m laughing and I’m having fun
New experiences I am taking
265 · Nov 2018
I Sigh
Shamai Nov 2018
I sigh, the deepest sound
That expresses a sense
Of inability
To cope
With life

I sigh
And the sound comes from
The depths of despair
And longing
For life’s

I sigh
And the world changes
In front of my eyes
And in welcoming me
I sigh
263 · Jun 2021
the challenge continues
Shamai Jun 2021
From Canada there came a man
Who liked to stand out, take a tan
He sat in his tuque
Through the snow took a look
That Canada man with a tan
263 · Dec 2018
Peace this year, please
Shamai Dec 2018
Tears in my eyes
For the pain
That humanity has suffered
By the hands
Of its own

May this coming year
Be one where
We learn to
Love one another
Feel for one another
Be one with others
And find peace
Within ourselves
262 · Apr 2022
The Road Travelled
Shamai Apr 2022
In life there are times when we change
And the enormity of the situation
Can bring tears to the eyes
We walk a path
And suddenly the road wavers
And the path thickens
And we are challenged
To be the best we can possibly be
And life’s journey brings us
To the threshold
And gifts are given
That make the journey
More palatable
And truly
Joy filled
261 · Mar 2022
Shamai Mar 2022
The sun is shining and the birds are returning
To a world
That was covered in snow
Spring is in the air
And soon plants will be
Peering out of the ground
Looking for the sun and warmth
That gives them life
Soon jackets will be removed
And boots become a thing of the past
As warmth envelops
And allows us to bask in the sun
After a long winter
People thrive in the sunshine
And embrace the world
As it awakens
260 · Jan 2023
Shamai Jan 2023
I will go about my day
As if it is the only thing
I have to do
I will enjoy each taste of life
Catching the drops of nectar
That it provides
I will see the world
Through different eyes
Because the newness will excite
My living
I will know
That in order to be one
I must act one and feel one and be one
I will live as if it is my last day on Earth
And I will thoroughly enjoy
Every moment of it
257 · Dec 2018
Shamai Dec 2018
Today is a sad day
Ever have one of those
When the tears roll down your face
And you don’t really know
Where they are coming from
Perhaps it is
The rainy day outside
Or life’s longing for itself
Or perhaps
Just perhaps
It is a reminder
That joy
Is just around the corner
250 · Jan 2022
In the Moment
Shamai Jan 2022
I want to sleep
And sleep doesn’t come
I think about things gone by
And things to come
I try to bring myself
Back to the present
It’s so easy
To let go
And think about
Things I want, or need, or would like to see
I bring myself
Back to the preset
What will tomorrow bring
And what was yesterday all about
I think
And remember
And try to make sense
Of things
I bring myself
Back to the present
It is only
In the present
That I can live
247 · May 2022
Shamai May 2022
Today is a day
Like any other
I have arrived
A little wiser
And a lot more humble
Life has taught me
That I know very little
The more I learn
The more I know
I don’t know
So I will humbly
Take a step forward
On the road
To learning
I will be more aware
Of all
That is meant for me
In this
I will keep
Eyes and ears open
I will move consciously
On the Earth
I will speak humbly
And know
When it’s time
To be still
When it’s best
To be
247 · Jun 2019
An Alien
Shamai Jun 2019
Do you ever wonder
Who you are
Or where
You have come from
Do you sometimes feel
Like an alien
I do
Shamai Dec 2018
I dream, sometimes, of a place
Where peace can reign
And every person is treated like an equal
In stature and understanding of truth
I dream of a world
Where love is the outstanding emotion
And all feel bonded to the One truth
Whatever that may be, in that moment
I dream of a world where I can lay my head down, and feel complete, in the moment
Owing no one, needing to do only what I feel I need to do
In the moment
I dream of a world that is coloured in the hues
Of love, honesty and peace
And tomorrows that beckon with lively hand
Of acceptance and truth
I want to live in that place
Where all can be free
Where all can know truth
Where all can live in the existence of knowing
Of consciousness, of becoming

This One waits for that moment….
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